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These are my instant comments for episodes in the second production season of Futurama. Episodes are listed here in their production order.

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The bulk of each entry is typically Notes where each line is prefaced by a label (e.g., "B" or "C") which references the time period that I watched the episode. See my post TV Series: Futurama which summarizes these labels.
The last line of an episode entry informs each label's viewing number, date of the viewing, and time of the viewing (when available). For example, "B=2=20130906 19:06-19:28" means notes prefaced by "B" were made during my second viewing of that episode, and the viewing occurred on 20130906 from 19:06 to 19:28.

I Second that Emotion
2ACV01 S02E05 NF02E05
B: Hahaha:
Bender: My God. I'm overcome with... feelings. I'm experiencing a powerful yearning to... to cram my gullet full of mackerel heads.
Zoidberg: That's me, baby.
Farnsworth: Hmmm.
[Farnsworth makes adjustments.]
Bender: Now I'm worried I'm not as smart as Leela, but at the same time, I feel relieved that I'm cuter than her.
Amy: Uhhh, that's me.
Fry: [Whispering to Amy] Thanks for covering.
Bender: This time I miss Nibbler, and I'm feeling nosy and opinionated.
Amy: Bingo!
Hermes: That's Leela!
B=2=20130906 19:06-19:28, C=3=20131110 ##:##-##:##

Brannigan, Begin Again
2ACV02 S02E06 NF02E06
B: "I'm going to allow this."
C: References Midnight Cowboy (1969) which I had the pleasure of watching a couple of weeks ago. The main theme song plays and Zapp wears the cowboy outfit. He waits to offer sexual favors, but the woman who stops asks for Kiff instead of Zapp.
B: Ha. "If I don't survive, tell my wife I said, 'Hello.'"
B=2=20130906 19:28-19:50, C=3=20131110 ##:##-##:##

A Head in the Polls
2ACV03 S02E07 NF02E07
Ba: "Damn straight! Today the mad scientist can't get a doomsday device, tomorrow it's the mad grad student! Where will it end?!"
B?: Hmm. The Futurama universe implies that perhaps the technology was around long enough to place even Washington's head in a jar, but that Fry and normal people wouldn't have been aware of said technology.
Bb: "Oooo, expletive deleted."
Bb: Haha. Unless the U.S. Constitution has changed, then technically he can be impeached, if needed.
Ba=2a=20130906 20:08-##:##, Bb=2b=20130906 ##:##-21:17, C=3=20131110 ##:##-##:##

Xmas Story
2ACV04 S02E08 NF02E08
C: I think the kids skating references Peanuts
C: References Jamaican national bobsleigh team: Cool Runnings (1993).
C: Ha. The Professor and Hermes are playing naked.
C: "Why?" "I'm telling you why, Santa Claus is coming to town!"
C: "Thank you, these will come in handy for my new hair." Zoidberg purchased the hair which Amy and Hermes sold.
C: Huh, Dr. Zoidberg actually gets a present, contrary to the fact that supposedly everybody is too naughty for Robot Santa
B=2=20130906 21:17-21:39, C=3=20131110 ##:##-##:##

Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?
2ACV05 S02E09 NF02E09
C: Ha, coed steamrooms.
C: "You can take off these rubber bands now." "I'll do it!" [...] "Moron"
C: How will I get rid of my male jelly now?" "I'll lend you this."
B=2=20130906 21:39-22:02, C=3=20131110 ##:##-##:##

The Lesser of Two Evils
2ACV06 S02E11 NF02E10
C: References The Price is Right.
B=2=20130906 22:02-22:24, C=3=20131110 ##:##-##:##

Put Your Head on My Shoulder
2ACV07 S02E10 NF02E11
C: According to my blog post, this is where I left off.
B: Playing cards.
B: "So while they're towing us, you want to do it?"
C: "Shut up baby, I know it."
C: Whispers "Thank you."
B=2=20130906 22:24-22:46, C=3=20150915 20:31-20:52

Raging Bender
2ACV08 S02E12 NF02E12
C: Galaxy War, a documentary. (Star Wars)
C: Planet of the Clams (Planet of the Apes)
C: "Ssh. Don't talk during the movie." It's the robot from... Mystery Science Theater.
C: James Bond theme opening.
B=2=20130906 22:47-23:09, C=3=20150916 20:52-21:14

A Bicyclops Built for Two
2ACV09 S02E13 NF02E13
C: 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
B: The story is reminiscent of Superman.
B: "I was once a baby."
C: "Call me Al."
B: References Married with Children: Leela comes in dressed like Peggy and says "Al! I did my hair the way you wanted it."
C: "Can't you let the little guy out?" (sexual innuendo)
B=2=20130906 23:09-23:32, C=3=20150915 21:16-pauses-23:45

