After V1E18: On the Amazon episode listings, I saw Rob Paulsen's name which I recognized as Spike in The Land Before Time sequels. Apparently he's done a lot of voice work. In particular, he's the voice of Pinky, Yakko Warner, and Dr. Scratchansniff. Some other roles include Donatello in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012-2015), Stanley Ipkiss / The Mask in The Mask (1995-1997), Arthur in The Tick (1994-1996), Raphael in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987-1995), Max in Mighty Max (1993-1994), and various voices in Disney cartoon series.

After V1E24: Today I paused at the credits to see that Tress MacNeille does the voice of Dot. I recently learned she did various voices in Futurama and from there saw that she did voice work for many other shows and movies as well.

Today I looked through the list of episodes I had managed to see and it seemed as if I was able to watch all the episodes.

20161014 Comment:
Episodes have a V#E## which corresponds to their DVD release across four volumes.

{"P&B": Pinky and the Brain, "SS": Slappy Squirrel, "GF": GoodFeathers, "B&M": Buttons & Mindy, "R&R": Rita & Runt, "HH": Hip Hippos, "CB": Chicken Boo, "MM": Minerva Mink, "MS": Mr. Skullhead, "KK": Katie Ka-Boom}


V1E01, S1E01: [A] De-Zanitized [B] The Monkey Song [C] Night Night Toon
1:O: "Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs"
1:A: Porky Pig! "Ggggg... gggg... mmmmorn... Hello!"
1:A: "We're the Warner brothers." "And the Warner sister."
1:A: Hehe. The first "Hello, nurse!" (Poor Dot, haha)
1:A: "Boys..." - Dot
1:A: "This isn't a joke, it's a visual gag."
1:A: Dr. Scratchansniff's loss of hair
1:B: "The Monkeys Song" (in this bit we see all the main Animaniacs characters)
2:B: In one of the scenes the Warner siblings pose as the three wise monkeys ("see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil")
2:B: The song ends "We're not monkeys, we're just cuckoo. Don't know what to say the Warners won't do."
1:C: The main Animaniacs characters are also in the last segment.
2:C: Jim Cummings is the narrator.
2:C: Pinky looks a bit different in this episode.
1=20151017, 2=20160401

V1E02, S1E02: [A] Yakko's World [B] Cookies for Einstein [C] Win Big {P&B}
1:A: Oh wow, Yakko's World is in the second episode.
1:B: Hahaha. "And now, to measure the speed of light." Turns on a lightbulb and starts and stops a stopwatch. "Wow, that's quick."
1:B: Haha, the Einstein picture with his tongue out.
1:B: Hehe. ACME backwards + Yakko's "a" which looks like a "2."
1:C: The Warners sing the Pinky and the Brain theme song.
1:C: Haha. For sure that question will be asked.
1:C: Wow, the first use of the suit is in the first Pinky and the Brain feature.
1:E: "If at first you don't succeed, blame it on your parents."
1:E: I wonder how many times that gets used in the series:
"I'm Yakko."
"I'm Wakko."
"And I'm cute."
1=20151017, 2=20160401

V1E03, S1E03: [A] H.M.S. Yakko [B] Slappy Goes Walnuts {SS} [C] Yakko's Universe
1a:O: This episode cuts out the black-and-white intro.
1a:A: Haha. They're the
"very model of cartoon individuals"
2:A: "From Daffy Duff to Tweety Bird to Babs and Buster Bunny"
1a:B: "No wonder you like that 'Bonkers' show."
2:B: "Thank you, Mr. Exposition."
2:B: "You remind me of a very young Scooby Doo."
1b:B: "Now that's comedy."
1a=20151017, 1b=20151018, 2=20160401

V1E04, S1E04: [A] Hooked On A Ceiling [B] Goodfeathers: The Beginning {GF}
2:A: Reference the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
1:A: References: "Feelings, Nothing More than Feelings."
1:A: References The Wizard of Oz.
1:A: They draw E.T. (1982) touching fingers as the final panel. But it turns out His Eminence is Steven Spielberg.
2:B: "Forget about it."
2:B: That's nice that they try to help him out.
1:B: Lol. Everybody respects the Godpigeon -> Squit gets made: "And that's how I became a Goodfeather.
1:E: "Never ask what hot dogs are made of."
1=20151018, 2=20160402

V1E05, S1E05: [A] The Taming of the Shrewy
2:A: References Rocky (1976).
1:A: "How DOOOO you do?" in place of "HELLLLO, nurse." ["How DOOOO you do... that thing with your mouth?"]
1,2:A: "Tee hee. Curtsy laugh."
1:A: Shamu
1:A: "Helllo, French nurse."
1:A: Hehe, they understand all the social rules, but don't want to.
2:A: So I wondered what Yakko said to the Japanese investors. A quick search shows the following:
Yakko: "Tokyo wa tottemo omoshiroi tokoro desu ne?" <"Tokya is an extremely interesting place, isn't it?">
Investor: "Zehi irasshite kudasai." <"You must go there.">
Yakko: "Mada iki basho ga areba ne?" <"If there's still a place to go, aye?">
1:A: The Penguin from Tim Burton's Batman (1989).
1:A: Mel Gibson just crushes the shellfish with his head.
1:A: Batman!
1:A: They greet Catwoman with "HELLLO, kitty."
2:A: "Dance card"
1:A: Wayne and Garth from Wayne's World.
1:A: Whoopi Goldberg.
1:A: Perfect ending.
2:E: "Goodbye
1=20151018, 2=20160402

V1E06, S1E06: [O] Flipper Parody Song [A] Temporary Insanity [B] Operation Lollipop {B&M} [C] What Are We?
1:A: They have a Bugs Bunny telephone.
1:A: "Look, the horror!"
1:A: "Look, Wayne Newton!"
1:B: Aww... Mindy's familiar saying:
"Buttons! Silly puppy."
"Thank you, lady."
"Okay, I love you, bye-bye!"
1:B: Haha. Right out the door. "Lolly, lollllly!"

