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These are my instant comments for episodes in the sixth production season of Futurama. Episodes are listed here in their production order.

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The bulk of each entry is typically Notes where each line is prefaced by a label (e.g., "B" or "C") which references the time period that I watched the episode. See my post TV Series: Futurama which summarizes these labels.
The last line of an episode entry informs each label's viewing number, date of the viewing, and time of the viewing (when available). For example, "B=1=20131006 18:22-18:44" means notes prefaced by "B" were made during my first viewing of that episode, and the viewing occurred on 20131006 from 18:22 to 18:44.

6ACV01 S07E01 N07E01
B: This episode picks right up from where Into the Wild Green Wonder ends.
Z, B, D: "It's sort of a Comedy Central channel, and we're on it now!" "I get it." [C: Usually Fry says "I get it," but this time Amy says it]
C: Ha. The Professor has an entire bubble while the rest of the crew only have helmets.
D: The Professor mentions "rebirth"
Z, B: This entire opening is full of ridiculous sci-fi, ending with "Coma, coma, coma, coma-chameleon." [The over the top weirdness resumed with Leela screaming]
C: LEGO versions of Leela and Fry.
Z: "I have to go! This is just too freaky!" "Don't get upset, Leela. She's nothing like you." "I have to go! This is just too freaky!"
C: I suddenly remembered the plot twist when the two Leela's start fighting.
B: Fry: "But how is this possible?" Professor: "Who knows?" "Oh, I do." Hahaha.
B, C: [B: Hahahaha.] He's gonna go to the urinal and talk about himself. [C: We just learned Leela uploaded Fry from his surveillance videos of his time in the urinal..]
Z: "Hasta la vista, wiener." "We'll be back...for our stuff." B: References The Terminator (1984).
B: "Why did their voices change?" "That's the one thing we'll never truly understand."
Z=0=20110529 04:40-05:00,* B=1=20131006 18:22-18:44, C=2=20150928 07:75-08:17, D=3=20170523 22:00
*It seems that I intended to continue watching Season 6 but only watched Season 6 Episode 1. Then on 20121015, instead of continuing on with Season 6 Episode 2, I decided to start back at Season 1 Episode 1. Note that technically the viewings should be Z=1, B=2, C=3, and D=4, but then it wouldn't fit in with the other episodes.


6ACV02 S07E02 N07E02
C: "I wax my rocket everyday."
B, C, Da: Haha, so true. "It does on CSI: Miami."
B, C, Db: References Star Wars: "All death spheres have one vulnerable opening."
C: "Does anybody else feel aroused, jealous, and worried?"
B, Db: Ha. "Activating the force."
C, Db: V-GINY (A reference to V-GER in Star Trek: The Motion Picture)
Db: "Who's up for an orgy?" - Amy
B: Shrapnel vision.
B: "So... the orgy's off?" - Amy
C: It's interesting how Zapp can be so cunning
C, Db: "Adult bookstore? I thought this was the public library." "Nope, Pubic Library."
Db: They reference the incest that must have happened if the world was just populated by Adam and Eve.
C: Upon hearing "V-GINY," I chuckled. And then Fry chuckled.
C: Leela takes one for the sake of Earth
B=1=20131006 20:42-21:04, C=2=20150928 08:17-08:39, Da=3=20170523 22:19, Db=3=20170526 19:09


Attack of the Killer App
6ACV03 S07E03 N07E03
C: 40% Chromium. Thus far, Bender is also 30% Iron and 40% Dolomite.
B: Lol. "Let's at least throw this tv out, the batteries in the remote are getting low."
C: Lol. "Stop thinking Fry."
B: Satirizes Apple and the iPhone.
C: "Shut up and take my money!"
B: Ha. "Why is it called an eyePhone?"
C: Now for the earpeace.
B: Also refers to Twitter.
C: "UnbiasedReviews.com"
C: "The real housewives of Sim City."
C: The eyePhone is actually a bit more like Google Glass in terms of how it works.
C: When Fry refers to standards, Bender makes like he doesn't know.
C: The crew takes showers together, how could this boil not have come up before. [Oh, because she lances it]
D: "Eww. He sneezed in it." - Amy
C: Marilyn Monroe.
B, C, D: [B: Hahaha.] "Actually, Fry and Bender may share some of same followers. All we can say for sure is that there will be between one million and two million zombies."
C: Interesting, this episode offered no solution to the situation.
B=1=20131006 21:08-pauses-21:38, C=2=20150928 20:45-21:05, D=3=20170526


