Never Say Never Again (1983)

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Never Say Never Again (1983) Irvin Kershner. 134 min [botn Thunderball (1961) by Ian Fleming]

Bond gets locked up.

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Having skipped from Octopussy (1983) to the first three Pierce Brosnon films (GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, and The World is Not Enough), it was time to go back to 1983 and watch Never Say Never Again.

Eon Productions has produced all the Bond films except for two: Casino Royale (1967) and Never Say Never Again (1983). While it was great to see Sean Connery return one more time as James Bond, the film's story had already been adapted to film in the movie Thunderball (1965). Granted the movie has some new elements that distinguish it from the original, I didn't find any noteworthy changes.

While an aged Bond goes to a facility for his health, he comes prepared with a case full of unhealthy enjoyment.

If you love James Bond, then you should at least watch this film for the sake of completeness.

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Instant Comments:
I guess Eon has the barrel opening copyrighted. It's not here.
"Then I'm to eliminate the white bread."
"Yes, Moneypenny, I'm to eliminate all free radicals."

Bond pretends to be the masseuse (female masseur) to get some information.

There's a scene where Bond is giving a girl a massage while obtaining information. At one point she asks him to go lower. That one Austin Powers scene is probably a parody of this scene.
Hehe, she was violated and she liked it.
"I just remembered. It's against Service policy for agents to give out endorsements." "WRITE!"
"James Bond Will Return."

Bond shows off his dancing skills.

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