V1E07, S1E07: [A] Piano Rag [B] When Rita Met Runt {R&R}
1:O: This episode has the black-and-white intro.
1:B: Interesting, so that's how Rita and Runt met. This also would be the last of the main characters (the ones that you see marching in the theme song with the Warners)

V1E08, S1E08: [O] Warner's Lot Song [A] The Big Candy Store [B] Bumbie's Mom {SS}
1:O: Oh my goodness, I haven't seen Gilligan's Island in forever.
1:A: Short parody of the "Candyman" from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
1:B: They're watching Bambi, well, they call him Bumbie.
1:B: Haha, the "actress" that played Bumbie's mom dated George Jetson.
1:B: Slappy remarks on the Warners showing up on the plane, "That was pointless."
1:B: Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner make a cameo. "Enough with the [...] cameos."
1:B: Haha, "Boy those flashbacks don't last as long as they used to."
1:B: Ha. Old Yeller.

V1E09, S1E09: [A] Wally Llama [B] Where Rodents Dare {P&B}
1:A: Lol. Pinky and the Brain pass by in the Warners segment.
1:A: Reverse psychology.
1:A: They ask him about the discrepancy between the quantity of hot dog packages and bun packages.
1:B: Hehe, I just realized the lack of "Narf" at the end of the theme song. Also for the series, the theme song is twice as long.
1:B: The appearance of Pinky and Brain is smoother and more like how they look in the series.
1:B: Lol, every time there's drum playing like in a military or action movie, it's just Pinky playing the drum.
1:E: No lesson, but the wheel is on a different prize when the scene switches out from the close-up.
1:E: "Lather." - Wakko. "Rinse." - Dot. "Repeat." - Yakko.

V1E10, S1E10: [A] King Yakko
1:A: Hahaha. "It's not all bad."

V1E11, S1E11: [A] No Pain, No Painting [B] Les Miseranimals {R&R}
1:A: They sing a song to the tune of Frère Jacques (Brother John).
1:A: Hehe, their art style influences Pablo Picasso.
1:A: He flips the pages up, but the previous drawings would actually need to be flipped down.
1:A: "We get paid in franks."

V1E12, S1E12: [A] West Side Pigeons [B] Garage Sale of the Century {GF}
1:B: West Side Story (1961). "Jet Song."
"Beat it!"
1:B: Squit plays the role of Johnny (he wants to love, not fight)
1:B: Squit sings a parody of "Maria."
1:B: Hehe, a bit out of order. The Sparrows do a parody of "America" after the parody of "Maria".
1:B: Squit and the other Goodfeathers do a parody of "I Feel Pretty."
1:B: Finally, "Somewhere"

V1E13, S1E13: [A] Hello Nice Warners [B] La Behemoth {HH} [C] Little Old Slappy from Pasadena {SS}
1:A: Old Yeller (they also referenced this movie in V1E8).
1:A: Parody of Indiana Jones.
1:B: Flavio and Marita Hippo.
1:C: Slappy does a segment which is like a music video for The Little Old Lady from Pasadena [Apparently the original recording is by a pop group called Jan and Dean. I was only familiar with The Beach Boys version]

V1E14, S1E14: [A] La La Law [B] Cat on a Hot Steel Beam {B&M}
1:O: Another episode that uses the black-and-white intro. I wonder if this has to do with the production order as opposed to the episode order.
1:Mime Time: Lol, the punchline to trapped in an imaginary box. I didn't see that coming.
1:A: Hehe. The Mime is their silent partner.
1:A: The judge says, "I hate puns."
1:A: "The penal code! The penal code!"
1:A: Hahaha. "I wonder what prison is like?"
1:Mime Time: Haha. Throwing a football.
1:B: She has pretty good motor skills. She made the jump from one beam to the next twice without falling.
1:B: Lol, first Popeye chasing Sweet Pea, then Tom and Jerry chasing a baby, and finally (less surprising) the Warners.
1:B: Hehe, a path to the moon and Marvin the Martian greets him.
1:B: The first "Why" bit. "Okay, I love you, bye-bye."
1:Mime Time: Pulling an imaginary rope.

V1E15, S1E15: [A] Space Probed [B] Battle for the Planet {P&B}
1:A: Hah! "Don't look at me, he's your brother." - Yakko to Dot about Wakko.
1:A: Hehe. His solution is to nail everything down.
1:A: References The Wizard of Oz ("Something tells me we're not in [place]")
1:A: Elvis, Amelia Earheart, Bigfoot, and Jimmy Hoffa
1:A: The alien calls for Jane. A female comes dressed a bit like Jane Jetson.
1:A: Ha, his one wish is a beautiful woman.
1:B: Begins with reference to H.G. Wells.

V1E16, S1E16: [A] Chalkboard Bungle [B] Hurray for Slappy {SS} [C] The Great Wakkorotti: The Master & His Music
1:A: Ha. The Warners come in a box labeled "Danger Volatile Contents"
1:A: Lol, this repetition bit again. (Previously between Yakko and Dr. Scratchansniff)
1:A: "What's the meaning of procrastination?" "I'll tell you tomorrow."
1:A: Haha. Conjugation bit.
1:B: The newspaper also has a piece about Elvis is alive and living with Warner Bros and Sister Dot.
1:B: Hehe, that's the second time she thanks her nephew for being Mr. Exposition.
1:C: Wakko burps to Johann Strauss's The Blue Danube Waltz
1:C: He takes a bow and says, "Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me."

V1E17, S1E17: [A] Roll Over Beethoven [B] The Cat & The Fiddle {R&R}
1:A: Haha. I'm glad I'm not the only one that makes this kind of joke. "Pianist." Though I was more of a smart aleck in elementary school, now I just make bad puns.
1:A: The last time they inspired a great person in our history was the Einstein episode. Oh wait, they also did Picasso.
1:B: Do Rita and Slappy have the same voice actor? No, Rita is voiced by Bernadette Peters and Slappy is voiced by Sherri Stoner.

V1E18, S1E18: [A] Pavlov's Mice {P&B} [B] Chicken Booryshnikov {CB} [C] Nothing But The Tooth
1:O: This is one of the theme songs that ends in "Pinky and the Brain-y..."
1:A: This is the second Pinky and the Brain episode where the Warners sing the theme song. I think it's also the first Animaniacs episode where the first segment is not the Warners.
1:A: "I'm A Little Teapot"!
1:B: The first Chicken Boo Segment
1:C: "Slow down!" "Why, everybody else is Russian in here."

V1E19, S1E19: [A] Meatballs or Consequences [B] A Moving Experience {HH}
1:A: References The Seventh Seal (1957) where the knight plays chess with Death.

