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These are my instant comments for episodes in the fifth production season of Futurama. Episodes are listed here in their production order.

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The bulk of each entry is typically Notes where each line is prefaced by a label (e.g., "B" or "C") which references the time period that I watched the episode. See my post TV Series: Futurama which summarizes these labels.
The last line of an episode entry informs each label's viewing number, date of the viewing, and time of the viewing (when available). For example, "B=2=20131001 14:08-15:36" means notes prefaced by "B" were made during my second viewing of that episode, and the viewing occurred on 20131001 from 14:08 to 15:36.


Bender's Big Score
5ACV01-04 S06E01-04 NF06E01
B: So many puns and references.
C: "That's why they call me 11-inch Conrad." I get it.
C: "And introducing Zylex."
B: Having seen this before, I was able to focus on certain details involving Lars. [C: In particular, you can hear the voice if you concentrate]
C: "You must be at least this naked" [...] "Watch and learn."
C: "Here's your package sir."
C: The Professor has Thug Life tattoo'd on his back.
B: "I'm Scruffy. The janitor."
C: Reading the code triggered a message to 'God' from Godfella (3ACV20).
C: Paradox correcting.
C: Damn, Hermes's wife is...
C: A Brief History of Time Travel (References A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking)
C: "Let's just say he won't make it to the Last Supper." Interesting. He doesn't forget of its existence.
C: "You do a nice handjob Zoidberg."
C: He's wearing his fingerlonger.

C: Use variation of parameters and expand the Wronskian.
B: References The Terminator (1984): "Like some sort of dispatcherator?" "Yes, and don't forget to terminate him." [C: "What's with the sunglasses?" "It's really bright in the past."]
C: Ha. "After I kill Fry you're next."
C: The Bush-Gore ballot was caused by Bender. Interesting, because among the paradoxes, this was somehow consistent with history.
C: "You're not getting smarter." [...] "I'd like to see you try." (So cute!!!)
C: This episode explains how Fry's dog got instantly fossilized.
C: "Also, 50 TB of porn."
B: Haha. "They won't know, but you will. Lucky you."
C: Narrator says, "They won't know, but you will. Lucky you."
B: "Cruel runnings, man." References Cool Runnings
C: Everybody Loves Hypno Toad as a play on the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond.
C: "The Force is with us, but that's about it." (Star Wars)
C: "Or is this one of those phony bologna feel-good wars like the War on Drugs?"
C: Hehe "BINGO!"
C: The theme plays. Hermes grunts along. Possibly one of the coolest moments in Futurama thus far.
C: Potato Head.
B=2=20131001 14:08-15:36*, C=3=20150927 15:04-16:32*
*Film version

The Beast with a Billion Backs
5ACV05-08 S06E05-08 NF06E02
C: "That was my left testicle."
C: Alluding to "Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch" (4ACV01): "Aren't you also the grand midwife?"
C: Self-referencing: "It's like a movie with this happening in it."
C: Haha. "You may eat the snake... if you so choose."
C: Bender draws a face on the cabbage, it reminds me of how Tom Hank's character drew a face on the volleyball in Cast Away (2000).
C: Three times as expendable.
C: "No crap, my grandma was a bulldozer!"
C: Fry takes his coffee enema to go.
C: References the League of Robots.
C: "Normal Combat" (as opposed to Mortal Kombat)
C: Bender takes a picture and says, "Neat."
Bb: I previously woke up and watched the ending (from the one hour mark and on), but having missed the middle, I resumed the film today at 23 minutes.

