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These are my instant comments for episodes in the seventh production season of Futurama. Episodes are listed here in their production order.

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The bulk of each entry is typically Notes where each line is prefaced by a label (e.g., "B" or "C") which references the time period that I watched the episode. See my post TV Series: Futurama which summarizes these labels.
The last line of an episode entry informs each label's viewing number, date of the viewing, and time of the viewing (when available). For example, "B=1=20131015 23:54-24:16" means notes prefaced by "B" were made during my first viewing of that episode, and the viewing occurred on 20131015 from 23:54 to 24:16.


The Bots and the Bees
7ACV01 S09E01 N09E01
Ca: Barbados Slim peaks out after Hermes leaves.
B: Haha. Everybody gathers and are surprised with a soda machine!
Ca: Bev is voiced by Wanda Sykes.
B: "I need to loosen up, give me a screwdriver."
B: Ha. Ha. "Interesting."
B, Ca: "Wipe my shiny metal ass." [Ca: Haha]
Ca: "The Bots and the Bees"
Ca: Hehe. The end of the informative video condemns masturbation.
Cb: "Should we call child services?" "Naw, let's get outta here."
Cb: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. "Merry college registration day everyone!"
Cb: Bender's son progresses from a newborn to a teenager in a matter of days.
B=1=20131015 23:54-24:16, Ca=2=20151002 21:07-21:21, Cb=2=20151003 00:35-00:42

A Farewell to Arms
7ACV02 S09E02 N09E02
C: Ha. "Not even the holy one... blessed be He."
C: What the. Bender has extendable arms, but he didn't rescue Leela.
C: Ha. "Oh my God! Look what my flashlight found!"
C: Hahaha. "So uh... are you all done with the computer?" - Scruffy
C: "Some of us were crazy before it was cool."
B: "So long Earth, thanks for nothing!"
C: What, Agnew is alive?
B: Mentions Tron: Legacy (2010).
C: Ha. Zoidberg has an individual membership.
C: "It was worth waiting five hours to hear you finish that sentence."
C: Haha. "We're in the same sorority."
B: Hahahaha. Fry gets in despite his uselessness.
C: "'Cause I like his pants."
C: "Accepted again."
C: Hehe. "I wish I could remember you in my boobs."
C: That's true. Why did Agnew get the window seat?
C: "Dick Francisco."
B: Ridiculous. They just jumped from one planet to the other.
C: I see, that's why the episode is called "A Farewell to Arms"
B=1=20131016 00:16-00:38, C=2=20151003 20:46-21:06

Decision 3012
7ACV03 S09E03 N09E03
B: Ha. This episode incorporates the screen crash of the opening credits into the beginning of the episode.
C: The little tune that plays also replays as the crew loops around.
B: Bender comes in and says the Professor's line: "Good news, everyone."
C: The woman candidate is like Sarah Palin.
C: The only one with something worth saying gets boo'd at.
B: Among the signs representing places there's one for Skyrim.
C: Right-to-left: Svalbard, Lo'ihi, ?, New New York, Belarus, Atlanta, Waterworld (Waterworld), ?, ?, ?, ?, Tri-State Area, Kardashistan (Kardashian), ? ?, R'Lyeh (Lovecraftian), ?, Panem (The Hunger Games), Skyrim (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim), Old Zealand, eHIO, ?, iOwa [20191021: theinfosphere.org only lists the ones I've identified: "Decision 3012"]
C: "I'm 40% wire."
C: Travers name and birth certificate issue is a reference to Obama.
C: Petunia holds a sign saying "You can't spell 'Travers' without 'E.T.'!" (a reference to E.T. the Extraterrestrial)
C: There's a Hospital Entrance and a Zebra Entrance. Then a lion suspiciously pops out. (suggesting the lion is trying to trick zebras to walk around the corner straight to him)
B: References Obama.
B: References The Terminator (1984).
B: References the time code.
B: Ha! Avoids a paradox.
B=1=20131016 00:38-01:00, C=2=20151003 21:24-21:47