V1E20, S1E21: [A] The Flame {other} [B] Wakko's America Song [C] Davey Omelette {CB} [D] Four Score & Seven Migraines Ago
1:A: This was a very innovative and cute segment.
1:B: I guess this is a patriotic episode.
1:B: "The answer is 'The Name of All 50 States and their Capitols'" Wakko answers with a song.
1:B: Hehe. She didn't count it cause his response wasn't in the form of a question.
1:C: Davy Omelette
1:D: Another, help a historic figure episode: Abraham Lincoln and his Gettysburg address.

V1E21, S1E20: [O] Hitchcock Opening [A] Hearts of Twilight [B] The Boids {GF}
1:O: "Citizen Kane-y..." Yakko is holding the sled. Citizen Kane (1941).
1:A: References Apocalypse Now (1979). Wakko is doing kung-fu movements on top of the vehicle, the music plays, Yakko narrates 'The Horror, The Horror', and... everything else.

V1E22, S1E22: [A] Guardin' The Garden {SS} [B] Plane Pals
1:O: Another episode with the black-and-white
1:A: That one baby duck makes a cameo. "Snakey go down the hole." [The character is known as 'Little Plucky,' a younger version of Plucky Duck. His catchphrase is "{Object} go down the hole."]

V1E23, S1E23: [A] Be Careful What You Eat [B] Up The Crazy River {B&M} [C] Ta Da Dump, Ta Da Dump, Ta Da Dump Dump {GF}
1:A: Ha, my friend Michael would love this song.
1:B: No treat for Buttons. Mindy consoles him, "It's okay, I love you, bye-bye."

V1E24, S1E24: [O] Yakko's World of Baldness [A] Opportunity Knox {P&B} [B] Wings Take Heart {other}
1:O: This segment comes before the opening theme song.
1:B: I like how this segment plays out along to just music, no dialgoue
1:E: "To make fun of the Disney channel?"
1:E: Brain and Pinky are shown in the water tower in place of the Warners. Pinky says, "Zort!"

V1E25, S1E25: [O] Disasterpiece Theater [A] Hercule Yakko [B] Home on De-Nile {R&R} [C] A Midsummer Night's Dream
1:O: "Disasterpiece Theater"
1:A: After being asked to dust for fingerprints.
"I found Prince."
"No, no, no, fingerprints."
"I don't think so."
1:A: The various Animaniacs characters make an appearance in this Warners segment.
1:B: Furrball from Tiny Toons makes a cameo.
1:C: Batman and Robin save the day.
1:C: "Oh what fools these Warners be." - pixie.
1:E: Yakko is allergic to anything with lactose in it.

V2E01, S1E26: [I] Testimonials [A] Babblin' Bijou [B] Potty Emergency [C] Sir Yaksalot
1:A: Done in the style of a 1930's cartoon. (e.g., Steamboat Willie)
1:B: Yakko and Dot have their own bags of popcorn, but eat randomly from their own bag and each other's bag.
1:B: Hehe. Rita and Runt.
1:C: Nice cameo by Pinky and the Brain. The townspeople sing part of the theme song before being stomped.

V2E02, S1E27: [I] You Risk Your Life [A] I Got Yer Can {SS} [B] Jockey for Position {P&B}
1:A: "She reminds me of a very young Wilma Flintstone."
1:A: HA! I didn't see that grenade bit coming.
1:B: I love the Warner intro to P&B, hehe.
1:B: Flamingo, Deer, One of the Seven Dwarves
1:B: "Heavens, they're multiplying."
1:B: Brain weighs three ounces.
1:B: The Warners cheer at the track.
1:E: Skippy Squirrel says, "Spew."

V2E03, S1E28: [A] Moby or Not Moby [B] Mesozoic Mindy {B&M} [C] The Good, the Boo and the Ugly {CB}
1:O: "Chicken Chow Mein-y..."
1:A: That was funny. Dot blows on her horn and says "High C's on the high seas" in a deep voice.
1:A: Pinocchio.
1:B: Episode title references The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (1966)
1:B: "I got me A Fistful of Feathers." "Look here, A Few Feathers More." References the first and second movies of the Dollars / Man with No Name Trilogy: A Fistful of Dollars (1964), For A Few Dollars More (1965).
1:B: Hehe. The theme song.
1:E: Mindy gets the honors of being in the water tower: "Okay, I love you, bye-bye."

V2E04, S1E30: [A] Draculee, Draculaa [B] Phraken-Runt {R&R}
1:A: Dracula.
1:A: "We're not that stupid, we just know the plot."
1:A: The Tasmanian Devil.
1:B: Frankenstein.
1:B: A play on Dot's coming phrases, Rita says, "Dogs, go fig."

V2E05, S1E29: [A] Hot, Bothered, and Bedeviled [B] Moon Over Minerva {MM} [C] Skullhead Boneyhands {MS}
1:A: Another "just another thing I do."
1:A: From "a snowball's chance in hell"
1:A: "Darn it Yakko I'm a Doctor, not a magician!"
1:B: The WB frog.
1:B: Hehe, quite the combination: cruel and beautiful.
1:B: "Hit the road, Jack!"
1:B: "Say, Wilfred, what kind of wolf are you anyways?" "Were."
1:C: Mr. Skullhead's first segment (not counting all the "Good Idea, Bad Idea" two-liners.
1:C: The name and situation of Skullhead Boneyhands is based on Edward Scissorhands.

V2E06, S1E31: [A] O Silly Mio [B] PUttin' on the Blitz {R&R} [C] The Great Wakkorotti: The Summer Concert
1:B: Hehe. Rita falls backwards and lands on her feet. Runt tries the same and just lands on his back.
1:B: "Look at all the rocks. 147. Definitely 147 rocks." (That sounds like the character Ray from Rain Man)
1:E: Runt and Rita in the water tower. "It's over, it's definitely over." - Runt.

V2E07, S1E32: [I] Chairman of the Bored [A] Planets Song [B] Astro-Buttons {B&M}
1:A: Haha. The ending of this.
1:B: "I quit."

