Witness (1985)

I disliked the pacing of the movie. The movie has various scenes which felt out of place or unexpected. Other story lines could have developed into something more, but ultimately fell short.

A worker points out the witness to Detective John Book (Harrison Ford).

Overall, I watched the movie expecting to see a good amount of action and instead there was little action and lots of drama. This might be the main reason why I didn't enjoy the movie.

Due to a bad first impression, I shouldn't make any recommendations. If, however, you choose to watch the movie, then perhaps you'll have a better experience knowing there won't be much action.

Samuel's mother Rachel (Kelly McGillis)

Instant Comments:
So the movie starts off slow, but the excitement starts at around 13 minutes in.
Book, John Book.
Huh, the movie gets interesting in progressive increments. This next interesting fact happens at 27 minutes in.
It's interesting how Schaeffer decided to reveal his hand so quickly.

McFee (Danny Glover)

Lol, that was kind of creepy: him just standing there looking at her bathing.
Awkward: "If we made love last night, I'd have to stay, or you'd have to leave."
"How are you, John?" I would say, "Your husband's a killer."
"Whatever you did to Carter, I'm gonna fuckin' do that to you too, asshole." Yeah... when revenge comes into the equation.
"It's not our way." "But it's my way."

Rachel turns towards John...

Anti-climatic face-off.
"You be careful out among them English."

Watched 20130924 (Netflix, Instant) (Streaming until 20131001)
Witness (1985) Peter Weir. 112 min

The witness, a young Amish boy named Samuel.

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