The Thief of Baghead
7ACV04 S09E04 N09E04
C: Bender takes a picture. "Neat"
C: References Hammond from Jurassic Park.
B: Bender extends a third leg to become his own tripod.
B: He uses an old-fashioned film camera and develops his own film. But the Professor makes a good point, technically Bender perceives the world digitally.
C: Paparazzo.
C: "Selena Go-Bot" and "Parts Hilton"
B: References Braveheart (1994): Bagheart.
B: References... I don't know "Victorian circus freak." Titled The Greatest Bag on Earth, 2997. [20131224: "Victorian circus freak" made me think of The Elephant Man (1980), but the title probably comes from The Greatest Show on Earth (1952)]
C: References Indian graveyard. Although a common trope, I personally think of Poltergeist
B, C: "There's a humongous fungus among us."
B, C: Haha[C:haha]: Bender and Leela found themselves holding each others hands.
C: Group photo results in just Bender. He says, "Neat."
B=1=20131016 01:00-01:22, C=2=20151003 22:03-22:25

Zapp Dingbat
7ACV05 S09E05 N09E05
C: A movie sign in Leela's mom's dorm room is Breakfast Under Tiffany's and has a three-eyed alien with clothing like Audrey Hepburn (Breakfast at Tiffany's)
C: The Borax kid.
B, C: "Good Barium shot. Expensive though." "We can put it on the company card as long as we discuss business." [They attempt to discuss, but Fry gives up.] "I'll just pay for it." [B:Ha!] [C: Smile]
C: Haha. "Do you know he wears a velour manskirt?"
B=1=20131020 15:51-16:12, C=2=20151003 22:25-22:47

The Butterjunk Effect
7ACV06 S09E06 N09E06
C: Haha. Fry's last meow was just too much.
B: "You can work and be lazy at the same time. It's like being a voice actor!"
C: The Butterfly Derby is so named and has culture similar to modern-day Roller Derby.
B: "Uh oh, the bullies are back."
C: Hahaha. "So are carrots, but you don't see me injecting them between my toes." He smokes it.
B: I love how drinking the juice immediately made her voice deepen. "You're going... down."
B: Aww, poor Bender. He can be a jerk at times, but he still seeks companionship.
B, C: Haha[C:ha]. "Quiet, they'll hear you."
B, C: "Keep your door unlocked tonight." "But McGruff the Crime Dog says, oh..."
B: Ha. The carrot smoking.
C: Haha. He started crawling like a caterpillar.
B: "Look, he's lost the strange insect parts." "He's back to normal!" "Yay!"
B=1=20131020 16:12-16:34, C=2=20151003 22:47-pause-23:37

The Six Million Dollar Mon
7ACV07 S09E07 N09E07
B: He determined his own inefficiency as a result of their inefficiency. How silly.
C: Roberto says, "Stttop! It's driving me sane."
B: Ha. Fry postpones putting body-scented oil on Leela along with Amy in order to eavesdrop.
C: She has "Goat Helper" instead of "Hamburger Helper"
B: Bender fetches the teeth and puts it back in.
B, C: "Husband, some things were not meant to be Cylon'd" (he got Cylon eyes, and a Cylon dong)
B: Basically Ship of Theseus (notes.supertran.net).
B: Parodies "Monster Mash"
B, C: Haha. "Does anyone else find it freaky that Zoidberg is singing harmony with himself." [C: "Oh loosen up Amy"]
C: That's disgusting. (He skins Hermes.)
B=1=20131020 16:34-16:56, C=2=20151003 23:54-24:16

Fun on a Bun
7ACV08 S09E08 N09E08
B: Fry uses his feet to grab a chip, eat it, scratch his armpits, and then burps. "Oh Fry, that's disgusting?" "What?" "You double-dipped."
B: Fry comes out of the ship cheering in what sounds very similar to how Zoidberg makes his whooping sound.
C: Among the things that Fry yells is "Kaiser Permanente"
B: The chicken dance!
B, C: [C: Hahaha.] "And the worst part is, I had to have break-up sex by myself!"
C: "Oh now now, we've all been there." [turns to Hermes and shakes his head no]
C: Possible reference to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
C: Haha. They leave through the escape pod.
C: "Kill all modern humans!"
C: "You make love, not war?"
C: I guess the blood must have rushed somewhere else."
B: Parodies The Flintstones. (Large slice of meat and the table tilts over)
B: (While not a sausage, I ate some hot dogs while watching this episode)
B=1=20131020 16:56-17:18, C=2=20151004 00:18-pause-02:24