V2E08, S1E33: [I] Cartoons in Wakko's Body [A] Noah's Lark {other} [B] The Big Kiss {CB} [C] Hiccup {GF}
1:A: Hmm. Why does God ask Noah to do this task?
1:A: "Buster and Babs Bunny, no relation." (he remarks something like "It's a children's show.")
1:A: Pinky and the Brain (with Pinky dressed as a girl). "Who am I to judge?"
1:B: Lol, asks Chicken Boo if he wants a chicken salad.
1:C: Pesto asks Squit if he's saying he's like "Doc" from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.
1:C: That Godpigeon face.
1:E: "My bottom hurts." Hahaha. (implying they'll inspect it and pull a cartoon out like with all the other places he's been having problems)
1:E: The last time he asked if they want to see him make bubbles with his spit they were disgusted. This time they say they do.

V2E09, S1E34: [A] Clown and Out [B] Bubba Bo Bob Brain {P&B}
1:B: References Billy Ray Cyrus's "Achy Breaky Heart"
1:B: "In two words, "Bubba is hot."
1:B: Kenny Rogers performs The Gambler.

V2E10, S1E35: [O] Very Special Opening [A] In the Garden of Mindy {mixed} [B] No Place Like Homeless {mixed} [C] Katie Ka-Boo {KK} [D] Baghdad Cafe
1:O: Lol, Wakko suddenly exclaims, "I'm not wearing any pants!"
1:A: Mindy and the Brain
1:A: "Okay, I love you."
1:A: "Silly Brain."
1:T: Pinky and Rita. Rita eats Pinky.
1:B: Runt and Pesto (from Goodfeathers).
1:C: The first Katie Ka-Boom episode features Chicken Boo
1:T: Dot sits in for Slappy's opening.
1:D: Slappy sits in for Dot in a Warners skit. Flavio make an appearance as well.

V2E11, S1E36: [A] Critical Condition {SS} [B] The Three Muska-Warners
1:B: The Musketeers
1:B: Hehe. That ending.

V2E12, S1E37: [A] Dough Dough Boys {GF} [B] Boot Camping [C] General Boo-Regard {CB}
1:B: "Hat's all folks."
1:B: "I'm thinking about fleeing."
1:B: Grammar at its finest. "Just pull the pin and throw."
1:E: The Goodfeathers in the tower. "Hey, stay cool." He might have said "coo" instead.

V2E13, S1E38: [A] Spell-Bound {P&B}
1:A: "Take Over the World Spell"
1:A: Hah. "Brain" obviously fits the rhyme but Pinky can't think of it.
1:A: Brain says something similar to Dot: "It's just a small thing I do."
1:A: Hehe. Slappy Squirrel and the Goodfeathers make self-aware cameos.
1:A: Hehe. Rita and Runt get released from the troll's cage.
1:A: Poor Brain, while he was flawed for wanting to finish Pinky's lyrics (it would annoy me to), I would say this time it's more Pinky's fault for not being quiet as Brain had asked. Technically Brain could have done more to insure Pinky's silence, but asking is definitely reasonable.

V2E14, S1E39: [A] Smitten with Kittens {R&R} [B] Alas Poor Skullhead [C] White Gloves
1:A: Pinky and the Brain make a cameo.
1:A: Runt sees a bunch of kittens. "Look, I have puppies."
1:C: Dizzey Channel

V2E15, S1E40: [O] Casablanca Opening [A] Fair Game [B] The Slapper {SS} [C] Puppet Rulers {P&B}
1:O: Casablanca.
1:A: Lol. This game show skit is pretty good. One of the best IMO.
1:B: The Slapper, a parody of The Clapper.
1:C: Mindy (and Buttons) is the last of the kids to enter the ACME TOYS store and you see Mindy among the crowd.
1:C: In this episode, they froze themselves in the 60s and woke in the 90s.

V2E16, S1E41: [A] Buttermilk, It Makes a Body Bitter {SS} [B] Broadcast Nuisasnce [C] Raging Bird {GF}
1:A: "Buttermilk... it makes a body bitter." as a parody of "Milk... it does a body good."
1:B: Huh. When Dot opens her mouth wide open, she has a gold teeth.
1:B: You can hear the similarity in Tress MacNeille's anchorwoman voice in this episode (Duanne Sewer) with her anchorwoman voice in Futurama (Linda van Schoonhoven).
1:B: Gilligan's Island.
1:C: Episode starts with a parody of That's Amore.
1:C: References "On the Waterfront" line: "could have been a contender"
1:C: "You're a wacko." "No, this is a Wakko."
1:C: The old owl is made to look like the manager in "Rocky."
1:C: Punches cold sausages as opposed to meat.
1:C: Ha. Rocky crushes Bobby on Bobby's way up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
1:C: Lol. Although Bobby was suppose to be like Rocky, the one that goes down says, "Yo, Adrian!"

V2E17, S1E42: [I] Animator's Alley [A] Can't Buy a Thrill {HH} [B] Hollywoodchuck {other}

V2E18, S1E43: [A] Of Nice and Men {R&R} [B] What a Dump {B&M} [C] Survey Ladies
1:A: Runt asks Rita to tell him again. The story proceeds like "Of Mice and Men"
1:A: The real George and Lenny. Lenny is holding Brain.
1:B: "Mindy, where'd you get that?" "Buttons!"
1:B: "Hellooo 90201."
1:B: Parodies Mission Impossible.
1:B: Walking opposite the direction of the escalator, Wakko says "Hey, mine's not working."
1:B: The store says "Judy Judy Judy." I remember reading that the actor never said this in the movie.
1:B: Fifi makes a cameo.
1:B: Little Plucky makes a cameo. He pushes the button and says "Elevator go down the hole."

V2E19, S1E44: [A] Useless Facts [B] The Senses [C] The World Can Wait {P&B} [D] Kiki's Kitten {R&R}
1:O: Another time during which the opening credits end with "Shirley MacLaine-y"
1:B: The Senses.
1:B: A reference to Shirley MacLaine outside of the opening credits.
1:B: The Pinky and the Brain make a cameo.
1:C: "Not tonight, Pinky."
1:C: "Are you pondering what I'm pondering?" "I think so Brain, but this time you wear the tutu."
1:C: That ending.
1:C: Tress MacNeille voices Billie.