Proposition Infinity
6ACV04 S07E04 N07E04
D: The $10000 case has $5000 in it.
C: The robot cop uses the Vulcan nerve pinch.
C: I guess Amy and Bender didn't do it in Bender's Game. But they surely do it in this episode.
B: Robosexuals.
C: "Look! A single mother! Let's get her."
C: Bender's antenna shrinks (cause it's the equivalent of a male human penis)
C: "Or one." - Zoidberg
C: "Hopes... deleted." - Winebot.
B: "Look at all that awkward winking." "It must be love."
C: Preacherbot gets off on the robosexuality.
B: What? They were all there?
B, C: [B: Hahahahahahaha.] [C: Hahaha.] "Yeah, we got to legalize it!" "We're talking about robosexual marriage." "We're talking about lots of stuff."
C: "Unit 47"
C: "What's next? Gay robosexual marriage?"
C: [cheers] "Monogamous?"
B=1=20131006 21:38-21:59, C=2=20150928 21:05-21:26, D=3=20170526 17:35


The Duh-Vinci Code
6ACV05 S07E05 N07E05
C: "Who Dares to Be A Millionaire"
C: Two fingerlongers.
C: Aww... "Maybe we can figure it out." "We? Hahaha."
C: "Jesus Christ! And his twelve apostles."
C: "My doctorate is in art history." - Zoidberg
C: Future-Roma. An altered version of the Futurama Theme plays.
C: II^XI - (XXIII*LXXXIX) = 2^11 - (23*89) = 1.
C: Opens up "Da Vinci's Code"
C: Hahahaha. (Trevi Fountain) [D: "There can be no question." "But Professor..."] "There can be no question!"
B: Ha. No way there'd really be enough propulsion to leave Earth's gravity.
D: Wait, how did Fry and Professor Farnsworth survive for a month without food and water.
C: References Leonardo DiCaprio and Titanic (1997).
C: Ha. "Looks like eating rocks wasn't as dumb as you said."
B: Doomsday machine.
C: "Just cause I'm stupider than them, they think they're smarter than me."
B=1=20131006 22:49-pauses-23:43, C=2=20150928 21:26-21:49, D=3=20170526 17:47

The actual Pantheon.

Lethal Inspection
6ACV06 S07E06 N07E06
B, D: "Not the Civil War, we're enacting the Sithal War." "Sith? What the Hoth?"
C: "The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long."
D: Bender talks about his ability to live past humans. But in truth, he's vulnerable to a reset or hack. [I stand corrected, the point is that he can upload his back-up. Though there's a philosophical question on identity]
D: Oh, haha, I forgot what this episode was about: Bender's vulnerability
D: On the wall is a sign that says "PLEASE DON'T WHISTLE WHILE YOU WORK".
C: "Wow, until now I thought giant cubes were exciting."
D: Ha, a guy got thrown out of his office.
D: Oh... Hermes informs us that the computer only unlocks for the inspector it belongs too.
C: "XX", "YY", and "ZZ" come before "#1".
C, D: "They have phones in booths now?" (Hermes tosses his cell phone)
C: "I can't run anymore, I'll have to skip."
B, C: [B: Hahaha.] "Ok, I would also have accepted a bribe."
D: "You know that terminal's unhackable!"
C: "He did it! And he's not looking back at that cool explosion."
C: Hahaha, I get it. "I've smoked a lot of paper in my life."
C: It's strange because no one took his place as #5.
B: Cute ending. D: The ending would probably make this one of my favorite episodes if there was a way to pick favorite Futurama episodes.
B=1=20131007 22:22-22:44, C=2=20150929 20:08-20:29, D=3=20170527 23:25


