Fuller House

At the end of episode 4 I watched the credits and learned that the opening credits are performed by Carly Rae Jepsen.

After watching S4E02, I made a top 6 characters list: Jimmy (best), Ramona, Rocki, Kimmy, Max, Jackson

After pausing S4E09, I made a top 6 characters list: Jimmy (best), Steph, Ramona, Kimmy, Rocki, Max. Bottom 3: Joey, C.J., Matt (worse).

I can't wait for season 5. I'm sorry to read that it would be the last season. On the bright side, it'll be eighteen episodes (according to Wikipedia).

Old credits.
Eventually new credits.
ha. the self references.
"We all still look good."
haha wild thing.

There were almost like two of them
hahahaha. phone in diaper.
haha 3 out of 4.
like a little bird eating the parasites off the rhino's back.
"What if Uber sees my boobers?" / "You wont have to tip"
They reference the clothes hanger pole episode (from Full House)
References Candace Cameron Bure's appearance on Dancing with the Stars.
nice happy ending.

haha "What am I doing here I won a Grammy?" (Macy Gray)
the slime. is this a reference to an old episode?
hahahahaha beautiful plan gone horribly wrong.
hahaha with family friendly violence

1a: Dirtiest joke so far: "I was up all night erupting my volcano."
1b: I finished the episode and these were the best moments:
volcano explosions
Steph in tomato sauce with Tommy
parenting end
Steph gets away with having additional twins, a housekeeper, and an au pare.
1a=20190303, 1b=20190309

haha feet in ice.
hahaha. "What do you think I'm in preschool? Everybody knows you can't transfer magic over wi-fi."
aww, that was a sad moment.
hug it out.
lol I hope they don't turn that into a repeating thing.

haha Gibbler Gallop.
I knew Kimmy was already dressed but I didn't know under what condition she would use it
D.J. in the wrestling ring was epic.

cute: first teenager walk.
hahahaha, poor Steve.
Elizabeth and James (dress) by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen / "At these prices no wonder they don't need to act anymore."
"You have beautiful hairy eyes." / "Nailed it."
pair up and make out.
hahaha, steve right outside the door.

haha, here's your Frisbee.
haha references their first (Full House) episode, and Danny has a clever reply
HA when she comes running back (Oh, Mylanta).
of course, a Fuller house (saw that coming).

it's not a mystery it's always me.

interesting that they are developing Jackson and Lola.
interesting love triangle D.J., Steve, and Matt.

"Oh Mylanta" and "How rude."
in response to Raven-Symoné ("You know that Raven-Symoné is never wrong"), D.J. says, "Oh what does she know, she's a child actress."
holy cow, cause catchphrase.

sandwich, obviously Steve would come back
Steph counts down

hehe tommy grabs the other burger!
smile they call Michelle and say her old catch phrases.
aww... happy turnout for Lola and Jackson.
ha Max Money wants some honey too.

A: max recaps last season.
A: absolutely weird that Fernando invited himself to move in.
A: I thought they made an absolute u-turn on Jackson-Lola out of nowhere. She told him "That's how I kiss my grandma." But at the end of season one she consciously chose to kiss him instead of hug him.
A: Were you ever a teenage girl?
A: Smile, Jimmy and Kimmy do the gallop.
A: ha, shellfish.
1: D.J. and C.J.
A: super weird on their decision to create C.J. (holy Rolaids).
A: oh I didn't notice that Kimmy got pushed out of the way (seemed like quite a tumble).
1: I don't remember a Jimmy Gibbler
A: I love how Jimmy's "breakup" with D.J. convinced everyone.
A: oh I think the really funny moment was when they all gasped at D.J. saying the baby was hers.
A: very clever line: "I know. I wish I could go back in time and change things, but that's not the way time works, as I understand it."
A: the actress playing Crystal gave a confused look towards Stephanie, but she also had a small smirk at the end.
1=20190313, A=20190313*
*I was looking for a line that made me laugh a lot; I skimmed through episodes S2E01 and S2E02 looking for it.