V2E20, S1E45: [O] Mary Tyler Dot Song [A] Windsor Hassle [B] ...And Justice for Slappy {SS}
1:O: [Apparently this is a parody of the opening theme song from "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"]
1:A: "Hellooo, Queen!"
1:A: Dot's full name has been mentioned before, but I've never written it down: Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca the Third.
1:A: QQ, similar to DQ, which is Dairy Queen

V2E21, S1E46: [A] Turkey Jerky [B] Wild Blue Yonder {other}
1:A: Elmer Fudd makes a cameo and his famous line is cut short, "Shh, be very very quiet."
1:A: Wakko shows him their pet, but its not their monster, he just shows them their turkey Mr. Gobbles.
1:A: Wakko hangs up a sign which reads "THE DOCTOR IS /IN/" (references Peanuts)
1:A: When running away in one scene the turkey has a sound effect similar to the Roadrunner.
1:A: "Give me the bird." "We'd love to really, but the Fox censors won't allow it."
1:B: "No, not Momma." They ignore him and run around vroom-ing. "Kids."
1:B: It's interesting cause he hatched looking older than his siblings.

V2E22, S1E47: [A] Video Review [B] When Mice Ruled the Earth {P&B}
1:A: Various film references. X-Toons. The Last Boy Scout. Awakenings. Three Men and a Baby. The Hand That Rocks the Cradle. The Silence of the Lambs. Bugsy. Beethoven. Animaniacs.
1:A: Cue song:
Hey, look at this store! | There's movies galore! | We've seen 'em a thousand times over before | And that's why our brains don't work anymore!
"The Player" is a movie | About finding fresh new scripts | Like "Rambo 3" and "Rocky 5" | And "Star Trek" Number 6
Eva joined with Zsa Zsa | And they formed a, "Sister Act" | But both were, "Unforgiven" | Because neither one could act
"The hand that rocked the cradle" | Once belonged to "Hook", you see | But it got bored and so it joined | "The Addams Family"
"Amadeus" was a genius | "Beethoven" was a dog | The "Muppet Family Christmas" | Is about a pig and frog
There was a sled named Rosebud | And a "Citizen" named "Kane" | He rode it 'til the snow was melted | Now he's "Singin' In The Rain"
The "Princess Bride" got married | To the handsome "Prince Of Tides" | Which now makes her dad, "The Fisher King" | The "Father Of The Bride"
And pretty soon you'll find them all | Inside the "TV Guide" | Along with all the stars | You like to see!
Like Hitchcock and Spielberg and Oliver Stone | Shirley MacLaine and Sylvester Stallone | Francis Ford Coppola, Hepburn and Tracy | Robert Zemeckis and Martin Scorcese | Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Woody Allen and Mia | Robert Deniro and Andy Garcia | Sophia Loren, Barbra Streisand, Joan Crawford | Paul Newman, Rock Hudson, Spike Lee, Peter Lawford | Jack Nicholson, Brando and Marilyn Monroe | And that's all the people we know!
1:A: Many others, but I'm not in the mood to write them down.
1:A: Song resumes:
We're glad the dinosaur is gone | He was an easy mark | But if we ever miss him | We can rent "Jurassic Park"
So when it comes to clunkers | Like "The Babe" or like "Presidio" | Don't pay $7.50 | Just catch 'em on home video
As for us it's bye-bye time | So long now, toodle-oo | We've had quite enough of this | Video revue!
1:B: The Time Machine by H.G. Wells.
1:B: One of the mice cavemen says "Narf. Poit."
1:B: "Let us return to 1895." (The time of H.G. Wells)
1:B: "Narf! Poit! Egad!"

V2E23, S1E48: [A] Mobster Mash [B] Lake Titicaca [C] Icebreakers {R&R}
1:A: References Lady and the Tramp noodle.

V2E24, S1E50: [O] Very Special Opening [A] A Christmas Plotz [B] Little Drummer Warners
1 Christmas episode.
1:A: A parody of Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol.
1:B: "We Three Kings" and "The Little Drummer Boy"

V2E25, S1E49: [O] Slippin' On The Ice Song [A] Twas the Day Before Christmas [B] Jingle Boo {CB} [C] The Great Wakkorotti: The Holiday Concert [D] Toy Shop Terror [E] Yakko's Universe
1:O: Parody of "Singin' in the Rain."
1:O: "I've fallen and I can't get up." (References LifeCall commercials)
1:A: Parody of "Twas The Night Before Christmas." The cast of Animaniacs make cameos.
1:B: Santa gives Chicken Boo a happy ending.
1:E: This was part of V1E03.

V3E01, S1E51: [O] Branimaniacs [A] The Warners and the Beanstalk [B] Frontier Slappy {SS}
1:O: Branamaniacs cereal.
1:A: "Hellooo, Harp!"
1:A: "Gold eggs and meat." They continue the play on Dr. Seuss's "Green Eggs and Ham"
1:A: [Jim Cummings, the current voice of Winnie the Pooh*, is the narrator for this segment] [*Sterling Holloway ('66-'77) -> Hal Smith ('81-'86) -> Jim Cummings ('88-present)]

V3E02, S1E52: [A] Ups and Downs [B] The Brave Little Trailer [C] Yes, Always {P&B}
1:A: Lol. That ending.
1:B: Jim Cummings again with the Winnie-the-Pooh narration.
1:B: [The voice of the Brave Little Trailer is the same person that did The Flame, Luke Ruegger]
1:C: Clever segment.
1:E: "Cowabunga!" - The Warners.

V3E03, S1E53: [A] Drive-Insane [B] Girlfeathers {GF} [C] I'm Cute
1:A: Ha. A dramatization of the song "Alouette." See Alouette (song) (
1:A: They now do "Frère Jacques."
1:A: Haha. Popcorn and fries.
1:B: "Girlfeathers."
1:B: Lol. This episode comically captures the core of dating.

V3E04, S1E54: [A] Brain Meets Brawn {P&B} [B] Meet Minerva {MM}
1:A: Haha. "Your mother... she's older than you!"

V3E05, S1E55: [A] Gold Rush [B] A Gift of Gold {other} [C] Dot's Quiet Time
1:B: Another tale narrated by Cumming's Pooh voice.
1:B: What a happy story.
1:C: Ha, the bells of Notre Dame.