A Clone of My Own
2ACV10 S02E15 NF02E14
B=2=20130906 23:32-23:55, C=3=20150916 23:45-24:07

How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back
2ACV11 S02E14 NF02E15
C: Closed... Opening soon... Open.
B: Ha! "What is this, high school?" "Locker check!"
C: "Hey, sometimes a guy gets lonely." (a nut in Bender's locker)

B: "If anyone asks, I'll deny it." "Just like every other girl I've dated."
C: What!?! Right in front of him?
B: Light chuckle: an owl.
C: Haha! "I couldn't help it. She loved me because of the part of me that's a slob. And I loved her because of the part of me that's desperate."
B: Haha! The line moves backwards. "Oh great, someone had a baby."
B: Haha! Bender just walks through.
C: That monster looks familiar (like from Dungeon and Dragons) ("Please don't tell my boss I was sleeping.")
C: A single Australian man...
C: "Requisition me a beat."
C: Various juggling.
C: "No, no. I was young and reckless."
B=2=20130907 09:40-10:03, C=3=20150916 20:38-21:00

The Deep South
2ACV12 S02E16 NF02E16
B: Ha. Leela looking for fleas(?) on Nibbler and throws them out. The camera pans to Bender looking for fleas(?) on Fry and throws them onto Nibbler.
C: Mandatory fishing license.
C: "Harpoon my ass..." "Okay."
B: Whatever it is, it's 20 times heavier than a boot: Crate of 10 pairs of boots.
B, C: Hahahaha. "How many atmospheres can the ship withstand?" "Well, its a spaceship, so anywhere between 0 and 1."
C: "Well then good news! It's a suppository."
C: Pushes air into the briefcase.
B: "Did it just get warmer?" (after Fry relaxes every muscle)
B: "Did it just get colder?" (Fry relaxes again, but near vent)
B: "In the event of an emergency, my ass as a flotation device." References Star Trek: Insurrection (1998). Data says "in the event of a water landing, I have been designed to serve as a flotation device."

B: City of Atlanta! Haha.
C: That's why they're southern.
C: Cigar burns under water.
C: Mercy, I do believe I'm getting vapors.
B=2=20130907 10:03-10:25, C=3=20150916 21:00-21:21

Bender Gets Made
2ACV13 S02E17 NF02E17
C: P Entrance
C: "That steamed carrot was a bit spicy."
C: Their police batons that look like lightsabers.
C: "Hey, you trying to steal from the Don Bot?" "I'm trying. But he's not making it easy."
C: Little Bitaly
B: "File not found."
B: Ha. Fry does both the shooting and the flying. He's not always incompetent.
C: "Where am I now?"
B=2=20130907 ##:##-##:##, C=3=20150916 21:21-21:45

Mother's Day
2ACV14 S02E19 NF02E18
C: CHR$(77)=>"MANY THINGS SHE GAVE ME" ['M' stands for the 'Many things she gave me.']
B: Mom's son says "Some day I want to marry a girl like her."
C: "Out of cream!" [...] "Out of sugar!" [...] "How do you like me now!?!"
B: Amy reaches for supposed diamond. "Moron!" Ha.
C: "We just used a washing machine..."
C: "Hell hath no fury like the vast robot armies of a woman scorned."
C: Ruth Gordon.
B: "Wouldn't it work better if the wheels were round?"
B: Spoofs Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)
C: "No liquor? Do svidanya, comrade." ['Do svidanya' is Russian for 'goodbye.']
B=2=20130907 14:11-14:33, C=3=20150916 21:45-22:07

The Problem with Popplers
2ACV15 S02E18 NF02E19
B: Haha:
Leela: We haven't thought of a name yet.
Bender: They're tasty, right? Let's call them Tasticles.
[Disgusted groans]
Leela: We can't call them that.
Bender: Why not?
Leela: It sounds too much like those frozen Rocky Mountain oysters on a stick. You know, Testsicles.
B: Self-references crashing into a billboard.
B: Haha! She smacks her fingers.
C: References Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.
B: "Taranga!?!" - Fry, "That's her name Phillip." - Amy, "Phillip!?!" - Bender
C: The Professor says, "They're back."
C: "Firemen. And then the math teachers. [...]"
C: "These would be great with 'ghwackamole'."
C: Madison Cube Garden
B=2=20130907 14:33-pauses-15:00, C=3=20150916 22:07-22:38

Anthology of Interest I
2ACV16 S02E20 NF02E20
Terror at 500 Feet
Ba, C: Possibly a reference to The Iron Giant (1999), if not, at least I definitely thought of the movie: "Stop, he's not your enemy!"
C: [Apparently the scene where the army approaches Bender is a reference to King Kong.]
C: Oh, Godzilla.
Ba: I'm reminded of The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951): "Are you people satisfied, this gentle visitor is dying. We might not even know why he came."