Free Will Hunting*
7ACV09 S09E09 N09E09
B: Bender sleeps in underwear and takes it off in the morning. Fry sleeps in underwear and puts on pants.
C: The tattoo robot has NOSd3 (EPSON upside down) on his chest. On his back is 10011101, which is binary for 157 and ASCII for the Yen symbol.
B: It's the opposite of most situations. Most people get dragged out pleading innocence. ("GUILTY!!!")
B: (n+1)st National Bank
B: What a philosophical episode.
C: Ab-bot.
C: "I'm 40% empty."
B: Ha. "Whole eBook"
B: Haha. "It's just not the same here without Bender to keep me company." Leela's right next to him.
C: Ha. The door pulls back onto Leela.
C: "Dammit, I should have paid more attention in kindergarten."
C: "And when you're done with that, invent me some swiveling surprise chair." (alluding to the one she used to surprise them)
C: "Due to the quantum nature of the device, there's no way of knowing."
C: "D€¢i$ionz I Made" plays instead of the standard end theme credits
B=1=20131020 17:18-17:40, C=2=20151004 02:24-02:49
*The title references Good Will Hunting (1997).

Near-Death Wish
7ACV10 S09E10 N09E10
C: "And the fish sticks were limp."
B: "You see I came down with a case of 'Who gives a crap!?!'"
B: "I've been there. Let's boldly go where we've gone before!"
B: "Not now Leela! I'm trying to meet old people."
C: The doorbell is the first couple notes of Richard Strauss’s Also Sprach Zarathustra (used in 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)).
B: "The idea came from an old movie called The Matrix." Ha.
C: They also make two criticisms (the same that most people would make) about the implausibility. But then Leela says it works.
B: Visitor Entrance. USB.
B, C: "It's not just safe, it's 40% safe."
B: Haha. They enter and get the ol' matrix effect.
C: It seems like his Holophonor skills are coming along.
C: Hahahahaha. They watch him sneak around.
B, C: Hahahahahaha. He stands up and altogether nullifies the bubble bath layer.
B: "That is one crazy, uncircumcised old man."
C: Lol. He's the older, crazy brother. He left the institution after twenty-five years.
B: Ha. Bender tries to mention that one day Professor Farnsworth's brother showed up.
B=1=20131028 ##:##-##:## (?), C=2=20151004 02:49-03:10

31st Century Fox
7ACV11 S09E12 N09E11
B: Star Trek uniform (on Fry) and Storm Trooper uniform (on Zoidberg) (from Star Wars). I'm guessing there are other references in that scene, but none I recognize. [Apparently the first set of uniforms were from Dune, Leela was wearing a costume from Barbarella, Amy was wearing a Pan Am uniform from 2001: A Space Odyssey, and The Professor was wearing what Sean Connery wore in Zardoz]
C: Squidward Scissorhands is a combination of Squidward Tentacles from SpongeBob SquarePants and Edward Scissorhands.
C: Haha. Planet Express uniforms.
B: It is silly how the dogs do all the work.
B: Haha. "Where's the ice cream?" "There was a bear."
C: The Most Dangerous Game.
B: "Fox News everyone!"
C: When the roof of the vendor's cart collapses, his face and arm makes an imprint similar to that of Han Solo.
C: How does it feel to be hunted?
B=1=20131028 ##:##-##:## (?), C=2=20151004 03:10-pause-03:48

Viva Mars Vegas
7ACV12 S09E11 N09E12
C: Jar Jar Binks.
B: Ha. Wins twice and throws it away.
C: "Now that's the God I know."
B, C: "What's rent?"
B, C: "Uh, how come we've never been in this room before?" "I think this chart can answer that." Hahahaha.
B: Somehow there's a chart for everything.
B: Haha. Mocks the heist genre: "No, and to keep you on your toes, I'll explain why only after the heist has begun."
B=1=20131028 ##:##-##:## (?), C=2=20151004 03:48-04:09

7ACV13 S09E13 N09E13
Part 1:
C: They meat on the worm like Lady and the Tramp with spaghetti.
C: "Why did they live and why did they die? No reason."

Part 2:
C: "Sad news everyone."
C: Bender as the iguana. "Let's go already!"
C: Hahahahahaha. [after all the other comments] "Is it weird if I talk about his crazy turtle penis?" "No."