V3E06, S1E56: [A] Schnitzelbank [B] The Helpinki Formula {P&B} [C] Les Boutons et le ballon (Buttons and the Balloon) {B&M} [D] Kung Boo {CB}
1:O: Opening in German
1:A: Hehe, what a fun song. "International Friendship Song"
1:C: Hehe. Buttons & Mindy in French (and in France).
1:C: Mindy scales Notre Dame.
1:C: Haha. The Warners make a cameo and reference the Hunchback of Notre Dame. They call for sanctuary.
1:C: Little Plucky pushes the button on the Eiffle Tower's elevator.
1:C: "D'accord je taime au revoir au revoir."
1:D: The karate teacher is probably a reference to Mr. Miyagi. [20151025: Yes, it's a parody of The Karate Kid]

V3E07, S1E57: [A] Of Course, You Know This Means Warners [B] Up a Tree {R&R} [C] Wakko's Gizmo
1:B: For Runt, the corn is the attraction point of Nebraska.

V3E08, S1E58: [O] Oh, Oh, Ethel [A] Meet John Brain {P&B} [B] Smell Ya Later {SS}
1:O: Slappy's agent gives her a gig about Ethel Merman which isn't her area of expertise (as opposed to Ethel Mertz).
1:I: Hehe. Inkblots.
1:B: Skippy references Little Plucky: "Stinkbomb go down the hole."

V3E09, S1E59: [A] Ragamuffins [B] Woodstock Slappy {SS}
1:B: Woodstock.
1:B: Hehe. "Who" bit. They really stretch it out. Though technically speaking, the band's name is "The Who."
1:B: You can hear Wakko's voice in the lead singer's voice.

V3E10, S1E60: [A] Karaoke-Dokie [B] The Cranial Crusader {P&B} [C] The Chicken Who Loved Me {CB}
1:C: Parody of James Bond The Spy Who Loved Me.

V3E11, S1E61: [A] Baloney & Kids [B] Super Buttons {B&M} [C] Katie Ka-Boom: The Driving Lesson {KK}
1:A: A parody of Barney the Dinosaur.
1:B: Lol. She just breaks out with her super powers.

V3E12, S1E62: [A] Scare Happy Slappy {SS} [B] Witch One {R&R} [C] MacBeth
1:O: "Andromeda Strain-y"
1:A: Skippy's dressed as Buster Bunny.
1:C: The witch scene from Macbeth.

V3E13, S1E63: [A] With Three You Get Eggroll {GF} [B] Mermaid Mindy {B&M} [C] Katie Ka-BOom: Call Waiting {KK}
1:O: "Miss Cellany"
1:A: "Your egg went out for an eggroll."
1:B: Mermaid Buttons and Mindy.
1:B: "Maybe its a passive aggressive thing, I don't know."
1:C: Lol, back when people had phonelines.

V3E14, S1E64: [A] Lookit the Fuzzy Heads [B] No Face Like Home {SS}
1:A: Hehe. Elmyra Duff.
1:A: Buttons and Mindy make a cameo, well, Mindy is part of the segment's resolution

V3E15, S1E65: [A] The Warners 65th Anniversary Special
1:A: This is the 65th episode.
1:A: References Saturday Night Fever (Staying Alive).
1:A: Hehe, Buddy coming out is the same as the one Slappy Squirrel segment.
1:E: The credits have a bunch of silly entries like Nutrition Facts.


V3E16, S2E01: [A] Take My Siblings Please [B] The Mindy 500 {B&M} [C] Morning Malaise

V3E17, S2E03: [A] Miami Mama-Mia {GF} [B] Pigeon on the Roof {GF}
1:A: Steven Seagull.
1:A: Hehe, Mermaid Buttons and Mermaid Mindy make a cameo when Pesto is underwater.
1:B: A pigeon on the roof.
1:B: The segment ends with "Play it cool" (from West Side Story)

V3E18, S2E02: [A] We're No Pigeons {GF} [B] Whistle Stop Mindy {B&M} [C] Katie Ka-Boom: The Broken Date {KK}

V3E19, S2E04: [A] I'm Mad [B] Bad Mood Bobby {GF} [C] Katie Ka-Boom: The Blemish {KK} [D] Fake
1:A: This segment is pretty entertaining. [Apparently it was a short which opened for Thumbelina (1994)]
1:D: Poor Dr. Scratchinsniff. He believed.


V3E20, S3E02: [A] Super Strong Warner Siblings [B] Nutcracker Slappy {SS} [C] Wakkos New Gookie [D] A Quake, A Quake!
1:O: Huh, slightly different lyrics.
1:O: "Hydroplane-y."
1:A: Haha, Rita Repulsa and super putties.
1:A: Pi R Us.
1:A: Ha. Blowfish (blue, Yakko), Anteater (red, Wakko), and Platypus (yellow, Dot).
1:A: I love the guitar riff.
1:A: Mighty Morphic Power Rangers
1:B: A different Slappy Squirrel theme.

V3E21, S3E03: [A] Variety Speak [B] Three Tenors and You're Out {SS} [C] Bingo
1:B: "You sound like a broken slurpee machine."
1:B: Haha, all the men stand up.
1:B: Parody of "Singin' in the Rain"
1:B: "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" (Steven Spielberg is flying)
1:C: Although its funny how Wakko misconstrues actual Bingo calls as statements and actual statements as Bingo calls, some of the Bingo values would not exist (like O-9) is not possible. Standard Bingo values are B: 1-15, I: 16-30, N: 31-45, G: 46-60, and O: 61-75.
1:E: The three tenors sing the Animaniacs theme.

V3E22, S3E01: [A] Deduces Wild [B] Rest in Pieces {SS} [C] U.N. Me
1:B: Hehe. She says no cartoon character can die and then mentions Bonkers as an exception.

V3E23, S3E04: [A] A Hard Days Warner [B] Gimme a Break {SS} [C] Please Please Please Get a Life Foundation
1:A: Elmyra is part of the Animaniac's fan mob.
1:B: Die Hard.
1:B: Forrest Gump.
1:B: Speed.
1:B: I'm not sure what the reference is for the plane.
1:B: James Bond.
1:C: Ha!

