Some Like It Hot (1959)

"Josephine" (Tony Curtis) and "Daphne" (Jack Lemmon)

After finishing the movie, I wrote: "This is a funny movie. Tired, I fell asleep through some parts, but it was funny." 20140428 12:34AM

Instant Comments:
1a: Started the movie. 9:30PM ET
1a: Hahaha. Girls, sax and bass. 9:45PM ET
1a: Hahaha. They're so funny as girls.

Sugar (Marilyn Monroe)

1a: Ha: Daphne. 9:57PM ET
1a: Haha. "I'm a girl, I'm a girl."
1a: Hahahahahaha. Drinking Manhattans.
1a: Haha. "Party in number seven." 10:59PM ET
1a: [Fell asleep at some parts]; 1b: Today I determined that I had nodded on and off from about the 1 hour 10 minute mark to the 1 hour 26 minute mark. I rewatched this portion of the movie again.

Osgood (Joe E. Brown)

1a: Ha! That final scene:
Jerry: Oh no you don't! Osgood, I'm gonna level with you. We can't get married at all.
Osgood: Why not?
Jerry: Well, in the first place, I'm not a natural blonde.
Osgood: Doesn't matter.
Jerry: I smoke! I smoke all the time!
Osgood: I don't care.
Jerry: Well, I have a terrible past. For three years now, I've been living with a saxophone player.

Joe and Sugar

Osgood: I forgive you.
Jerry: [tragically] I can never have children!
Osgood: We can adopt some.
Jerry: But you don't understand, Osgood! Ohh...
[Jerry finally gives up and pulls off his wig]
Jerry: [normal voice] I'm a man!
Osgood: [shrugs] Well, nobody's perfect!
[Jerry looks on with disbelief as Osgood continues smiling with indifference. Fade out]

Joe and Jerry

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Some Like It Hot (1959) Billy Wilder. 120 min

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