The Late Philip J. Fry
6ACV07 S07E07 N07E07
C, D: References the previous episode (in particular Fry sleeping with his grandmother)
D: Why did they all have to test it?
C: Ha. References Planet of the Apes (1968).
D: Haha. "Everywhere I looked there were piles of bodies. And then the explosion struck."
C: I believe this references The Time Machine (2002). (The intelligent race and the Dumblocks)
C: Possibly references the future as found in the future of The Terminator (1984). (Machines take over)
B: "So long Earth. Thanks for air and whatnot." References the fourth book in the The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series: So Long, and Thanks for All The Fish.
B: Haha. "Oh the emptiness." Shakes empty beer can.
B: Hahahahahaha. "I'll shoot Hitler out the window."
B, C, D: Haha. "That was the old Fry. He's dead now."
C: "What I'll remember is our time together." (Because that's also what she said in her message to him)
D: Bender digging a grave for the versions they replaced.
B=1=20131007 22:44-23:06, C=2=20150929 20:29-20:50, D=3=20170923


That Darn Katz!
6ACV08 S07E08 N07E08
C: She's been his doctorate student for twelve years. "You were ready six years ago."
D: Wait, since when did Nibbler start talking to Leela? [Apparently he first talked to them during Bender's Big Score and forgot to wipe their memories.]
C: "You're place or mine?" "Both. But first, this place."
B, C: Hahaha. "The horse says, 'Doctorate denied.'" (We expect it to say 'Nay' like the other members of the committee, and because horses neigh.)
B: Ha. Nibbler gets to interact with the characters now.
C: "Aww, it's anus looks like an asterisk."
C, D: References Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977).
B, C: "Yay, I'm finally done with school. How's the job market?" "Ruff."
B: "You've got a bright future Amy. As sure as the sun sets in the east." Which is to say, apparently not that sure at all.
B=1=20131007 23:06-23:28, C=2=20150929 20:50-21:11, D=3=20170923


A Clockwork Origin
6ACV09 S07E09 N07E09
D: Orangutan.
D: Flying spaghetti monster.
D: "Another one of Fry's dogs."
C: Usually people break a nail. Amy lost her finger.
C: Homo farnsworth should not have the family name Homo.
C, D: Haha. The ship gets destroyed, "Oh no! My sunglasses were in there." - Leela
C: Hehehe. "1/2 their rocks."
D: It took the Professor two hours to build the spaceship, but twelve hours to fashion a slingshot.
D: R2-D2 is part of the evolution of robots. (Star Wars)
C: Hehe. The next state of evolution.
B: Huh. That was sort of uncalled for. "I'm serious. He's a terrible person." - Zoidberg (about Cubert)
B: Interesting episode though.
B=1=20131007 23:28-23:50, C=2=20150930 00:05-00:27, D=3=20170923


The Prisoner of Benda
6ACV10 S07E10 N07E10
C: I suppose for convenience they retain their original voices.
B, D: Hahaha. "I'm afraid we need to use... math."
C: HAHAHA. The trapeze robot drops down with bullet holes.
C: There's a pig on Hermes's ice cream [we later learn that this was Amy in Hermes's body, that she in Hermes's body was motivated to lose weight, and that she inspired Hermes in Leela's body to lose weight]
C, D: Sad, and weird. (Scruffy and the bucket), [D: ::cries:: Yep.]
C: "Shut up baby I know it"
C: Oh wow. The Professor (Leela) and Zoidberg (Fry). "That was nice."
C: "And they say pure math has no real world applications."
C: While the solution is displayed in full, my friend posed the question* to me prior to me watching this episode and I was able to come up with the answer.
B=1=20131007 23:50-24:12, C=2=20150930 00:27-00:49, D=3=20170925
*Question: "What is the smallest number of extra persons required to ensure everybody returns to normal regardless of the situation?"


Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences*
6ACV11 S07E11 N07E11
C: Matt Groening and David X. Cohen present Futurella
B, D: Haha. "Wow, Fox has really streamlined the process." (Futurella already gets cancelled)
D: "What the hell are you suppose to be?" - Leela dressed as Princess Leia. "Every nerd's fantasy baby." - Bender dressed as Leela.
B: Bender basically dresses as Leela and wins the costume contest.
B: Ha. Before hair is added, he looks like Shrek. See Shrek (2001).
B: Hahahaha. Fry's updated comic is worst than the first.
B, C: Cross-species dresser. [C: Haha.]
C: "We need a War of the Worlds. I'll call Orson Welles."
C: Alphabetically near H.G. Wells.
C: Now stay tuned for little orphaned Annie.
D: "Whatever, I offer no resentment against her."
C: HAHAHAHA. "Thank my meteor wishing power... with your lips."
C: Haha. The list of sewer items ends with Safeway ice cream.
D: "Goodnight, dumb prince."
D: "Come back Lrrr. I want to have your Popplers."
B=1=20131008 23:21-23:43, C=2=20150930 18:01-18:22, D=3=20170925
*The Omicronians' names are Lrrr and Ndnd.


The Mutants Are Revolting*
6ACV12 S07E12 N07E12
C: "He's gyroscopicly stable."
B, D: Hahahaha. Bender runs backwards a full round, then goes forward a full round before jumping; B: Quite unexpected; D: I remembered him running backwards across the bridge, but forgot that he also ran forward past it.
C: Hahaha. Brown University (which is a real university)
C: Zoidberg lands via umbrella like Mary Poppins. D: Hahaha, "Three dollars at the drug store."
C: Land Titanic Parodies Titanic.
D: Huh. I don't think I noticed the various characters at Bender's party until today.
C: Hahahahaha. "Sorry, I tried to scream but I barfed."
D: Ha! "Blood of your first born children."
C: "Let my people stay."
D: "Hooray! A happy ending for the rich people!" - Zoidberg
D: Mutants get to be on the surface!
D: One of the fun endings. Everybody's dancing and bending.
B=1=20131008 23:43-24:05, C=2=20150930 18:23-18:45, D=3=20170925
*The show's plot has the crew celebrating the 100th delivery. This episode is the 100th episode.


The Futurama Holiday Spectacular
6ACV13 S07E13 N07E13
First Story
C: Norwegian
C: "And I brought a few seeds of my own." - Hermes
D: "No."
C: Lol. The seeds have been cross-contaminated by germs.
C: Cheney replaces Agnew as Nixon's vice president (of the world).
C: Now he admits it. "Oh yeah, I suppose."
C: Hahaha. "Stay tuned for the next holiday hilarity."
Second Story
D: Fry plays the Holophonor.
C: Hahahaha. "Because it doesn't have any pigment."
C: "My ice cream manwich!"
C: "I thought they were selfish, but in the end, it turns out it was I who thought they were selfish."
Third Story
C: "And now, the unrelated conclusion" - Narrator
D: Barbados Slim!?!
C: Kwanzaa Bot comes in through the wall like Kool-Aid man.
C: In his song he references two other episodes.
C,D: Hahahahaha. "Maybe a taste of sweet nectar straight from the hive?"
C: This time everybody goes to the deadly bee hive.
D: "It's like the Jagermeister air show all over again."
C: Google Hive.
D: Al Gore was in all three segments.
B=1=######## ##:##-##:##, C=2=20151001 19:04-19:24, D=3=20171001


The Silence of the Clamps
6ACV14 S08E05 N08E01
D: "Who likes good news? Everyone?"
C: References The Godfather
C: "I'm Bender, [...] of disguise."
B, C: [B: Haha.] Joke after joke. Awesome. (watchers, witnesses, daughter, meatballs)
C: "Now Hiring: Anyone will do."
B, D: Fry (voiced by Billy West) says, "Billy West. What a stupid, phony, made-up name!"
C: I love the Western theme.
D: Ha. The Professor is looking the wrong way.
B: Haha. "My name isn't Slick, it's Zoidberg. John (bleeping) Zoidberg!"
C: "That offer was for a limited time only."
C: Smile. "Oh, shucks." (as opposed to "Oh, shit.")
B, C: Hahahahaha. "I'll just cut that." "You do and I'll (bleeping) cut you like a fish!" Oh Zoidberg.
B=1=20131012 18:06-18:28, C=2=20151001 19:25-19:45, D=3=20171003


