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These are my instant comments for episodes in the fourth production season of Futurama. Episodes are listed here in their production order.

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The bulk of each entry is typically Notes where each line is prefaced by a label (e.g., "B" or "C") which references the time period that I watched the episode. See my post TV Series: Futurama which summarizes these labels.
The last line of an episode entry informs each label's viewing number, date of the viewing, and time of the viewing (when available). For example, "B=2=20130929 15:26-15:48" means notes prefaced by "B" were made during my second viewing of that episode, and the viewing occurred on 20130929 from 15:26 to 15:48.


Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch
4ACV01 S05E05 NF05E01
C: "Kif, I'm sensing [...] disturbance in the force."
C: Holo-Shed. Parody of Holodeck in Star Trek.
C: 4 million lines of BASIC.
C: Motherhood mode.
C: LOL. WTF. Zoidberg cries like a baby (literally)
C: Bender also took a picture and said neat in the last episode.
C: (A lighthearted, how cute laugh) The one "tadpole" with one eye (because of Leela's DNA)
B=2=20130929 15:26-15:48, C=3=20150927 00:06-00:28

Leela's Homeworld
4ACV02 S04E05 NF04E10
C: Four hundred ninety-nine dollars and one hundred cents.
C: Free Willy 3
B: References Being John Malkovich (1999).
C: Hehe. The letter he wrote of his feelings about her.
C: He can't walk straight so he uses the unicycle.
B: Ha. It prints using old spool paper.
C: The Truman Show (1998)
C: 2x3=7.
B: I think this is one of my favorite episodes.
B=2=20130914 01:32-01:55, C=3=20150925 22:06-22:26

Love and Rocket
4ACV03 S04E04 NF04E11
Ba: Fell asleep.
C: Spin Doctors - Two Princes
C: Hahaha. "So what will it be baby? My place, or you?"
C: Perverts, haha. They're watching Amy clean the ship.
C: He still has Lucy Liu from 3ACV15
C: "Manic Monday"
C: References Friends. (Why does Ross not eat the other five? Haha)
C: He says "melding minds" like what the Vulcans in Star Trek are able to do.
Z: Today I watched 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) and realized that various scenes in this episode are references to scenes it.
Ba=2a=20130914 01:55-##:##, Bb=2b=20130914 20:00-pauses-20:36, C=3=20150925 22:26-22:48, Z=20151008

Less than Hero
4ACV04 S05E06 NF05E06
B: I don't remember this episode.
B: Mocks IKEA.
C: Rancid meatballs. (IKEA)
C: Ha. Bender's such an attention whore. (He has to flip a switch to retract the arm)
B: Ha. The guy tells a story, but outright mugs them anyways.
C: Fry's excuse to leave is the best.
C: No admission without $5 suggested donation.
B: "I don't know, I never heard of no mayor."
B: "Ah, the super heroes. Or should I say, super zeros?" "That was uncalled for."
B: Haha! "No, Fry! You can't fall fast enough!"
B: Why didn't they stay on the surface for a day with their day-pass?
C: "YAK!" (against the Yak); "01001010" when Bender gets hit (74 in binary and 4A in hex and J in ASCII).
B: "I don't remember much buddy, but you're no looker!"
B: Haha. Haha. "That seemed unnecessary."
B=2=20130929 15:48-16:11, C=3=20150927 00:29-12:49

A Taste of Freedom
4ACV05 S05E04 NF05E04
C: "6 to 3? I beat the spread!"
C: Haha. The Old Man managed to make polygamy constitutional.
B: "I'm having one of those things. A headache with pictures." "An idea?" "Mhm!"
C: Mobile oppression palace.
C: Haha. I wonder what the Shroud of Turin tastes like.
B=2=20130925 22:48-pauses-23:15, C=3=20150926 23:23-24:05

Bender Should Not Be Allowed on TV
4ACV06 S05E15 NF05E15
C: "That was so terrible I think you gave me cancer."
C: Lol. I can't believe Bender's booing and Leela and Fry's cheering worked.
C: That's so meta.
C: "Kids don't become rotten just from watching TV." "Yeah, give a little credit to our public schools."
C: Fry and Bender live in Apartment 00100100 (binary for 36, ASCII for $)
C: 40 mega-Fonzie's
C: Hahahaha. "Have you ever tried simply turning off the TV and hitting them?"
C: A totally different ending theme.
B=2=20131001 01:04-01:26, C=3=20150927 04:40-05:03

