Futurama Season 8

The Impossible Stream
Smile. With no time to lose.
Huh. I don't entirely remember the ending.
Smile. "It feels like we got rebooted."
We're back baby.
Paused to see some of the options. "Star Trek: The Original Reboot" (Star Trek: The Original Series) "Disenpantment" (Disenchantment) "The [symbol]-Team" (The A-Team) "TrustBusters" (Ghostbusters) "PI's Company" (Three's Company) "Plaid Programming" (Paid Programming) "The Sims' Sons" (The Simpsons) "America Lacks Talent" (America Got Talent) "Grey Alien's Anatomy" (Grey's Anatomy) "0.999Repeating Full House" (Full House) "Will and Grkrk" (Will and Grace) "30 Rock from the Sun" (3rd Rock from the Sun) "Back to the Present" (Back to the Future) "M*A*T*H" (M*A*S*H) "Rick & Morky" (Rick & Morty) "Everybody Loves Raygun" (Everybody Loves Raymond)
Hehe. Fulu.
Smile. "NFTs worthless"
Smile. Final Fanal Season
Is Leela's hair going to be permanently ponytail-less
Hehe. They continue referencing their reboot with Hulu.
Hehe. Calculon dies again?
Two days ago? How did that happen?

Children of a Lesser Bog
WTF. Yikes.
Hehe... Zoidberg
Single eye.
Gigantic tardigrades
Ha! The middle one sucking jelly out the donut.

some notes on paper
Wells Crypto
HA! "Why are they using Apple Maps?"
What!?! Fry doesn't know that he fired?
Hehe worthless gold.
Hehe. A threeway duel.

"Find the hidden story." (not sure if just a reference or if there's actually a hidden story)
Hahaha. "Tonight's winning number is approximately six"
"Nibbler, you can talk." "You always forget I can talk." "Nibbler, you can talk"
Hehe. Three dimensional crossword puzzle (though I think similar puzzles do already exist)
Quantum Wordle. "How 'bout something more deterministic like tic-tac-toe"
HAHA! It's not dead simple
Smile. Reversing the mirror is not the full solution
LOL. It seems none of that is necessary.
Hmm. If they shrunk down then maybe the dust shouldn't be inhalable.
The fact that they are in a dessert looking for worms, is this gonna be a parody of Dune?
Ha! "Doong."
"Kwiznos Cadillach"
Hehe. "let's just take the shortest one."
HAHA (delayed laugh): "Hey I guess that makes me a quarter pounder." ('cause his grandfather was a pounder)
Ha! Fry's butt tattoo
Haven't we seen these worms before?
Oh, in a previous episode they made Fry smarter
Smile. "Good job. Knot."
Smile. Haha. "Cannot predict the ending of an M. Night Shyamalan movie."
Hehe. Bender squished Zoidberg
Nibbler chewing a doll of Bart Simpson
If there was any hope of a hidden message... maybe it's in the crossword puzzle cube.

Sounds like Pirates of the Caribbean theme song.
"We warned you, but you wouldn't listen."
Hahaha. "Single-use pointing sticks"
Smile. "Always listening... Always watching... but also respecting your privacy. Cause privacy comes first. We call it... Invasa"
Other digs at Amazon: driving businesses out of business, paying for free shipping, random video streaming service, variety of quality
"I get it."
Hehe. It grew past us. We're inside.
Haha. "It's weird how they just sat there and let it happen." (only to be followed by the water flooding the apartment)
"Then mathematically, 10 of them must be Bender"
Hehe, a single air cushion
Hehe. "Growing faster than we're traveling."

"Hive mind says relax"
I think the cartoon on the screen was a holiday cartoon. Appropriate for the holiday episode
Oh yeah. I forgot that Santa was bad
"I know what you did next Xmas
"There's a holiday for everyone"
Hehe. "I never wanted you to know Santa was real."
Haha. "These things happen." "No they don't"
Hmm... in this scene where we see Santa... I'm wondering if Professor Farnsworth is actually the reason the sensor went bad... Now I believe Futurama has historically not been afraid of inconsistent timelines... but in this case there might be consistency.
After a gigantic Bender crushing something, we see a glimse of the Disenchantment characters. It just flashes: Bean, Luci, and Elfo.
Smile. Asbestos
HA! "None. This is just from the fumes."
Hehe. Added a 3D printed turkey to the printer
"A nightmare before Xmas"
"Dammit Bender. I'm a doctor not a time machine guy."
In memory of Coolio

"Try unplugging it. And plugging it back in."
Hehe. Reference to COVID
Hahaha. Jamming the test up and collect brain matter
"Gloom" app (Zoom)
"Professor you're a teddy bear"
Hehe. A dig at people recording each other.
Smile. So true. "A scrap of easily lost paper." (as a "futuristic" form of knowing who's been vaccinated and who hasn't)

Smile. "I now know the difference between right and wrong. One of them gets you cancelled."
"Yum. Durian." Nice! Cause really durian might have a strong smell, but it does taste good at the same time.

"What chatbots talk about in their free time."
Fry so clueless. I think it works better when it's subtle
Hehe. Roughly a minute of fun.
Aww cute. The crew envisioned as Windos
Reference to "Eat, Pray, Love"
Hehe. "Maybe we'll meet again... in a better metaphor."
I'm 40% aerodynamic.
Hehe. All the Windows section was an ad.
Another commercial: "Round Wheels"
Ha! "Wheels sold separately."
Hehe. That ending to Round Wheels
Hehe. Lightsaber lances
Rubber Ducks
Hehe. They're just following the ship
Hehe. The rest of them are eggs.
Haha. Leela's egg hatched and Fry's duck laid an egg
Hehe. The ending ending. D=1=20231011

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