C: Hahahaha. The koala goes right through and out the window.
C: "Playtime is fun time."
Bb, C: "Stowaway Hatch 35 Unauthorized Access Only"
C: "Whoo! Just like med school!"
C: "It's a bird." "It's a plane." "I'm so out of here."
Bb: References King Kong (1933) (1976) (2005).
Bb: "No, I'm just trying to fit my diction to the importance of what I'm saying."
C: Red Minotaur
C: "Stop! In the name of love!"
Bb: Leela has elbow talons.
Bb: Her shirt reads "For any X, I heart X."
C: Universe Gamma
C: Wow. The universe's decision to go was practically unanimous (except for Leela)
C: The literal translation of fonfon ru is "one who does not sleep with my superior officer"
Bb: I think this episode/movie, of all the episodes/movies, makes the least sense.
C: I guess it made more sense on this viewing. It also closed the whole in the universe.
Ba=2a=20131001 15:40-##:##, Bb=2b=20131006 16:25-17:33*, C=3=20150927 16:33-18:00*
*Film version

Bender's Game
5ACV09-12 S06E09-12 NF06E03
C: Dungeons & Dragons.
C: Whose face was in the stardust?
Ba: Paused at around 10 minutes.
Bb: Ha. It was only half a ball.
C: Bender is sent to the HAL institute (for a second time). But this time he's actually crazy.
Bb: References The Jetsons. Implies she killed both the dog Astro and Elroy.
Bb: It's funny because it's literal: "That blade missed me by my skin of my pants."
C: Haha. A hobo and a rabbit. "But they're making a Hobbit."
C: Frydo, Leegola, and Greyfarn.
C: Music similar to the score of The Lord of the Rings plays as they travel through the world.

C: An Ent named Treedledum.
C: Gynecaladriel (Queen of the Water nymphos)
C: "Geysers of Gygax."
C: Lol. The Teletubbies wave.
C: Wait, Fry is Frodo, and yet squats like Gollum.
C: References White Castle.
C: Dodecalicious
C: Bender slept with Amy (er... Titanius slept with Gynecaladriel)
C: Oh, Zoidberg is like Samwise Gamgee
C: "Eat the wizard, eat the slut, eat the robot's shiny butt!"
C: "So it's all come down to this... a dungeon... and dragons!"
C: "You are my father." [...] "Search your feelings, you know it to be true." (Star Wars)
C: The credits dedicate the show to Gary Gygax who passed away. The clip of him from "Anthology of Interest I" (2ACV16) plays: "Anyone want to play Dungeons & Dragons for the next quadrillion years?"
Ba=2a=20131002 23:57-24:08*, Bb=2b=20131003 11:14-12:29*, C=3=20150927 18:00-19:30*
*Film version

Into the Wild Green Yonder
5ACV13-16 S06E13-16 NF06E04
C: Miragio.
C: "There, they're not endangered anymore. They're extinct."
C: Leela's on and off with the leech is hilarious.
Ba: Lol. "Do me a favor and drive my wife home. It's one of those self-driving cars, so just sit in the back and do whatever."
Ba: Ha. "Oh wait, that's invisibility."
C: Sometimes Fry's stupidity is too much. (He already had a token, but he also paid)
C: "See this gun? [crushes it] That's what I'm gonna do to Bender when he wins."

C: HAHAHA. WTF. Bender got dealt a coaster and they counted it as a fifth king.
C: Lol. The removal of their career chips. (Followed by the reinstallation)
C: Ha. Zapp lost his entire crew.
Bc: Yesterday I fell asleep and resumed the movie today at 1 hr 8 min, several minutes before the last scene I remember.
Bc: "That's what it says on my vanity plate." 1 DVS BSTD (= one devious bastard)
C: Scruffy is one of the more subtle jokes.
C: "Windows Vista"
Bc: Snoop Dogg's thoughts: "Naked ladies, naked ladies, naked ladies."
C: "Should we wave them like we just don't care?"
C: I totally forgot who the Dark One actually was. That's ironic.
Bc, C: "Huh, I thought you only saved the DNA of endangered species." "Farewell." "I guess he didn't hear me."
C: "Wait for me."
Ba=2a=20131003 12:30-12:43, Bb=2b=20131005 23:48-##:##, Bc=2c=20131006 ##:##-16:21, C=3=20150928 06:28-07:55

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