Jurassic Bark
4ACV07 S05E02 NF05E02
B: "This was not just used to paddle my butt [...]"
B: Haha. Lassie joke. (Lassie)
C: Vermicelli.
B, C: Gross. "Three things."
B: Stupid Zoidberg. Haha.
C: A toe. This suggests Professor Farnsworth sacrificed his toe as DNA. [20150927: in 4ACV06, we learn the DNA used to make Cubert came from the Professors backed, scraped with a fork]
B: "The dog says, 'Moooo.'"
C: That's fitting. Mr. Panucci says, "You'll be a delivery boy this millennia and you'll be a delivery boy next millennia."
B: Oh wow. You see a Nibblonian in the trashcan the moment Fry puts down the pizza and says "Oh crud." Apparently the writers also placed a shadow in the first episode, "Space Pilot 3000," a lack of shadow in "Anthology of Interest I," and an additional shadow in this episode, "Jurassic Bark." [20150927: Apparently the additional shadow is explained in "The Why of Fry"]
C: "I'm 40% Dolomite!" In the Iron Chef episode, "The 30% Iron Chef," ... [20191021: I didn't finish my thought but ultimately the point is there's a running gag about Bender's composition (theinfosphere.org)]
B, C: Ha! Silly parents. ("Come on boy, lead us to Philip.")
B: What a sad ending.
B=2=20130915 14:34-14:56, C=3=20150926 22:40-23:01

Crime of the Hot
4ACV08 S05E01 NF05E01
B: None Like it Hot is a play on Some Like it Hot (1959)
C: Ha. They smile at his helplessness.
C: Harry Potter and the Balance of Earth (references Harry Potter series)
C: The robot is colored and speaks like C-3PO (Star Wars).
C: A Bender unit.
C: Hahahaha. Bender realizes the keg is a robot. "Don't stop."
C: "Oh the Jedi's are gonna feel this one." (Star Wars)
C: The year is one week longer.
B=2=20130915 14:12-14:34, C=3=20150925 23:10-23:32

Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles
4ACV09 S05E07 NF05E07
B: I don't remember this episode.
B: Old person driving. Haha.
B: Now I'm gonna need a fake ID to rent ultra-porn.
C: Bender grew a lot in three years.
C: Hahaha. Amy's dad makes a fat joke about her.
C: Haha. "There's the door." "I'll be good."
C: Fiddler Way Below the Roof
C: That guy just works everywhere.
B: No beer until you finish your tequila!
B: Pre-life. Ha.
C: Haha. "A fate worse than death. Pre-life! Then Death."
C: "When I grow up I want to be a steam shovel."
C: He's older.
B=2=20130929 16:47-17:09, C=3=20150927 00:49-01:11

The Why of Fry
4ACV10 S05E08 NF05E08
B: I don't remember this episode.
C: Fry is declared the single most important person in the universe.
C: References episodes "The Day the Earth Stood Stupid" and "Roswell That Ends Well."
B: Stamps -> Toad mucus.
B, C: "What really killed the dinosaurs?" "Me!"
C: "Are you insane in the membrane?" References: "Insane in the Membrane" by Cypress Hill.
C: "Will the owner of a white Pontiac..."
B: Hahaha. "We came here instead of eating today."
C: Awww..." We came here instead of eating today."
B: Hmm. Seems kind of paradoxical. Fry goes back and encounters Nibbler. To which he tells Nibbler to remember to use the senior brand. And consequently escapes. But then he wouldn't have gone back in time in the first place...
C: "She must be the other."
C: "Just remember that Scooty Puff Jr. sucks!!!"
C: Nibbler uses a flash which is similar to what the Men in Black use to wipe people's memories. [Neuralyzer] (Men in Black)
B: Leela gives Fry a kiss.
B=2=20130929 17:09-17:31, C=3=20150927 01:11-01:33

Where No Fan Has Gone Before
4ACV11 S04E12 NF04E12
C: Planet of the Clams (References Planet of the Apes)
C: The first six Star Trek movies
B: Haha. I cracked up when Fry leaves the machine.
B: "Now say, 'Nuclear Wessels.'" "No" (Star Trek)
C: "Go BEEP yourself."
C: I love Shatner's performance of "The Real Slim Shady" by Eminem.
C: Leonard Nimoy references Star Trek IV (1986).
B: Hahaha. "And when I directed Star Trek V, I got a great performance out of me, because I respected me so much."
B=2=20130915 13:50-14:12, C=3=20150925 22:49-23:10

