Afro Samurai: Resurrection (2009)

Watched 20130929 (Netflix, Instant, HD)(Streaming until 20131001)
Afro Samurai: Resurrection (2009) Fuminori Kizaki. 101 min

Afro (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson)

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Afro Samurai: Resurrection (
Afro Samurai: Resurrection (

I mostly enjoyed this movie as much as I enjoyed Afro Samurai (2007). I think the only thing I didn't like about it was the ending, mainly because I didn't understand it.

Sio (voiced by Lucy Liu)


Instant Comments:
Afro Samurai starts off with a little reminder that possessing the #1 headband is a deal of torment. After the narrated introduction, we see Afro defeat a band of people. Apparently, however, Afro is meditating on his past.

Ninja Ninja (also voiced by Samuel L. Jackson) and Afro.

I think Sio was able to take the #1 headband, because Afro was not wearing it.
Hehe. No deaths this time.
"That cheating son of a bitch! I want a free lap dance..."

Jinno and Sio (siblings).

After the credits roll, we see what looks to be #2 arriving to fight a #1, Afro. The situation mirrors the past.

Afro and Rokutaro's clone.
Rokutaro is Afro's late father.

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