A: so many flattering lines.
A: ha: Max and Bacon.
A: my goodness, Fernando bends over.
A: as D.J. pointed out, all that invitation without asking first was awkward; though I love how D.J. channels her Full House personality...
A: they show the R.V. outside the house.
1: hahahahaha Jackson in bubble wrap.
1: ha, "Mike here."
1: wow that round of categories between Stephanie and Jimmy. A: Hahahaha, Jimmy and Stephanie's round is awesome.
1: hehe second hand bacon. A: smile second hand bacon.
1: [there was something really funny in this episode or last episode but I don't remember what. I wasn't by my phone to write it down]
1: ha, clever, everybody except the baby cries....
A: (the character Mike was played by Alan Thicke, best known for his role as Dr. Jason Seaver on Growing Pains)
1=20190313, A=20190313*
*I was looking for a line that made me laugh a lot; I skimmed through episodes S2E01 and S2E02 looking for it.

1: haha Irish accent Lucky Charms.
1: hahahaha, that is definitely less embarrassing, that they brought a present.
1: Captain America: Civil War.
1: they reminisce about their first kisses (and it's replayed in a flashback).
1: she wolf pack howl.

1a: huh, eww at the thought of to each other, but that really sets a seed for potentially something between them far down the line.
1b: hahaha if they fly away they were never yours to begin with.
1b: hehe great rendition of Lucy and Ricky.
1b: nice ending (reference to I Love Lucy)
1a=20190314, 1b=20190316

1a: it's funny how Stephanie is portrayed as the lazy one who stays at home, doesn't have a job, and doesn't have money when the reason for it is that she gave up being a disc jockey to stay at home and help with the kids...
1a: hahaha so much for chicken Becky.
1b: hmm... D.J. back with Matt.
1b: "Wow it is so nice to see things turn out well for one of those child sitcom stars."
1a=20190316, 1b=20190320

Joey has four kids.
hahaha daydreaming about your nude hoverboarding.
happy th-what the heck.
hahaha Danny Jesse hug.
Steve is obviously jealous.
"Cut it out."
"Man she's so uptight where did she get that?"
hahahahaha Gobble Howl.
smile extra shower voucher.
The Little Engine That Could
hahahaha "...the statistics say no..." (Steve during his toast)
"We miss Michelle. We hope that she'll be with us next year." (Jesse breaks the fourth wall "Come it will be fun.")

(obviously Steph) "He's been saying it for weeks"
flashback (Full House Girl Talk).
Are they gonna get Gia back?
She's back!
"Oh I'm All About the Bass."
Why is she upset? It has 247 thumbs down and only 3 thumbs up.
Hahaha and it already has an organic sticker on it.

It's a song not Toy Story 3.
lol, shout out reference to Netflix (no commercial).

Haha, D doesn't stand for donuts.
D.J. ate a donut!
Obviously gonna be Kimmy [not in the way I expected].
oh look my balls are here.

haha ohoh ohohoh ohohohoh.
huh starring Lori Loughlin.
ha Max and Ramona cry.
"yours are little mine is big"
haha her pillow person from Full House.
ha "ladies I'm gonna make all three of you scream with pleasure."
huh, why would Steve do that?
huh, Steve is too nice...

I dont understand why that girl posted Kimmy in a garbage bag.
ha Nelson and Viper (they were in competition for D.J. on Full House).
Awww... it's Dwayne, the "Whatever" guy.
haha Fernando looks like the Invisible Man.
I can't help but root for D.J. and Steve, I suppose that's the writers' ultimate intention

haha Cosmo.
Auckland (same place as Full House-related episode) [subsequently the source of joke]
great conversation between Steph and Jimmy.
pokes fun at piece of wood at the end (Titanic); "I could scoot over so you could climb on but for some reason I don't." Most places would say while they fit, but the door would wobble. in fact, I recall Jack initially trying to get on. [yes, Jack was initially trying to get on but it was tipping; Mythbusters did an episode saying that they theoretically could have gotten on and balanced; however, they had the advantage of thinking the situation through, plus multiple attempts]
haha clever, "Do you mind if I sit with you and wrap?" (begins rapping)

