One Punch Man

I decide to watch One-Punch Man (after finishing the four episodes of Castlevania). It's interesting.

Saitama "One Punch Man" (JP: Makoto Furukawa / EN: Max Mittelman)

I watched the first 7 minutes or so of the second episode.

Today I started from where I left off.

After finishing the third episode, I was curious how the writers would build a story from a hero that is unbelievably strong. While some other plot points come into play, the story heavily revolves around the characters' personalities.

20171019: Episode 5.

The cyborg Genos (JP: Kaito Ishikawa / EN: Zach Aguilar)

I meant to watch more yesterday, but the series is only available in Japanese audio, and so it takes more of my attention than I'd like. Likewise, today I only watched episode 6.

20171021: Episode 7.

On 20171215, Netflix determined the movie for me as <56% match. With the first item without a match percentage being 1st, One Punch Man was the 26th out of 88 items with hidden match percentages.

It's been a while since I've watched this series. Today I watched episodes 8 and 9 with Ada. I gave her the general overview of the Hero Association rankings and tried to describe his speed and strength.

20180518: Episode 10.

Today I finished watching One Punch Man (with Ada) and I gave it a thumbs up on Netflix.


Watched (Netflix, Instant) (Japanese audio, English subtitles)
One Punch Man

Tatsumaki (JP: Aoi Yuki / EN: Marieve Herington) deals with the Ancient King of the Terror Lizard Clan, S1E10

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1: Lol, interesting premise (he grew super strong in three years)
1: Oh my goodness, the villain killed his brother.
1: Lol; that dream.

1b: Ha. The pole falls down to block his penis after the smoke clears.
1b: A pun! "Mosquitoes... suck."
1b: Ha. Saitama doesn't want to hear, but he goes and tells his whole backstory anyways.
1b: This show has a good sense of humor.
1a=20170925, 1b=20171003

Saitama vs. a mosquito, S1E2

1: Ha. "Summarize in 20 words or less."
1: Efficient. Destroys all the floors.
1: Wow. That monster backed off from some sort of aura of power.
1: Hehe. He told the truth, but it does convince anybody (because it seems trivial.)
1: Lol. The punchline to all that logical reasoning: "Today is bargain day at the supermarket."

1: This anime portrays kills in tastefully gruesome ways. In this particular scene where the ninja cuts off all their heads.
1: Speed-o'-Sound Sonic looks so feminine. Both his face and body. The faintest visual indication that he's a male is his voice and chest shape. Of course the fact that Saitama also punched him in the nuts.

The S-Class heroes (and Saitama, currently B-Class Rank 63) gather for a meeting

1: Ha. Complete overkill.
1: 100 for Genos and an S. But Saitama probably got a C, because he probably failed the written.
1: Yeah a C with 71 points. [50 on physical and 21 on written]
1: Ha. Snake.
1: Lol. Saitama's pulled punch left a cavity.

1: I'm absolutely amazed at the plot. Putting a super powerful hero as a Class C who must do petty hero work to maintain his hero status with an external organization. That's genius.
1: Lol. Saitama didn't take an claim of victory, but left evidence that suggests the monster is powerful (when it was him).

Saitama holds his breath while on the moon and fiddles with a rock before going back to Earth, S1E12

1: It's surprising Saitama didn't get promoted to a higher rank.
1: My goodness. The sheep.
1: I was wondering how Saitama would approach the situation. Well done.

1: Huh. This guy survived a punch (outer armor broken).
A: He said the armor was actually restricting his power.
1=20180610, A=20181120 (screenshot viewing)

Boros unleases a barrage of punches on Saitama, S1E12

1: I figured Saitama was just having his fun cause he was bored (this "prediction" came before the opponent unleashed his power move that sent Saitama to the moon) [I was partially right. I guess the other guy was pretty strong.]
1: "Serious Punch"
1: Hahaha, "Back to one punch again. Goddammit."
1=20180610 10:45 PM PT, A=20181120 (screenshot viewing)

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