Night Train to Munich (1940)

Watched 20130929 (Netflix, Instant) (Streaming until 20131001)
Night Train to Munich (1940) Carol Reed. 90 min

Anna Bomasch (Margaret Lockwood)

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Gus Bennett (Rex Harrison) (left) goes undercover.

The movie might have started off a bit slow, but it became exciting to watch quickly enough. Ultimately, I enjoyed watching it.

One thing I particularly liked was the movie's straightforward ending: immediately after the movie reaches its resolution, the screen fades to black, the music prepares to finish, and "The End" appears. Of course, this is due in part to the credits being shown exclusively at the beginning of the movie; and credits then were much simpler than credits are now.

Caldicott (left) and Charters (right)

Instant Comments:
Oh wow: The eye doctor scene makes things interesting.
"It happened again?"
All the English bits reminded me of the Hitchcock movie The Lady Vanishes (1938). At around 50 minutes into the movie, I was surprised to see the same pair of Englishmen that appeared in The Lady Vanishes. In fact, they go by the same name.

Anna and Karl Marsen (Paul von Henried)

Haha, this time they're making a call regarding golf clubs.
That exposed note is simple, but exciting.
The note reads, "If you are the Dicky Randall who played for 'The Gentlemen' you are batting on a sticky wicket. If you want to know more we are in the lavatory. Caldicott."
Hahaha. He's driving on the wrong side of the road.

Gus defends himself.

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