Our Idiot Brother (2011)

In one line, I'd say this movie was funny with a predictable, but feel-good story. Adding on this succinct impression, the movie has such a nice ending that it would probably be difficult to walk away unhappy. With those two thoughts, I recommend this movie to anybody looking for a laid-back and heart-warming comedy.

Ned (Paul Rudd), after getting out of jail, comes to see his girlfriend Janet (Kathryn Hahn)

Instant Comments:
Man, what a sad way to start off a movie.
Oh man. "My god, what have you done to your vagina?" "It's a Brazilian." "Bizarre."
Haha. "Not me and you! Me and Willie Nelson!"
The thing is, he's stupid, but he's nice.
Hahaha. "It's good right?"
Huh. I wonder if he told his sister the story.
Wow. This movie is just full of ups and downs.

Ned's three sisters (left to right): Natalie (Zooey Deschanel), Liz (Emily Mortimer), and Miranda (Elizabeth Banks)

Cindy: That dog is yours and you're gonna go back there and you're gonna get him.
Ned: I don't think I can ask her again, Cin.
Cindy: No. No, Ned. We're not gonna ask. We're gonna take.
Ned: We?
Cindy: Yeah. Who's the man?
Ned: You are?
[She socks him in the shoulder]
Cindy: Who's the man, Ned?
Ned: Jesus. Me.
Cindy: Yes. Say it. Who's the man?
Ned: Who's the man?
Cindy: Who's the...? No, say, you... I'm the man!
Ned: You're the man.
Cindy: You're the man!!
Ned: I'm the man.
Cindy: You're the man!
Ned: That's right.
Cindy: Say it.
Ned: I'm the man.
Cindy: Say it!
Ned: I'm the man!
Cindy: Louder!
Ned: I'm the man!!

Ned and Miranda's neighbor Jeremy.

Hahaha. "Maybe I should have tried harder."
The movie has a lot going on, but the plot is simple and easy to follow.
"Ecco is 5 months old... plus 9."
@57min: While Ned turns everything topsy turvy in his sisters' lives, I could see that the movie would undoubtedly resolve itself positively.
Title mentioned @1h10min. Zooey Deschanel's character says, "Our idiot brother just ruined my fucking life."
That's a real good take/blooper. "Probably Anchorman or something right?" "I haven't seen Anchorman." "What!?!"

Ned, Natalie, and Christian (an artist) attend a self-help meeting.

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Our Idiot Brother (2011) Jesse Peretz. 90 min

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Liz grimaces at Ned's joke (pretending to pee with a juice box) while her son River (Matthew Mindler) puts on a smile.

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