The Sting
4ACV12 S05E09 NF05E09
B: I don't remember this episode.
C: "I didn't want to know!!!"
B: "Your insides will boil out of your eye sockets like a science fair volcano." "I didn't want to know!"
C: Wow. He totally sacrificed himself.
C: Ha. "Who's gonna make Bender waffles just the way he likes them now?"
C: Smile. When the casket closes, it pushes the stinger down.
C: "He's walking on sunshine now."
C: Oh the monkey is there.
C: The Amazonian says, "Him do good snu snu." The radiator (Miss Universe pageant, 2ACV06), Petunia (2ACV07), 21st century girl from the Hip Joint (1ACV04), Morgan Proctor (2ACV11), and Michelle (2ACV19) motion "so-so."
C: Aww. Bender's comment about everyone except Fry.
C: "A spoonful of space honey helps ease the pain." References "A Spoonful of Sugar" from the movie Mary Poppins.
B, C: Hahahaha[C:ha]. "Of some sort, yes. In France, it's called a guillotine."
C: "You're screwier than my aunt [...], and she's a screw!"
C: Hahaha. I love when that happens in real life (speaking a song line by line with friends who catch on). This happened recently with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song.
C: Haha. That adorable hug and whispering of "You could really use a shower" + "You too"
B: Aww... what a lovely episode.
Ba=2a=20130929 17:32-##:##, Bb=2b=20130930 ##:##-00:32, C=3=20150927 01:33-02:07

Bend Her
4ACV13 S05E13 NF05E13
C: Two unbendables. (Bender barely bent one unbendable beams in a previous episode)
B: "I'm so embarrassed, I wish everybody else was dead."
C: "Professor, make a woman out of me." "Oh I think we should just stay friends."
B: Hahaha. "Maybe she's right about the lipstick."
B: Haha. "Another shocking twist." Haha.
C: Hermes plays music as heard on soap operas.
B, C: "Goodnight, Calculon." "What did you just say?" "I said you two don't dress trampy enough!"
B=2=20130930 15:56-16:19, C=3=20150927 03:57-04:17

Obsoletely Fabulous
4ACV14 S05E14 NF05E14
C: "Come on, let's go for a paddle boat ride."
B: "I get it!"
C: "Oh, now I get it."
C: He takes the "Boating Prohibited" sign and turns it into a boat.
C: "Damn, one rock short of rescue."
C: "Your Mother"
C: "The modern world can bite my..."
C: "Save my friends... and Zoidberg."
B: Hehe. The episode pokes fun at philosophical movies such as The Matrix (1999) or Inception (2010) when Bender questions if anything he knows to be true is actually made up. The employee just says its not. [C: "No get out"]
C: "I guess reality is what you make of it."
B=2=20130930 16:19-16:41, C=3=20150927 04:18-4:40

The Farnsworth Parabox
4ACV15 S05E10 NF05E10
B: Hahahaha. "Here Leela. Take this and use it to shot those guys." "Right, if they try to look in the box." "Whatever."
B: Hehe. The steam. "Oh, it's hot. The butter in my pocket is melting."
C: Bender switches his eyes out for eyes that bend at 90 degrees.
C: Lol. Why not just continue sitting on it?
C: The minor differences between their universes (Universe A and Universe 1). All coin flips are opposite.
C: Lol, they dislike each other's nail polish, but it's the color of the sweats they're wearing.
C: "Doooomed!"
C: No eyes; Bobble heads; Robots; Greek (mentions Leprecauns and pirates); 60's;
B, C: Haha. Hahaha. Haha. Hermes thinks about pressing the eject button anyways. [C: I found it interesting how the scene was still funny, even after reading about it. Furthermore, I laughed approximately the same amount as dictated in my first viewing of the episode. I guess there's something intrinsically humorous]
B: That inversion is pretty cool.
B=2=20130930 00:33-00:56, C=3=20150927 02:10-02:31

Three Hundred Big Boys
4ACV16 S05E11 NF05E11
C: The $1 store becomes the $299.99 store.
C: GeneWorks, S.K.G. (the name and logo reference DreamWorks)
C: Starfishbucks Coffee (Starbucks Coffee)
C: Tattoos on Amy's butt.
C: He tosses the diamond used to cut the glass into the trash.
C: Kif sheds his skin.
B: "The loot, the loot, the loot is on fire."
C: Fry is basically The Flash.
B: There were a lot of good stories from a simple tax rebate. Ha.
B=2=20130930 00:57-01:18, C=3=20150927 02:31-02:53

