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These are my instant comments for episodes in the third production season of Futurama. Episodes are listed here in their production order.

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The bulk of each entry is typically Notes where each line is prefaced by a label (e.g., "B" or "C") which references the time period that I watched the episode. See my post TV Series: Futurama which summarizes these labels.
The last line of an episode entry informs each label's viewing number, date of the viewing, and time of the viewing (when available). For example, "B=2=20130907 21:38-22:00" means notes prefaced by "B" were made during my second viewing of that episode, and the viewing occurred on 20130907 from 21:38 to 22:00.


Amazon Women in the Mood
3ACV01 S03E05 NF03E05
C: The cellphone is small, but the CELLMATE is humongous.
B: Poor Kif, how did he ever get stuck with Zapp Brannigan?
C: One and a half = Dinner and the first half of a movie.
C: Hahaha. Those pick-up lines.
B: "Total Eclipse of the Heart." (Bonnie Tyler)
C: "Leela." (a parody of "Lola" by The Kinks)
C: Commentary of American culture and women
C: Hahaha. "Death by snu snu." Fry and Zapp cheer, Kif sighs.
C: Hahahaha. "Take them to the chambers." Fry and Zapp switch between smiles and frowns.
B=2=20130907 21:38-22:00, C=3=20150919 00:52-01:13

Parasites Lost
3ACV02 S03E04 NF03E04
C: "Scruffy, the janitor."
B: "Leela, I love you." Huh. I suppose his revealed feelings in 2ACV17 didn't make a lasting impression.
B: Zoidberg comes riding in on a sperm. "Yippie-ki-yay! You'll never guess where I've just been."
C: She lives in Apartment 1-I.
C: According to the worms, he only partially damaged his brain, so he technically should be smarter. Maybe that's how he's able to play the holophoner.
B: Cute ending.
B=2=20130907 21:15-21:38, C=3=20150919 00:30-00:52

A Tale of Two Santas
3ACV03 S04E02 NF04E01
B: Ha. "Oh, pushing."
B: "Awful! Lets read some more."
C: "Slow. Fast. Lucy" I suppose this is a reference to I Love Lucy.
B: Haha! Haha! "Now, would you please point at that robot over there." She points. Crowd gasps.
C: "I'm Santa Claus" "I'm Santa Clause" Reference to Spartacus.
B: Ha. "And I'm his friend Jesus."
B, C: Hahaha. "I help those who help themselves."
C: Santa asks Bender to join like Rudolph.
C: It's not necessarily the intention of the writer, but one could interpret the episode as being a commentary on the difficulty of effecting social change.
B=2=20130908 19:53-20:16, C=3=20150924 21:30-pause-22:52

The Luck of the Fryrish
3ACV04 S04E02 NF03E08
C: Bender just outright admits to rigging the race. No one comments.
C: Scruffy leaves.
C: The Breakfast Club soundtrack.
C: "You're twice the 'the' he ever was."
C: One skull short of a Mouseketeer reunion.
C: This episode is where I first her "Don't You (Forget About Me)" by Simple Minds. Great song.
B: I love this episode. I've certainly seen this more than once before.
B=2=20130907 22:44-23:07, C=3=20150919 01:56-02:19

The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz
3ACV05 S03E09 NF03E07
C: He makes the Oreo, and then takes it apart.
B: Haha. One of the protester signs says, "Free Chilly Willy."
C: Possibly a reference to Titanic. They hit an iceberg.
B: That's good. "If only we had a toboggan." Bender rides on top of Leela down the slope.
B: Ha! All the penguins slide into the orca's mouth.
B=2=20130907 22:22-22:44, C=3=20150919 01:35-01:56

Bendless Love
3ACV06 S03E06 NF03E06
C: Owl infestation.
C: When they show Bender getting made, one of the heads in the parts bucket is Flexo's head. Flexo was first seen in 2ACV06.
C: "Unchained Melody" by The Righteous Brothers plays.
C: Fry trims his bush to look like the Planet Express Ship.
B: Bender makes some convoluted plan as a result of his jealousy. Fry responds and says, "That's thinking like a man."
B, C: Hahaha[C: ha]. "Oh how I would love to believe or understand that!"
C: Bender messed up big time.
C: Ha. "Well I don't know much about lifting, so that just leaves the one option."
C: Haha. Bends him back further.
B=2=20130907 22:00-22:22, C=3=20150919 01:13-01:35

The Day the Earth Stood Stupid
3ACV07 S03E07 NF03E12
B: Other than learning about Nibbler's true intelligence, this episode wasn't that interesting.
C: Technically, also interesting is that Fry is special.
C: Moby Dick, Tom Sawyer, Pride and Prejudice
C: Hahaha. "I did it! And it's all thanks to the books at my local library."
C: Employee sleeps during movies.
B=2=20130908 00:16-00:39, C=3=20150921 00:24-00:49