Möbius Dick
6ACV15 S08E08 N08E02
B, D: Ha! "I never said he had hair! If you chose to imagine him that way, that's your business."
B: "10, 9 and so on, 3, 2, 1."
B, C: "You've gone from crazy like a fox, to crazy like Fox news!"
B, C: Ha! Bender is the first under the pile and then somehow the last as well.
B: "Negative, Sailor Moon."
C: "Uncountably infinite."
B: Ha. "My days of joy and luck are over. I guess I have to quit that club." References the novel Joy Luck Club.
B, D: "I'll admit to a polite interest."
B: References Fonzie in Happy Days, a sitcom that first aired from 1974 to 1984. Zoidberg brushes his hair back and says, "Eh!"
B=1=20131012 18:28-18:50, C=2=20151001 19:45-20:06, D=3=20171003


Law & Oracle
6ACV16 S08E04 N08E03
D: Haha. Gets hit by a bus (just like in the video game).
C: "D. Frosted Wang."
C: Mentions that Scruffy was brought back to life.
B: Police Academy. Not affiliated with Police Academy IV.
D: Sound Effects 5000 parodies the character in Police Academy.
C: Zoidberg gets hit with a baton. "Police brutality!"
C: "Aren't you gonna say, 'Good news, everyone.'"; B: Ha. The Professor admits that he says "Good news, everyone," for the sake of Fry.
C: References Avatar: "Can't we just send our Avatars?"
B: References Tron: the police chase and light cycles / light ribbons.
B: "Whoa. Where'd my man learn that?" "Sunny D Commercial."
B: Schrodinger. There's a cat in the box. Is it alive or dead!?!
C: Future police. (Minority Report)
B: Pandora. The place is in 3D and she knocks over a tree. References Avatar (2009).
B, C, D: Hahaha. Bender throws a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at the camera. Words appear on screen prompting the viewer to put on 3D glasses a minute ago.
B: Future Crimes Division motto: "WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID NEXT SUMMER" (References I Know What You Did Last Summer)
B: The only movie I know with this idea is Minority Report (2002). [Yes, it references Minority Report]
B, D: "Congratulations on your big bust." "You too."
B: She drops a big one: a baby. Ha!
C: Haha. "Bender would never share!"
D: "Executive Delivery Boy." C: Hermes tells Leela, "It's a meaningless title, but it helps insecure people feel better about themselves." Then the executive producers are listed. (Matt Groening and David X. Cohen)
B=1=20131012 18:50-19:12, C=2=20151001 20:06-20:28, D=20171003


6ACV17 S08E02 N08E04
B: So that's where baby sweaters come from.
C: Banach-Tarski
C, Da: Amy screams, "Ahh! A big fat roach!" Hermes exclaims,"What? I thought I put that away."
Da: The non-convergent series is written mathematically.
B: "Don't wait for me." Hahaha.
B: "Like the Kardashians."
C: "Cero Equis"
C: "Oh no. What will I mix with my scotch!"
Db: There's a suspension of disbelief since molecules do not scale mathematically.
Db: "Ah!!! "You're momma so ugly."
B=1=20131013 21:08-21:30, C=2=20151001 20:28-20:49, Da=3=20171003, Db=3=20171003