Part 3:
C: "Harem, I can barely see'em."
C: Lol. They all managed to sneak some children. Except for Kif who died.
B=1=20131028 ##:##-##:## (?), C=2=20151004 04:09-04:30

Forty Percent Leadbelly
7ACV14 S10E04 N10E04
C: Carbonite.
C: 100,000 TB of porn on drive XXX compared to 1 TB on drive C. Also his Penguin Personality is 150 MB while his Main Personality is just 3 MB. The image of the guitar is 1.3 MB.
C=1=20151004 17:22-17:44

2-D Blacktop
7ACV15 S10E01 N10E01
C, D: "Speed kills. Please race slowly."
C: Ha. "Ow. Paper cut."
C: Lol. 4-D drifting.
C: Hahahahahaha. "Is it inside the box?"
C: It's a Möbius drag strip.
C, D: Hahahaha. "You kids and your topology." - Zoidberg
C: "The new Shrek movie won't look nearly as good."
C: It's silly cause they technically shouldn't be able to turn their heads.
C=1=20151004 16:17-16:38, D=2=20171209

T.: The Terrestrial
7ACV16 S10E03 N10E03
C: Oh no, poor Agnew.
C: "He killed my second-to-last Agnew."
C: How are the broadcasts from Earth to Omicron Persei 8 synchronized?
C: Hahaha. "You were were eating my turd?"
C: Lrrr's son Jrrr has a fish with three eyes like from The Simpsons.
C: That's clever (message machine)
C: Hahaha. "So what makes this thing fly?" "It's powered by love."
C: "I just thought I told you to kill those 'Foo's."
C: Ha, Jrrr's been drinking Fry's blood.
C: They touch butts which are glowing similar to E.T. touching finger. (E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial)
C=1=20151004 17:00-17:22, D=2=20171209

Fry and Leela's Big Fling
7ACV17 S10E02 N10E02
C, D: "Goodnight, everyone."
C: "On Batman's night off."
C: Lol. Scruffy still at the Planet Express, Bender at the park, Zoidberg at Elzar's, and Nibbler at Leela's place.
C: Ha. "Finally, 'Just the Two of Us.'" "Yeah, I knew I'd find it eventually."
D: Simian 7. The Planet of the Apes. (Planet of the Apes)
C: "You're human beings?"
C: Gunther!
C: Haha. "Wanna watch?" "Not really, but I will."
D: "Eww. Gross. I'm going to use the tongs."
C: Lol. "Dr. Banjo."
D: "Right. I knew the answer to this one. Yes."
C: Heh. The credits start and then are interrupted, "You were in a zoo!"
C=1=20151004 16:38-17:00, D=2=20171209

The Inhuman Torch
7ACV18 S10E05 N10E05
C: Lol, tests it on Zoidberg.
C: Even Nibbler gets a paint job.
C: Zoidberg pole dances
C: "Suck it Gilgamesh!"
C: Ha. They continue slapping each other.
C=1=20151004 19:00-19:19

Saturday Morning Fun Pit
7ACV19 S10E06 N10E06
C: Scooby Doo parody.
C: Hahaha. "It's spooky. It doesn't seem to correspond to anything funny happening." (laugh track plays)
C: Hermes points out the fact that Shaggy is probably high.
C: Lol, the spoof the door scene by just exiting one door and entering another (usually the characters go in and out of a punch in some ridiculous order
C: "No, that's not why I did it" [...] "I'm mentally ill."
C: I'm not sure what this Purpleberry is suppose to parody.
C: G.I. Zapp
C: Haha. "Oh that's clever. I'll leave that one the way it is." (A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.)
C: Hehe. "Tell my wife..." "I'll be home for dinner."
C=1=20151005 01:21-01:43

Calculon 2.0
7ACV20 S10E07 N10E07
C: The episode begins with the death of Calculon.
C: "That's what bath time is for!"
C: Hahaha. Bender is no smarter than Fry... A number between 1 and 3... 4? M? "Is he right?"
C: "Oh, hello Dave." (2001: A Space Odyssey)
C: I see, his one-man show is essentially a retelling of 2001: A Space Odyssey from HAL's point of view.
C: Haha. Calculon 2.0.
C=1=20151005 01:43-2:04