V3E24, S3E05: [O] The Tiger Prince [I] All the Words in the English Language [A] The Kid in the Lid [B] Method to Her Madness {SS}
1:O: Parody of The Lion King
1:A: Parody of The Cat in the Hat
1:B: References A Streetcar Named Desire and On The Waterfront (quotes by Marlon Brando)

V3E25, S3E08: [A] The Presidents Song [B] Don't Tread on us {P&B} [C] The Flame Returns by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
1:B: Elmer Fudd makes a cameo.
1:B: Hehe, "I forgot to turn off the lights in the Old World."
1:B: The Flame has a cameo in this segment, he can be seen on Mr. Jefferson's desk.
1:B: Hehe. Brain answers Pinky's nonsequitar. "Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?" "I think so Brain. Poit! But where do you stick a feather and call it 'Macaroni'?" "Simply in your hat."
1:C: "Paul Revere's Ride" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

V4E01, S3E06: [A] Gimme the Works [B] Buttons in Ows {B&M} [C] Hercules Unwound {P&B}*
*Technically this was a Warners segment, but like [A], the Warners decided to leave.
1:B: The Wizard of OZ
1:B: "Ooo... technicolor."
1:B: Brain makes a cameo as The Wizard. Pinky is also there. Brain says the line, "Pay no attention to the mouse behind the curtain."

V4E02, S3E07: [A] This Pun for Hire [B] Star Truck [C] Go Fish [D] Multiplication Song
1:A: Freakazoid makes a random cameo.
1:A: A 'Mickey' in my drink.
1:A: Just give me the bird." "We can't, it's a family show."
1:B: "We're cling-ons, get it?"
1:B: Pinky and Brain make a cameo at the end of the segment.
1:C: Ha, he's playing "Go Fish" with himself.
1:D: "Math: Easy as Pi"
1:D: Ha... after he does 47 times 3 he sings another part of the song and the rest of the computation is already there. Then he goes to back to the board to do the second part.
1:E: Oh, I noticed the credits gives the episode number. This was, as expected, episode number 77.
1:E: Episode 77.

V4E03, S3E09: [A] The Sound of Warners [B] Yabba Dabba Boo {CB}
1:O: "Meet Mark Twain-y..."
1:A: The Sound of Music
1:A: Parody of "Maria"
1:A: "Are you on medication?"
1:A: "Look, Scratchy's itchy!" (possibly a subtle reference to Scratchy and Itchy of The Simpsons)
1:A: Parody of "Edelweiss."
1:A: "Left, one, out!" Haha. Nightmare about his song.
1:A: "Why don't you go bug the kids on Goof Troop?"
1:A: Parody of "My Favorite Things"
1:A: They're in a bed instead of a their bunk bed.
1:A: Parody of "Climb Ev'ry Mountain" -> "Eat All Your Oatmeal"
1:A: They hire Slappy.
1:A: Lol. Mary Poppin comes in.
1:B: Oh man. "Ba-bawk-bawk-ba-gah!"

V4E04, S3E10: [A] My Mother the Squirrel {SS} [B] The Party [C] Oh! Say Can You See? {other} [D] The 12 Days of Christmas Song
1:A: Hehe, this bird again. Back into the egg and born again.
1:A: The mother went down and the Girlfeathers were there.
1:C: It's Flame again.
1:D: Turtle doves...

V4E05, S3E11: [A] Dot's Entertainment [B] The Girl with the Googily Goop [C] Gunga Dot
1:A: Parody of Do-Re-Mi.

V4E06, S3E12: [A] Soccer Coach Slappy {SS} [B] Belly Button Blues {KK} [C] Our Final Space Cartoon, We Promise [D] Valuable Lesson
1:O: 2001: A Space Odyssey.
1:A: "Which way did he go, George? Which way did he go?" From Of Mice and Men and famously parodied in cartoons.
1:C: "We won't be talking to you, so don't even bother reading our lips."
1:D: Hahaha. "We can share and still be unique."
1:E: Episode 81.

V4E07, S3E13: [A] Wakko's 2-Note Song [B] Panama Canal [C] Hello Nurse [D] The Ballad of Magellan [E] The Return of the Great Wakkorotti [F] The Big Wrap Party Tonight
1:O: This opening has an entire instrumental section.
1:A: Lol. That's not exactly fair to have a two-note melody with such a range of instruments. Also I feel like there's a slight cheat when they sing the tune. Unless the cheat is just an aural illusion based on what the mind wants to hear.
1:B: Pinky and the Brain make a cameo in this Panama of Canal song.
1:C: Granny makes a cameo as she hands Hello Nurse a degree.
1:C: Hehe. Great song.
1:D: Magellan.
1:E: Not sure where this is going... (no voice)
1:E: Even Mindy plays an instrument!
1:E: Okay, thank goodness. Thought he was gonna fart a song, but he just hand farts a song.
1:E: What the heck... where did all the food go?
1:E: Lol, he does a final one with his hands apart!
1:F: Hehe. Frekazoid is in the line/crowd.
1:F: The Beast.
1:F: All the old characters make appearances, even The Flame.
1:F: Cameo by Sylvester and Tweety.
1:F: And cameos by the cast of Tiny Toon Adventures.


V4E08, S4E01: [A] One Flew Over the Cuckoo Clock {SS}
1:A: Skippy says farewell using Mindy's line, "Okay, I love you, bye-bye."
1:A: Cartoon Motion Picture Rest Home.
1:A: Lol. Various chartoon characters drawn old. "Mighty Mouse."
1:A: That might be the first dramatic tear shed on the series. "Toot toot." And by Slappy, of all characters!
1:A: "Look at me I'm a regular Speedy Gonzalez over here. Andale, andale, arriba, arriba!"
1:A: The episode name references One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, but I had trouble finding similarities in the plot. I should definitely watch that movie again.
1:A: I believe this would be the second episode where a single non-Warners segment consumes the entire episode. The first is V2E13, a Pinky and the Brain segment. Single Warners segments consist of V1E05 Taming of the Screwy, V1E10 King Yakko, and V3E15 The Warners 65th Anniversary Special. [20151027: It turns out these are the only single segment episodes, with V4E20 and V4E20 being a segment spanning two episodes.]

V409, S4E02: [A] Cutie and the Beast [B] Boo Happens {CB} [C] Noel [E] Cold Ending
1:A: Parody of The Beauty and the Beast.
1:A: I feel like Pinky and the Brain probably make the most cameos in the Warners segments.
1:A: The Tasmanian Devil makes an appearance in the role of The Beast.
1:A: "Uh... me no Taz."
1:B: The title is a reference to "Shit happens" from Forrest Gump.
1:B: "He is not a cluck." (a play on "I am not a crook.")
1:B: Good parody of Forrest Gump.
1:C: "Noel": "No 'L'," "No Whale," "Oh Well."
1:E: The Warners mock the people in the credits, including the very people who voice themselves:
Y: "Rob Paulsen as Yakko. Hah! Yeah, right"
D: "Tress MacNeille as Dot. As if."
W: "Jess Harnell as Wakko. I hear he's cute."
1:E: They poke fun at Steven Spielberg:
W: "Executive Producer. Steven Spielbrig?"
Y: "No, no, no, no. Steven... Springblush."
D: "No, no, Springbyer. No, Spreuslav. No, Mr. Kid Capshaw."
1:E: Episode 84.