"did you memorize the movie?" "what movie?"
oh, I didn't remember Rusty doing that to Steph and D.J. ...
smile: "It's okay, Max, you didn't choose the thug life. The thug life chose you."
hahaha. "'Forever' is not my favorite song."
Great conversation among the three adult men.
i think the fact that Steve couldn't make the proposal himself is silly.
oh, nice, i though we would never find out who D.J. was gonna pick and it's revealed.... To me this was strange because... well I suppose she wasn't gonna break up Steve's relationship, but she seemed so readily to get back with Matt. Anyways... not a bad end to season 2.

hmm, doesn't make too much sense since Gia visited earlier and, in general, knows that the house belongs to the Tanners.
regardless nice to have a new character for Jackson.

haha lice and rice.
this competition between Max and Taylor is getting old.

Tommy says hello.

Steph will know (because it reminds me of the episode on Full House when she gets her ear pierced).
"This is why women date older men."
"You're like a sexy mom in a tuna fish commercial." [Apparently Candace Cameron Bure was in a StarKitst Tuna commercial]
reference to "Stacy's Mom" by Fountains of Wayne: "Jackson's mom, you got it going on."
D.J.: "They seem like nice boys." Rocki: "They're idiots."
"I thought it was always open."
D.J.: "Aww. That was kind of cute." Rocki: "It was totally lame."
haha "I'll be 18 in four years. Wait for me." winks
"Two words. Kimmy Gibbler"

"The humongous..." "Oh no. You can only find those in Thailand."
Jimmy does the howl but he's denied the joy.
Imagination. Retaliation.
"I look... like a troll... from the movie Trolls."
"Well. That babysitter is not getting paid."
"Oh, she likes Elmo and Chance the Rapper."
hahaha Jackson says yes.
Jesse (with Steph and D.J.) sing Teddy Bear (back on Full House, he sang it with Joey and Danny to Michelle)

Mr. Bear.

Rocki and Jackson (I hope it works out!!!).
Aww Rocki's soft side.
A bit of a surprise to see Rocki in a dress helping out with the family's surprise for Steph.
don't cry don't cry don't cry.
plug for Netflix.

oh no Joey's kids.
"Your kids are sociopaths."
I wonder if someone will break it to Joey.
oh, he knows.
hahaha just for finding his way home?
huh, I wonder why he got an F.
ha, hey what you doing?
well that was an interesting, anti-climatic resolution for Jackson.
but Steph didn't ask Jimmy about any of this.
ha, Arby's.
hahahaha "Something tells me he's not getting into Har-vard."

lol, I had a feeling Steve would show up and pass.
oooo, D.J. accidentally spills the beans to Steve (though not entirely believable).

Japanese language opening credits.
lol both Steve and Matt hold D.J.'s hand.
A lot of scenes in this episode use a different camera which really focuses on actors (shallow depth of field).

ha Ramona this is not about you.
whoa, now the not like anyone watching us makes sense.
run while you still can.
of course Jackson hasn't been on it.

hahahaha he wants to open a taco shop but doesn't know how to make tacos.
they can just use their phones to call for help...
awww... Rocki intercepted because she likes Jackson (well, she spread the rumor in the first place as a more subtle sign of liking him).
"Yo yo yo. What's up Mona G?" max has some of the best moments and can sometimes be annoying, but here he's doing well.
Rocki in character during the Gibbler Gallop.
The teacher!

references Roman Holiday.
ha, Candy Crush.
you got it dude.

obviously he's dressed up for Rocki.

smile phrasing.
and an enema.
it's magical.

hahaha Mankowski hilarious.

Rocki and Jackson!
that's a lot of bad news.
Aww Rocki and Jackson.

