A View to a Kill (1985)

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A View to a Kill (1985) John Glen. 131 min

Max Zorin (Christopher Walken) and May Day (Grace Jones)

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James Bond (Roger Moore)

While it was fun to see Christopher Walken in a James Bond movie, I didn't enjoy the movie as a whole, at least compared to most other Bond movies.

Not having anything else to say, I would recommend this movie to fans of Christopher Walken and those who enjoy Roger Moore's other Bond films, which tend to be campier than the standard Bond film.

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Instant Comments:
Vodka. Very shaken.
The opening credits have a very 80s sound. Oh. The film was released in 1985. Duran Duran. Doesn't get much more 80s than that.
Hehe. Everybody is looking at the horses and Bond and the other man are faced the other way back at the audience.

Bond snowboards down the mountain.

"A view." "To a kill."
"Stock, James Stock."
I like the Bond girl that James ends up with in this one. Mayday was cool too.
"James Bond Will Return."

Bond driving half a car is part of
the campiness that goes along with the
Bond movies which feature Roger Moore.

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