That's Lobstertainment!
3ACV08 S03E08 NF03E13
C: "Collider? I just met her!"
B: Mel Gibson in Bravehead. Ha. See Braveheart (1995).
B: The script is called The Magnificent Three. (The Magnificent Seven)
C: "I can guarantee you anything you want."
C: "OMG, Sylvester Stallone!"
C: Jack Nicholson, Billy Crystal
B: "Oh, pardon me, I see you're with Mr. Stallone." :D
B=2=20130908 00:39-01:01, C=3=20150921 00:50-01:12

The Cyber House Rules
3ACV09 S03E11 NF03E09
C: The card explodes after delivering a message. (Mission Impossible)
B: The man that greets Leela is Bureaucrat Grade 135.
C: Hahahaha. Amy had cuteness reduction surgery in several spots on her face.
C: She says "I blunk" instead of "I blinked."
C: "Oh, Pretty Woman" by Roy Orbison.
C: "About time."
C: Bender flushes himself by pressing his antenna.
C: Cute ending.
B=2=20130907 23:07-23:29, C=3=20150919 02:19-02:42

Where the Buggalo Roam
3ACV10 S04E06 NF04E02
C: "This sounds like a job for..." [Superman]
C: "Is that your camouflage reflex or are you happy to see me?"
C: "Maybe we just made love."
B: References something: "I am the man with no name." [20131224: Reference to the Western film genre and perhaps more particularly Clint Eastwood's character in the Sergio Leone's Dollar Trilogy]
C: Native Martians are like Native Americans
C: Ha. There's entrance through the nose or the ass.
B: "You've come to the Wong place."
C: Lol. The bead is a diamond.
C: [Buggalos rumble by] "Dear Diary, I just made love for the second time." Wait, didn't Kif have snu snu already.
B=2=20130908 20:16-20:38, C=3=20150924 22:53-23:16

Insane in the Mainframe
3ACV11 S03E12 NF03E10
C: "My memories a little fuzzy, but it went exactly like this." - surveillance camera
C: What an incompetent judge.
C: "HAL Institute for the Criminally Insane" Reference to HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968).
C: The machine that handed Fry his wig.
B: Ha. Is the one scene suppose to spoof One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975)?
C: Why is there an incinerator everywhere?
C: "You're going to do his laundry?"
B, C: Hahaha. "Just like inside me, I got the heart of a human."
B=2=20130907 23:29-23:51, C=3=20150919 02:42-03:04

The Route of All Evil
3ACV12 S05E03 NF05E03
C: Sam Adam's Head.
Ba: Ha. Cheek-seeking kiss.
C: "We're practically old enough to [...]"
C: Bender is pregnant.
C: Only the Sunday paper can deliver itself. Ha.
Ba: The Little Prince.
Ba: Paused at 15:12
Bb, C: Hahaha. "Au revoir!"
Ba=20130915 15:00-15:12, Bb=20130925 22:38-22:48, C=3=20150926 23:01-23:22

Bendin' in the Wind
3ACV13 S03E13 NF03E14
C: "Yeah, yeah, I've gotten used cars before."
C: Mobil Dick Whale Oil
C: "Jimmy crack corn and I don't care..."
C: Patchcorn Adams (reference to Patch Adams)
C: Hahaha. "That's like Christina Aguilera singing in Spanish."
B=2=20130908 01:01-01:23, C=3=20150921 01:12-01:34

Time Keeps on Slipping
3ACV14 S03E14 NF03E15
C: "What's causing it? Is it my outfit?"
C: Zoidberg's birthday is the day after Amy's.
B: Fry gets Leela to marry him. Though it happens during a time skip.
B: Haha. Amy briefly suggests Fry isn't a great lover.
B: "I suppose I could part with one and still be feared."
C: Poor Bender.
B, C: Aww... poor Fry. ("Did you see it? Did you see it?")
B=2=20130908 01:24-01:46, C=3=20150921 01:35-

I Dated a Robot
3ACV15 S03E15 NF03E11
B: Ha. Destroys a planet. Goes to the edge of the universe.
B: "No. Just the two."
B: Rides a T. Rex.
B: Handcrafters! Ha.
C: "Do you have anything with a Lucy Liu feel to it?"
C: Hahaha. "Would you like to take a moment to register me?"
C: A copy in the VCR at all times. (two things wrong with that)
C: What!?! What is the relevance with aliens.
B: References Scooby Doo: "And we would have gotten away with it too, if it were for those meddling adults."
B=2=20130907 23:51-pauses-24:16, C=3=20150921 00:04-00:26

A Leela of Her Own
3ACV16 S04E10 NF04E03
C: Black bar generator.
C: "I win."
C: "To eBay." "That's a popular name today."
C: Tiny iota. Is that like episolon? :p
B=2=20130908 20:38-21:00, C=3=20150924 23:17-23:37