Spanish Fry
4ACV17 S05E12 NF05E12
B: Hahaha. "Just friends spooning."
B: Ha. "I'm the park ranger, Range Park." "I get it!"
B: Haha. "The sky out here is amazing. Look at all the satellites."
C: "Nice tube." "What's the big idea? Stop abducting me! Why does your vanity plate say Probe1?"
C: Hermes does some business behind the tree for an hour.
B: Hahaha, it mocks the things that perhaps we find delicious or valuable in the animal world. (Human horn)
C: ["The Beast With Two Bucks" references "The beast with two backs"] The reference is also made later with The Beast with a Billion Backs (5ACV05-08).
B: Hahaha. "Prepare to harvest the lower horn." [C: Silly Bender]
B: "That's what she said."
C: "I only wrote that poem to test my printer."
C: Ha. I didn't see that one coming. "I think I'll have Fry's lower horn jerked." In the distance Bender yells, "He's used to it!"
C: It's funny that Bender can be an ass, and at other times he's helpful.
C: "[...] but I pulled it out." "Just like at the movie theatre. Whooo!"
C: "[...] large and small..." "In this case small! Whooo!"
C: "As usual. Whooo!"
C: An altered version of the Futurama ending theme song plays.
B: Hahaha. Hahahaha. "It turns out it's man."
B=2=20130930 15:34-15:56, C=3=20150927 02:53-pause-03:57

The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings
4ACV18 S05E16 NF05E16
C: Lol, they're clumsily riding Segways.
C: While Leela said that only a few people are able to play it, and that even they are not very good at it, the recital would suggest otherwise.
C: "How hard did you say you had to hit him?" "Fairly hard."
C: Fry says he can hear the music in his head but can't play it.
C: "probably one you've never even met"
C: I rewind and pause several times to try and determine all the robot names found on the Wheel of Robots:
:: Greeting Card; Eurotrash 80; Nannybot 1.0; Emotitron, Jr.;
:: (After Bender eggs Fry to take the deal we see a different set of names) Emotitron, Jr.; Ceiling Fan; ???ner; Bender; ???; Billionairebot;
:: ("You sure I probably won't know him?" "Definitely probably not.") Billionairebot; Keg Robot; Greeting Card; ???; Nannybot 1.0; Emotitron, Jr.; Ceiling Fan;
:: After Ceiling Fan is Foreigner.
:: ("And here we go") Pausing the screen, you can see Robot Devil between Bender and Billionairebot.
:: More pausing: Billionairebot; Flexo; Daisy Mae 128K; Crushinator; Roberto; Helper;
:: "I got a hundred bucks on Rectal-Exam Bot"
:: As it zooms back in... [1] Helper; Kwanzabot; Robot 1-X; Clamps; Hedonismbot; Fatbot; Linctron; Destructor; Santa; [2] Joey; Tinny Tim; Chain Smoker; Angleyne; Execu-Tor; Preacherbot; Fembot; Hair Robot; Unit 2013; Donbot; Boxy; [1] Lulubelle 7; Humorbot 5.0; Calculon; URL; Foreigner; iZac; Cartridge Unit; Barkerbot; [2] Teenbot; Gearshift; Q.T. McWhiskers; Deep Blue; iHawk; Cylon; Patchcord Adams; Liubot; [1] Stage Mom 7.0; Sinclair 2K; Vending Machine; Oily; Coolometer; Andrew; Monique; Rab-Bot; Lisa; Executive Gamma; Keg Robot; Greeting Card; Eurotrash 80; Nannybot 1.0; Emotitron, Jr.; Ceiling Fan; Hookerbot; Bender; Robot Devil;
C: This accounts for the entire wheel, with Foreigner initially coming after Ceiling Fan and before Bender, but gets moved to after URL and before iZac. Furthermore, there is no Rectal-Exam Bot on the wheel.
C: "It's beautiful." "So is a peacock, but you don't eat it until its cooked."
C: "And what did you do to my nails?" "I cleaned them."
C: Hahahaha. "Your music's bad and you should feel bad." [This eventually became a meme: Your X is bad and you should feel bad.]
B=2=20131001 01:25-pauses-02:06, C=3=20150927 05:02-05:49

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