Danny and Joey! Jesse! [Possible a reference to the skit John Stamos' Guide to Cuddling]
Ha. Steve!
hahahaha Fernando (unexpected).
I bet it's Vicky.
"Wonder what Urkel's up to."
pokes fun at Madonna.
Happy Days
"Kimmy, we always were." - Danny to Kimmy

Die Hard. "Die Hard?" "Yippie kay yay (interrupted)."
oh wow, I glanced at the screen and D.J. looked like C.J.
Danny, Aunt Becky, Jesse are visiting Michelle.
slightly different opening / kids updated.
haha, "Why did it have to be Christmas Eve, why couldn't it be Jackson's birthday."
haha, cute, "that's not that romantic."
was that a thing, this is the second time: "Oh we're not doing that anymore."

haha, Klingon, maybe just speak French.
I'm glad it worked out between Rocki and Jackson!!

hahahaha, Jimmy is one of the best recurring stars. [I'm not sure if this note is for S4E02 or S4E03, will check at a later time]
that's immature of Matt.
hahahahahahaha (Matt pushes out the old lady).
on a serious note, how dare Matt be upset at D.J.'s revenge attack.
ha, tv magic.
hahaha, your voice is very similar.

Steph for the win (gives Ramona's new friends a talk; far more successful than Kimmy)
haha Joey Lawrence.

I previously thought (probably during S2E18 episode) it would work out if Matt dated C.J., so my guess is that it's her.
Ah, ok... (Gia).
We have relations.
Hahaha do not touch the owl.


1: Lol my spice cabinet is also alphabetized! I don't see why one would organize it any differently (it's ordered that way at the store).

1: I'm guessing the cover up will get Ramona involved and then Jackson will tell the truth.
1: Huh, weird. Was that unscripted or improvised? (Steph says "I had a girlfriend for longer than that" (and it was a great line) but then she kind of takes it back and then her and Gia started laughing) [I read that Marla Sokoloff (Gia) and Candace Cameron Bure (D.J.) were not told about the line, and reactions were real. Despite the laughing, the take was kept in.]
1: Matt is an ass...
1: "Vet of the smear."
1: "You know where to put it."
1: "These are her pants."
1: "Haha I guess I don't know my right from my wrong."
1: "He chugged weren't you listening."
1: Poor Fernando (he did make a good point).

1a: "Wow, sponge, I'm gonna soak up a lot of stuff!"
1a: Ada asked if Andrea Barber was really pregnant [I didn't think so but I checked].
1a: references Steph crashing.
1a: "it was my car".
1a: ha like Beyonce's lemonade album.
1b: resume the episode where Fernando's mom visits.
1b: lol driving to Oakland (to cook potatoes).
1a=20190325, 1b=20190329

1: lol a banner that says yes.
1: D.J. is putting a lot of pressure on Jackson.
1: he compliments Jesse's hair.
1: hmm takes the guesswork out of parenting
1: haha they trade catchphrases.
1: lol real donuts.
1: "Ben, Ben they don't need an app."
1: haha, Steve's story of "The Hulk" (fungus)
1: could it be twins?
1: hahaha Steph (to Jimmy): "maybe not in front of your face." Jimmy: "honey you're gonna be a great parent."
1: the balloon couldn't have seriously lifted the chair...

1: Inception.
1: My goodness, I can't believe D.J. picked up the ball for a cheap win!

1: Haha. Ewan McGregor.
1: Awww... "Donut say 'No.'"
1: Haha. Rocki has an urge to smash the DJ's car windows. (a reference to what the DJ said earlier)
1: Hmm. Deep down I really wanted Jackson to do the right thing straight off the bat.
1: Hmm they didn't resolve Rocki & Jackson's problem in this episode.

1: "So, what's new? Are you seeing anyone?" "Yeah, I'm engaged to an Israeli soldier."
1: Hah, Rocki's smile after "Shut up Fuller and enjoy my company."
1: Aww... Rocki reaches out to hold Jackson's hand
1: Hahaha. Fernando's prediction.

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