The Tip of the Zoidberg
6ACV18 S08E10 N08E05
C: The first meeting of Dr. Zoidberg and Farnsworth.
D: He's developed Simpson jaundice: Fry is yellow like on The Simpsons.
B: Garfield Syndrome. D: "I hate Mondays."
B: References Kermit the Frog. "It's not easy being gangrenous."
B: Then Smurfs. Haha.
C: "If I'm gonna fire anyone, it'll be Scruffy."
C: Hahaha. Zoidberg has no reservations.
D: Murdalator.
C: Hahaha. Salad.
D: "Don't lecture me about alien physiology, Conrad."
B: "My God. He's like some kind of believable Hulk."
C, D: HA! "It wasn't suppose to do any of those things."
B=1=20131013 21:30-21:52, C=2=20151001 20:49-21:11, D=3=20171003


Ghost in the Machines
6ACV19 S08E03 N08E06
C: "I'll... save... one of... you..."
B, C: Haha [C: hahaha]. D: "This day will be known as 'Fry Day.'"
C: What. D: The mayor's wife.
D: As if it makes a difference: "It won't be suicide, it'll be murder."
C: "DeadEx"
C: Amy takes Bender's eyes out as meditation balls, so here they are spheres instead of cylinders.
D: "We once traded hands..."
C: "Who you gonna call?" "Ghost..."
C: Zoidberg plays the theremin.
C: Theme to The Exorist (1973).
C: Hahaha. "It also keeps cats off the sofa... by killing 'em."
D: "And my cleavage isn't helping." "Not helping him."
C: Flight to the Amish Homeworld: "Passengers are limited to two carry-on butterchurns."
D: Gives him an orange beard.
D: Bender rejects heaven.
B=1=20131013 21:56-22:18, C=2=20151001 21:53-22:15, D=3=20171003 22:15-22:36


6ACV20 S08E01 N08E07
C: A loophole: pay. D: "It's in all our contracts. ..."
C: Haha. A three month calendar... Couldn't they just cycle through and serve up four poses each?
C: "... Chocolate/Vanilla, Mac/PC, one is always better." D: Bender replies, "Chocolate, Mac, men. The end."
C: These questions/tests are awesome.
C: "Did one of you chicks change the thermostat?" While that plays into a stereotype, I certainly like brave Zoidberg more than cowardly Zoidberg.
C, D: HAHAHAHA. "My gonopores!" (Everybody looks around) "Look it up!"
C: Hahahaha. Has to get sleep to wake up five times to play XBox.
C, D: "Now when I say stupid things, guys all laugh and buy me stuff."
C, D: Hehe. Scruffy. "What'd I miss?"
B=1=20131013 22:28-22:50, C=2=20151001 22:15-22:36, D=3=20171004


Yo Leela Leela
6ACV21 S08E06 N08E09
D: Ha. That taxi cab.
C: Hehe. "He means 'anymore.'"; D: I wonder if I previously thought it was funny because of the grammar or because of the books. This time it's because of the books.
C: HA! "Miss Leela, I have a question." "Yes?" "That story was bad." "That's not really a question." "That wasn't really a story."
C: "Please don't."
D: Ha. Fry can proficiently play the trombone.
D: "4:21 Daquiri."
C: When Bender walks in... that's enough to get me. (trombone, tap dance, tug boat, pachinko, the Professor's nagging)
D: Ha! "I'm not having any problem." - Fry (going pee in his costume).
D: Ha. Repetition.
C: "Super Size Me!" (Super Size Me)
C: "I'm a mostly natural high."
C: Haha. Even in the skit Fry says "I get it."
C, D: Self-references their cancellations.
C: Sponge-bot as a reference to SpongeBob SquarePants.
C: Menage-A-Toys.
C: Young People's Choice Award in contrast to Old People's Choice Award (Oscars)
C: "Viewers like you." D: "I'm the star of the show."
C: HAHAHA. Hahaha. "Sometimes, when we're mad, We say words that are bad."
D: "Those are the 98 words we don't say."
B=1=20131013 22:50-23:12, C=2=20151001 22:36-22:58, D=3=20171015 21:48


Fry Am the Egg Man
6ACV22 S08E09 N08E09
D: Pokes fun at organic
B: I missed the first half of the episode with the creature.
C: "He would not do this to a sheep. He would not, could not, to a sheep." References Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.
C: "Jinkies. He Scooby-Doo'd us."
B=1=20131013 23:12-23:34, C=2=20151001 22:58-23:19, D=3=20171017