Ba: "Who's the real seven billion ton robot monster here? Not I. Not... I"; see Humans Are The Real Monsters (tvtropes.org)
C: References Hamlet. "Good night, sweet prince"
Ba: I took a nap after the first story of this episode (which ends at about the seven minutes and thirty seconds mark; the second story starts at about the eight minute mark).
Dial L for Leela
Bb: Leela's segment references Dial M for Murder (1954).
C: Cubert is in this episode.
Bb: Hehe. Lights go off and someone dies.
C: Indian graveyard. Reference to Poltergeist.
Bb: "Was Planet Express built on an Indian graveyard?"; see Indian Burial Ground (tvtropes.org)

The Un-Freeze of a Lifetime
C: There is no Nibbler shadow.
C: Al Gore. Stephen Hawkings. Uhura / Michelle Nicols. Deep Blue. Gary Gygax.
Bb: Haha. "Here, take my +1 mace."
C: "A man can dream though, a man can dream."
Ba=2a=20130907 15:00-15:##, Bb=2b=20130907 18:49-pauses-19:15, C=3=20150916 22:39-23:02

War Is the H-Word
2ACV17 S03E02 NF03E01
B: Open 28 hours a day. I think the reference to 28 hours in a day was made in another episode also.
C: Sex-lexia.
C: References Star Wars. Fry wields a light saber and attacks a floating drone like Luke.
C: Poster in the background where they're eating says "Round Hips Sink Ships"
B: Huh. I don't remember this episode. It seems Fry admits to an undercover Leela that he likes her. She seems to respond positively, but she's also not surprised.
C: "Well, I sort of have a thing for this girl I work with." "Really? What type is she? You know, blonde, or Chinese, or cyclops?" Nonchalantly, Fry replies, "Cyclops." "Aw. She sounds sweet."
B: I think they played the theme to M.A.S.H. [C: Yes, it is.]
C: Groucho Marx voice. "This isn't a war, it's a murder."

B: Imitates David Letterman's Top Ten:
Bender's Top Ten Most Frequently Uttered Words.
10. Chump
9. Chumpette
8. Yours
7. Up
6. Pimpmobile
5. Bite
4. My
3. Shiny
2. Daffodil
1. Ass.
C: Hahaha. "We have all seen too many body bags and ball sacks."

B: One forum poster came up with the following:
Top Twelve "Interesting" Words from Season 1.
9. Ass/Crap/Work/Thanks (7)
8. Party (8)
6. Friends/Kill (9)
4. Bender/Old (12)
3. Fry (18)
2. Robot(s) (24)
1. Human(s) (28);
Unfiltered: I, a, the, you, to, it, I'm, and, of, that
B: "Enough of this crap. I'm catching the next pimpmobile out of here. But before I go, I have one thing to say. Bite my shiny metal" "Stop, you can't say the next word." [...] "Up yours chump. I said it 906 times before lunch."
C: As an army they managed to invade an alien home planet and kick them out.
C: Newspaper headline: "Balls Thoroughly Licked"
B: "Antiquing?" BOOM!
B=2=20130907 18:22-18:44, C=3=20150916 23:10-23:39

The Honking
2ACV18 S03E01 NF03E02
B: Apparently the title of the episode is a reference to The Howling.
C: Hahaha. "For example, all of us say that."
B: References The Shining (1980). 0101100101 (357) is actually backwards for 1010011010 (666).
C: They all have booze.
B: Haha. It's funny to hear Fry be dramatic over Bender not attacking him.
B: Calculon is centuries old. "Your bio says you're 27."
C: Knight Rider (KITT's windshield wipers)
C: WTF, how did Fry fit inside Bender?
B=2=20130907 19:15-19:37, C=3=20150918 23:46-24:08

The Cryonic Woman
2ACV19 S03E03 NF03E03
C: Arch, SF Bridge, Great Wall of China, The Leaning Tower of Pisa.
B: Haha. "It's how we met." "And then what happened?"
B, C: Ha. I don't remember this episode. Switched chips. Hehe.
B: Hahahaha. The Probulator.
C: Hahahahaha. "We have a cure for it now!" "Oh good, then you won't mind if I use this."
C: "Pizza delivery for I.C. Wiener."
C: Hehe. "Who was it?"

C: "I'm from Mars." - Amy
C: "Michelle, I don't regret this. But I both rue and lament it."
C: The skateboard/hoverboard scene was probably a reference to Back to the Future (1985)
C: "Oh yeah!?! Well listen to this!" [changes tone to a whisper:] "I'm leaving you."
C: "Tis better to have loved and lost."
B=2=20130907 20:53-21:15, C=3=20150919 00:08-00:30

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