Afro Samurai (2007)

This first episode had a lot of exciting fight sequences, though sometimes there's almost too much action.

Afro (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson) (Ep. 1)

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Afro Samurai (2007) Fuminori Kizaki, Jamie Simone. 125 min

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Afro wants to defeat the current Number 1 (Ep 1.)

Episode 1:
1: Afro witnesses Number 2 kill his father, the current Number 1. The former Number 2 wears the Number 1 headband and becomes the new Number 1.
1: Afro is wearing the Number 2 headband. Only the person with the Number 2 headband gets to challenge the person with the Number 1 headband. Everybody gets to challenge the current Number 2.
1: Afro arrives at a bar where some people were talking about him. There the bartender gives some background story on the Number 1 and Number 2 headbands.

Afro takes a sip at the bar. (Ep. 1)

1: Afro leaves and one of the fighters challenge him. The fighter uses arrows. Afro manages to take the guy down, but after moving on, it seems his opponent managed to graze Afro's side.
1: Another fighter which has been following and monitoring Afro from afar decides to take advantage of Afro's weakened state and initiates a battle.
1: To be continued...

Instant Comments:
1: The first battle moves really fast.

Ninja Ninja (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson) (Ep. 1)

1: But the introduction as a whole is interesting.
1: "It's unfortunate you had to see this, boy. This moment'll always haunt you. You will be consumed by hatred for me. Challenge me...when you're ready to duel a god!"
1: This is bloody violence. Not for those who don't like blood flying everywhere.
1: The episode has a little sexuality.

Young Afro (Ep. 2)

Episode 2:
1: The beginning of this episode begins in the past. Kid Afro is in possession of the band, but three men come and take it from him. They also find the former Number 1's head in his backpack. The episode continues switching between past and present.

Instant Comments:
1: "He is not a morning person."

(Ep. 2)

1: Awww, how cute. "Cheer up, Afuro."
1: "Lemonode?"
1: Young Afro is a skilled fighter, but by no means second best.
1: This episode has more skin than the last episode.
1: Actually there's even a sex scene.
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Afro versus a robotic version of himself (Ep. 3)

Episode 3:
1: Afro fights a robotic version of himself, slightly stronger, faster, and equipped with weapons.

Episode 4:
1: The episode largely centers on the past, with Afro determining his master has come into the position of #2 and looks to defeat him. It's unclear, however, whether Afro actually defeated his master, or if his master simply allowed Afro to defeat him. In the present, Jinno looks to avenge their master's death by defeating Afro.

Jinno and Afro (Ep. 4)

Instant Comments:
1: "What do you want on your last day?" "I want those!" How fitting.

Episode 5:
Instant Comments:
1: Ninja Ninja is an interesting character. Or more appropriately, an interesting narrative tool.
1: "Oh man, it was the bomb hanging out with you... Afro Samurai."

Afro and Ninja Ninja (Ep. 5)

1: "What took you so long kid? I got tired of waiting, so I was just thinking of just calling and leaving you a voicemail. I've watched ya. I saw you kill your childhood sword buddy. I even chuckled when you shed that imaginary friend of yours. You've grown into a fine killer. But you're still vulnerable. Like your daddy, you're soft on the inside. He couldn't handle all the blood on his hand..."

1: Various art is shown during the credits.

(Ep. 5)

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