V4E10, S4E03: [A] Jokahontas [B] Boids on the Hood {GF} [C] Mighty Wakko at the Bat
1:O: Various cast members spoof The Rugrats opening.
1:A: Pocahontas.
1:A: The Cast of Friends.
1:A: The music is Pocahontas, but they reference The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin.
1:A: Painting with the colors of the wind.
1:A: Hehe, the paint hits him and forms a reference to his role in Braveheart. Note that Mel Gibson was in fact the voice for John Smith in Pocahontas.
1:A: Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.
1:C: [A parody of Casey at the Bat]

V4E11, S4E04: [A] A Very Very Very Very Special Show [B] Night of the Living Buttons {B&M} [C] Soda Jerk
1:B: Haha. Her mom's a guest on Oprah cause the topic is overprotective mothers.
1:B: Awww... so cute. She says, "Kiss the frog, baby."
1:B: Button transforms into the Michael Jackson Thriller werewolf.
1:B: This Buttons and Mindy's segment simply ends without the standard ending.
1:C: The server hums the Pinky and the Brain theme song.
1:C: "I heard a spoonful of sugar will do the trick." (Mary Poppins)
1:C: References Frankenstein.
1:C: References The Day the Earth Stood Still.

V4E12, S4E05: [A] From Burbank with Love [B] Anchors A-Warners [C] When You're Traveling from Nantucket
1:A: The title is a reference to "From Russian with Love."
1:A: The spoof of the opening theme is clever. Diamonds are Forever.
1:A: "I'm Dot Warner, the spy who loves you." (The Spy Who Loved Me)
1:A: They use the Sean Connery version of James Bond.
1:A: "Don't get all stirred up." "I'm shaken, not stirred." (Goldfinger)
1:A: The Aston Martin.
1:A: References The Cable Guy starring Jim Carrey.
1:A: "Guten tag, nurse!"
1:A: "Mace class."

V4E13, S4E06: [A] Papers for Pappa [B] Amazing Gladiators {HH} [C] Pinky and the Ralph {mixed}
1:A: "The Old Man and the Sea."
1:A: Pinky and Brain.
1:A: Lamb Chop.
1:C: Lol. A good way to stretch out the end of the show. The Pinky and the Ralph.

V4E14, S4E07: [A] 10 Short Films About Wakko Warner [B] No Time for Love {other} [C] The Boo Network {CB}
1:A: Ha. Everything.
1:B: Cute.

V4E15, S4E08: [A] Pitter Patter of Little Feet {HH}+{P&B} [B] Mindy in Wonderland {B&M} [C] Ralph's Wedding {other}
1:B: "Mother of the Year"
1:B: Alice in Wonderland.
1:B: "Silly hat man."
1:B: Dumb and Dumber (Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels) instead of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.
1:B: Rita as Cheshire Cat. [Apparently Jim Cummings is the current voice for Disney's Cheshire Cat (2004-present)]
1:C: Lol. "We love chicken."


V4E16, S5E01: [A] Moossage in a Bottle [B] Back in Style [C] Bones in the Body
1:B: Porky Pig, Bugs Bunny, and Daffy Duck.
1:B: Yosemite Sam.
1:C: I wouldn't have thought about this when I was a kid, but I guess the muscles are just as important to hold the body up, otherwise you'd just be a pile of bones on the floor.

V4E17, S502: [A] Dot - The Macadamia Nut [B] Bully for Skippy {SS}
1:O: "Uhh..." (instead of Blank Blank Blanky-y) [The same "Uhh..." is used in the next segment.]
1:A: Macadamia Nut, a parody of Macarena.
1:A: One of the best song segments made thus far, though in part due to the regular and recurring characters which appear.
1:B: "You mean Mel Brook's made a sequel to Robin Hood: Men in Tights?"
1:B: E.T.
1:B: "Yo Adrian!" (Rocky)
1:B: "If it doesn't get all over the place, it doesn't belong in your face." (Carl's Jr.)
1:B: Haha. "Are you sure you're a doctor?"
1:B: "Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman." [Apparently this is a reference to Secret deodorant commercials in the 80s]
1:B: The stamp of approval was in the correct orientation on the screen.

V4E18, S5E03: [A] Cute First (Ask Questions Later) [B] Acquaintances [C] Here Comes Attila [D] Boo Wonder {CB}
1:A: Lol, the Olsen Twins.
1:B: "Too long. Yakko, Wakko, Dot."
1:B: Hahaha. "Acquaintances" as a parody of "Friends."
1:B: Hehe, Seinfeld.
1:D: Haha. Chicken Boo is the Boo Wonder (The Boy Wonder from Batman)
1:D: Boo briefly forms a Bat signal with his silhouette against the moon.

V4E19, S5E08: [A] Magic Time [B] The Brain's Apprentice {P&B}
1:B: Perfect parody of The Sorcerer's Apprentice from Fantasia.

V4E20, S5E04: [A] Hooray for North Hollywood (Part 1)
1:O: "No pain, no gain-y"
1:A: A reprise of Variety Speak.
1:A: Pesto pulls Bobby in.
1:E: To be continued...

V4E21, S5E05: [A] Hooray for North Hollywood (Part 2)
1:A: The English Patient

V4E22, S5E06: [A] The Carpool [B] Sunshine Squirrels {SS}

V4E23, S5E07: [A] The Christmas Tree [B] Punchline (Part 1) {CB} [C] Prom Night {KK} [D] Punchline (Part 2) {other}
1:A: Hehe. She couldn't find her nuts cause she used her home as a reference point.
1:A: Slappy sings "Hey" at the proper moments in the song.
1:B: Brain references the JFK shooting.

V4E24, S5E09: [A] Birds on a Wire {GF} [B] The Scoring Session [C] The Animaniacs Suite
1:E: Episode 99
1:E: "Just wait until Episode #100!: Just wait! And wait! And wait!"
1:E: "Goodbye, Nurse!"

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