Passport to Love (2009)

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Passport to Love (2009) Victor Vu.
also known as Chuyện Tình Xa Xứ

Hieu and his girlfriend Thao

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Khang and Hieu arrive in America (for school)

The main problem I had with this movie is that certain parts of it felt unmotivated. More specifically, some of the characters make actions and decisions contrary to how they're initially portrayed.

Possibly related, the character I thought to be important at the beginning of the film was not the character I thought to be important at the end of the film. Whether or not this was the movie's intention, I was definitely confused.

Khang, quite popular with the ladies in Vietnam,
tries to ask Tiffany, a female police officer, for her number.

Actually, now that I think about it, the very ending of the movie doesn't quite fit the story. In any case, unless you're specifically looking for a Vietnamese movie, there's plenty of better romantic comedies available.

Note: The only other Vietnamese film (Vietnamese audio, English subtitles) I've seen is also directed by Victor Vu, a horror film titled Oan Hon (2004). As of 20131021, the only two films available on Netflix Instant tagged with Vietnamese language are The Scent of Green Papaya (1993) and Owl and the Sparrow (2007).

Hieu is hired to teach Jennifer, a beauty contestant, some Vietnamese.

Instant Comments:
Lol. Hieu has a loving girlfriend, but doesn't pay her much attention. I'm curious where this will lead, especially given that he's going to America to study.
Haha. They leave, but they make sure to respectfully bid his father good morning. How Vietnamese.
Hahahaha. Drinking snake will improve your... snake!
What a player. Two girls openly fighting for him.


WTF!?! He cheated on his girlfriend?
Lol, pointless action scene?
Wow, this girl fell in love with Hieu so quickly. And I suppose vice versa.
I don't know, this movie seems like a lot of forced and/or complicated drama. It makes me think of a soap opera.

A relationship between Hieu and Jennifer creates a dangerous love triangle.

Hehe, father and son are similar.
Khang breaks the fourth wall.

Every position is written in both Vietnamese and English.


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