A Pharoah to Remember
3ACV17 S04E07 NF04E04
C: "Aw, you knew my favorite cause of death."
B: References Star Wars: "Call it a hunch, but I have a bad feeling about this."
C: "Abbott and Costello." "Also Wolfman."
C: It's the Australian guy from the episode "How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back."
C: Elton John. Parody of "Bennie and the Jets" [20191021: I was editing my Futurama post and listening to the Elton John compilation album Diamonds. "Bennie And The Jets" was playing! It made me aware of a spelling mistake: "Bennie" not "Benny."]
C: Haha. The writers blatantly mock the concept of religions and blindly following walls and such
B=2=20130912 23:00-23:23, C=3=20150924 23:37-24:00

Anthology of Interest II
3ACV18 S04E03 NF04E08
B: Bang bang bang. There... [he's tweaked it] [Now it tells plausibility up to some made-up unit]
I, Meatbag
C: The bread from the raccoon is "kind of gamy"
B: [Bender vomits] "Hooray! It's just like Mardi Gras."
B: Gross. "Nah, it's not working anymore." "Speak for yourself."
C: Hahaha. "Nah, it's not working anymore." "Speak for yourself."
C: HA! "Wooo!"

Raiders of the Lost Arcade
C: Planet Nintendu 64
C: Pac-Man. Waka-waka-waka.
B: Ha! "Invaders! Possibly from space!" (Space Invaders)
B: "Increase speed, drop down and reverse direction!"
B: Mrs. Pacman! Haha.
B: "Drop down and increase speed."
C: "Instead of shooting where I was, you should have been shooting where I was going to be!"

B: Lol. Parodies The Wizard of Oz (1939).
B: The NBC peacock.
C: "Do they come in women's?"
B: "Damn this DSL."
B: Lol. "I'm melting! Who would have thought a small amount of liquid would fall on meeeeee."
C: Hahaha. "A gun."
C: "There's no place like... I want to be a witch."
B=2=20130914 00:41-01:03, C=3=20150925 21:21-21:43

Roswell That Ends Well
3ACV19 S04E01 NF04E07
C: "Hey, what smells like blue?"
B: Lol. "Hey which crazy thing happening are you guys screaming about?"
C: A Felix the Cat clock.
C: Lol. A layer of ozone.
C: They travel back in time to 1947 and are the 1947 Roswell UFO incident.
C: Fading away like Greg Kinnear.
C: Mentions that Area 51 is where they're gonna fake the moon landing. And President Truman orders that NASA be created to actually land on the moon.
C: Haha. The picture of Truman is the spaceships and the one of Planet Express is the Loch Ness monster.
B=2=20130913 00:14-00:37, C=3=20150925 00:44-01:05

3ACV20 S04E08 NF04E05
C: Title is reference to Goodfellas.
C: Rotary dial.
C: He was fired when they were going at full speed, lol.
C: "Wow, ostentatious."
C: Why didn't any of the asteroids pelting him reduce his momentum?
C: Lordweiser.
C: When they get blown off. I realized that Bender has no atmosphere, so somehow these living creatures are able to live in a vacuum. Also, apparently Bender's mass is large enough to exert a gravitational force.
C: Haha. Ezekiel's Nasty House.
C: Bender doesn't know a lot of binary. Haha.
C: Bender mentions a computer that thinks he's God. Possibly a reference to Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
B: "When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all."
B=2=20130912 23:23-23:46, C=3=20150925 00:00-00:21

Future Stock
3ACV21 S04E09 NF04E06
C: Scruffy has 40,000 shares (while everybody else has 10,000 shares) and the crazy lady has 1 share.
B: "pi"th avenue
C: A bike hits Calculon and he says "[...] you damn dirty ape!" Reference to Planet of the Apes.
B: Ha. A parody of the Apple Mac 1984 ad.
B: Ha. In the stock market ticketing, "FOX -61" (Futurama was still airing on Fox at this time)
C: "Cans of whoopass"
C: "I am Jor-El, master of scheduling"
C: "Pat Buchanan" "The ballots are confusing."
B: Haha:
Before Fry begins speaking: PLNX 107
"That guy..." PLNX 114
"But some thing..." PLNX 99
"I learned..." PLNX 57
"People you..." PLNX 46
"You can't..." PLNX 28
"So I'm giving..." PLNX 107
"To a man..." PLNX 115
"Professor..." PLNX 150
"Hubert Farnsworth!" PLNX .03
B=2=20130912 23:47-24:10, C=3=20150925 00:21-00:43

30% Iron Chef
3ACV22 S04E11 NF04E09
C: Scale model of the tiniest bottle.
C: Haha. A wormhole.
B: "It only gets sick when I cook brunch."
B: Oh gross. Those shots.
B: Lol! They formed an acid.
C: Haha. "And this time I mean it."
C: "The Dark Side of Cooking [...]"
B: Hover Potatoes. (Like training Luke in Star Wars)
B: The accusing parlor. Ha.
C: The confession note is written on paper with Zoidberg's letterhead.
B: "Okay, but it seems like you're the one who killed him." Ha!
B: "Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto."
B: Ha. Water and LSD.
B=2=20130914 01:09-01:32, C=3=20150925 21:43-22:04

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