Tenure (2009)

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Tenure (2009) Mike Million. 89 min

Charlie Thurber (Luke Wilson)

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While the story is simple and the humor is light, I'm glad I watched this movie.

Throughout my life, I've thought about what I enjoy, what I'm good at, and what I want in life. Certainly these three categories affect each other, but a problem occurs when what I want isn't really what I should want.

Charlie helps Elaine (Gretchen Mol) wash the dishes.

In any case, that makes the movie relevant because the protagonist wants one thing, but realizes he enjoys something else. Furthermore, upon this realization, he makes a change in his life and seems happier for it.

In conclusion, I enjoyed this movie because it meant something to me. I can't, however, promise it'll have the same effect for you. In fact, the average viewer will probably find the movie mediocre.

Jay Hadley (David Koechner)

Instant Comments:
"Do you think I'm fat?" and the conversation that follows.
This movie is just strange.
Hahaha. "What if I gotta take a shit though." [silence]
Hahaha. "Stroker Poker." Hahahaha. "Cock. Balls."
Hahaha. His friend walks in with the same outfit.
Ha. "I want to be the teacher's pet. The thought of it makes me..."
Ha. "No you're not!"
"Fuck you, pervert."

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