Walt Disney Animation Collection: Vol. 2: Three Little Pigs (2009)

As I look to slowly whittle down the list of films in my Netflix My List, I decided to watch the second volume of the Walt Disney Animation Collection.

This collection was full of "Silly Symphonies" and I generally liked them all. The short I liked least was the one titled Chicken Little; I did, however like how it ended.

Choosing which short I liked best was harder. I could easily narrow it down to three choices: Three Little Pigs, Lambert the Sheepish Lion, and Elmer Elephant. Having grown up as a kid associating Elmer Elephant with Owner of a Lonely Heart, I then narrowed down my choices to Three Little Pigs and Lambert the Sheepish Lion. In the end, I decided to pick the classic story of Three Little Pigs as my favorite, and declared Lambert the Sheepish Lion as the runner-up.

Netflix determined the movie for me as a <56%* match. I decided to give the collection neither a thumbs up nor a thumbs down.

*With the first movie without a match percentage being 1st, Walt Disney Animation Collection: Vol. 2: The Three Little Pigs was the 1st out of 17 items with hidden match percentages.

Instant Comments:

Three Little Pigs (1933)
I still have the book and cassette for this story.
[Apparently the third sequence, when the Big Bad Wolf visits Practical Pig's brick house, was edited over the years. This version is fully censored: "I'm the Fuller Brush Man - I'm working me way through college"]
Oh my goodness. He has a "picture" of his father: sausage links.

The Big Bad Wolf (1934)
The three little pigs make a reappearance.
Don't recall seeing this one before.

Three Little Wolves (1936)
The three little pigs again.
Don't recall seeing this one before.

Lambert the Sheepish Lion (1952)
I have a feeling I've seen this short before, but I can't say I recalled it vividly.

Chicken Little (1943)
"Vague" references "Vogue"
"Hey wait, that's not the way it ends in my book!" "Oh yeah? Don't read everything you read, brother."
Don't recall seeing this one before.

Three Blind Mousekateers (1936)
I've definitely seen this before.

Elmer Elephant (1936)
I don't think I've seen this short as shown. I have, however, seen a music video which uses this short as footage. ["Owner of a Lonely Heart" by Yes; but I can't find it on YouTube]

Watched 20170606 (Netflix, Instant)
Walt Disney Animation Collection: Vol. 2: Three Little Pigs (2009) Various. 63 min

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The Big Bad Wolf (1934) Burt Gillett. 9 min [sequel to Three Little Pigs]
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Three Little Wolves (1936) David Hand. 9 min [second sequel to Three Little Pigs]
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Lambert the Sheepish Lion (1952) Jack Hannah. 8 min
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Chicken Little (1943) Clyde Geronimi. 8 min [bot fable Henny Penny]
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Three Blind Mousekateers (1936) David Hand. 9 min
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Elmer Elephant (1936) Wilfred Jackson. 8 min
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