Assie Come Home*
7ACV21 S10E08 N10E08
C: Haha. Winnie the Pooh. Fry gets his head stuck in a "Hunny" Pot and says "Oh bother."
C: Haha. "Show me again."
C: That one gangster sounded like Bender.
C: Lol, Leela's interference messed things up.
C: They return to the Beast with Two Bucks.
C: "I'm 40% back baby."
C: His ships name is Flotsam & Jetson (both a reference to the words flotsam and jetsam as well as The Jetsons); on that note, I didn't realize until now that the names of the moray eels in The Little Mermaid, Flotsam and Jetsam, meant something other than just being names:
flotsam - the part of the wreckage of a ship and its cargo found floating on the water.
jetsam - goods cast overboard deliberately, as to lighten a vessel or improve its stability in an emergency
C: They walk by "Ark of the Covenant," "Golden Fleece," "Holy Grail," and "Jewel from 'Titanic' the Movie" before getting to "Bending Unit Posterior." (references to (Indiana Jones and the) Raiders of the Lost Ark, unknown, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and Titanic) [It's possible that the Golden Fleece is a reference to the comic book Indiana Jones and the Golden Fleece]
C: His ass is super reflective... hehe.
C: They're watching Rear Window (1954).
C: "Assie" came home.
C=1=20151005 02:04-02:34
*Lassie Come Home

Leela and the Genestalk
7ACV22 S10E09 N10E09
C: "There were still so many things I wanted to let go of!"
C: She occasionally lays an egg.
C: The ship's name is Old Bessie.
C: Built-in toothpicks.
C: "I keep telling you, we didn't grow up together."
C: Batman and Robin (Adam West and Burt Ward)
C: Haha. It's Jake and Finn from Adventure Time. (Jake the Dog's voice = Bender's voice)
C=1=20151005 02:34-2:55

Game of Tones*
7ACV23 S10E10 N10E10
C: Shazam.
C: Ha. "I don't know."
C: Dec. 31, 1999
C: One of the few moments where Nibbler talks.
C: Ahhaha. It's not cheating if its in a dream.
C: Awww... his mom made his favorite (Captain Crunch casserole)
C: His dog says, "Philip, have you lost weight?" (very much like Brian in Family Guy would act and talk)
C: "Let's go already!"
C: They're all hooked up kind of like Inception
C: Going to the mountain cements the fact that this episode is based on Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
C: He's been looking for the company car for 1000 years.
C: Awww...
C=1=20151005 02:55-03:16
*A reference to the series Game of Thrones

Murder On the Planet Express
7ACV24 S10E11 N10E11
C: 15" floppy disc.
C: His liver.
C: Scruffy and Zoidberg.
C: Bender and Leela.
C: It looks like a picture of Wreck-It Ralph was on a van which passed by.
C: Scruffy has an apprentice called Jackie Jr.
C: The situation is a bit like Alien.
C: Panic Room.
C: Scruffy and The Professor proceed to play Candyland.
C: Frender. Lamy. Hermberg.
C: Lol, what. Hermes and Scruffy. Lol what. HAHAHAHAHA. The Professor. Zoidberg. Fry. Amy.
C: Hahaha. They blew him to bits.
C: That ending...
C=1=20151005 03:17-03:38

Stench and Stenchibility*
7ACV25 S10E12 N10E12
C: One of those instances where Amy says, "I get it."
C: "I'm a doctor, and yes, they're real." As the doctor presses the paddles together, she presses her boobs together.
C: Hahaha. Bender saves the day.
C=1=20151005 03:38-03:59
*A reference to the novel Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

7ACV26 S10E13 N10E13
C: References A Trip to the Moon. Complete with the beer in the eye.
C: Instead of saying "Good news everyone," The Professor says "G.N.E."
C: Hahaha. Goes through all those diamonds.
C: Was that really just 10 seconds?
C: Meet on the Vampire State Building (like Sleepless in Seattle)
C: Hahahah. "Hurry hurry hurry hurry. Stop."
C: Lol. Like a barrel of monkeys.
C: They really live it out.
C: Whoa. Walking on water.
C: And so that's how it all ends. "So what do you say, want to go around again?" "I do."
C=1=20151005 03:59-04:22

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