All the Presidents' Heads
6ACV23 S08E07 N08E10
D: "What's with the 17 dung beetles?" (Suggests Fry is an idiot savant)
C: Fry has a night job at the Head Museum.
D: "Where are we? And when are we?" Fry surprisingly asks the right question.
D: The chicken!
D: "You may go Louisa." "Now I get it."
D: Ha, for the third time. "That scrap metal I ordered is here." C: "I'm 40% scrap metal."
D: "You idiot, I'm not a cannon."
D: The flag reads "Bite my fhiny metal aff."
B=1=20131013 23:34-23:56, C=2=20151001 23:20-23:40, Da=3=20171017 14:43, Db=3=20171021


Cold Warriors
6ACV24 S08E11 N08E11
D: References the seven-leaf clover.
C: "I just got a new thing of glitter."
D: Anything is possible in science.
C: Hahaha. References Airborne which was made by a school teacher: Airbunk
C: Haha, Obama was working as a delivery boy.
C: Smile. Kimchi, the troop interpreter.
C: Aww... his dad saluted the hamster. D: His dad salutes the hamster.
C: Randomly shows a Verizon coverage map. D: "This is a Verizon coverage map."
D: Zoidberg says, "They must have ran out of piranhas."
D: Another episode with a heartwarming ending. (Though "Lethal Inspection" is much better.)
B=1=20131013 23:56-24:18, C=2=20151002 20:03-20:24, D=3=20171115

Some day, you may face adversities so preposterous, I can't even conceive of them. But I know you'll pull through and make me proud. I love you, son.

6ACV25 S08E12 N08E12
C: XCube
C: Delayed laugh. "Of course, you're always in it. Also Terminator."
C: Hehe. "Ding dong."
B: Hehe: clicked without reading.
C: Oh, it pokes fun at software agreements.
D: "I clicked without reading." B: Ha: "I slightly modified a thing that I owned."
C: "Nibbler on the Roof"
B: Ha. He hooked himself up to the water cooler.
B, D: Ha. B: "Wait a minute..." and the wrong conclusion follows. D: "Not that ceiling fan."
B, C: Hahaha. "Randy!?! Have you been hanging out with Randy?"
B: References Babe (1995). "That'll do pig."
B,C: Ha. "Hang'em both."
C: "There's no time now. Quick, Zoidberg, take three steps to your right." D: Hahaha.
C: Hahaha. They get to the end of the first page and Bender flips it.
B=1=20131013 24:18-24:40, C=2=20151002 20:24-20:45, D=3=20171115


6ACV26 S08E13 N08E13
B: Done in the style of old cartoons.
D: Because they keep bouncing, Professor Farnsworth constantly adjusts the telescope
C: "Not even God 1 and God 2 put together."
C, D: Takes mushrooms, similar to Popeye eating spinach.
C: "Is my eye playing trick on me?"
C: Bender comes out like Porky the Pig and imitates "That's all folks!"; D: But he says, "That's all you get jerks."


B: Then in the style of 8-bit gaming.
C: The Futurama theme plays but in the style of 8-bit gaming.
D: Diamondium from the previous segment.
C: "Bite my 8-bit metal ass."
D: Space invader creatures at the atomic level.
D: Looks like maybe Dig Dug when Hermes tells everyone to get back to work.
C, D: The beer bar game.
C, D: A Mario pipe.
C, D: Punch-Out!! "Body blow. Body blow."


B: Finally in the style of anime. Though perhaps a very specific type.
D: Oh. This episode also refers to the Diamondium.
C: The anime version of Professor Farnsworth does an anime version of "Whaa"
D: Ha. Leela's costume had a drawstring that pulls the skirt shorter.
C: Fry and Bender dance in tandem on DDR pads.
D: Zoidberg's mouth stopped moving, but his voice was still talking.
B=1=20131013 24:41-25:03, C=2=20151002 20:45-21:07, D=3=20171115


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