E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

An alien (later named E.T.) is stranded on Earth when his companions are forced to flee without him. While on Earth, the alien meets and bonds with a young boy named Elliot.


Together with his older brother Michael, his younger sister Gertie, and his brother's friends, Elliot sets out to help E.T. get home. But with the feds monitoring the town, it isn't going to be easy.

As far as I can remember, I never watched E. T. as a kid and really only know it by popularity.

Elliot (Henry Thomas) and E.T. fly pass the moon.

In particular, I've seen references to the flying bike across the moon and I'm somehow familiar with E. T. pointing his finger to the sky and saying "E.T. phone home."*

Overall, this movie had moments that felt dated, but there was a lot of innovative design despite it's date as well (released in 1982).

Regardless, there were times where E. T.'s design looked cool and friendly, and times when he looked creepy. I wonder what, if any, technology could have done to change that (unless it was intentional).

At the end of the day, I'm glad I finally watched this film. While it's not among my favorites (I only gave it four out of five stars on Netflix), it's a feel-good film which I would recommend watching at least once.

Elliot's older brother Michael (Robert MacNaughton)

*As mentioned in my instant comments, he actually first says, when pointing his finger to the sky, "E.T. home phone."

Instant Comments:
Lol, the boys grab some knives.
Why do they keep the shed light on?
If this were a horror film, I'd be saying, why would you go out there? (like Signs (2002))

Elliot's younger sister Gertie (Drew Barrymore)

Haha, little Drew Barrymore...
All these lights on in his room.
Lol, who's copying who?
That's pretty cool. How they thought he should extend his neck when he felt comfortable.
"Is he a pig? Sure eats like one."
"Get it, Uranus?" "He doesn't get it." x2
Lol. Doesn't like the potato salad. Loves the Coors.

Elliot, Gertie, Michael, and their mother Mary (Dee Wallace)

Oh wow. Psychicly linked.
He first says "E. T. home phone."
But they repeat/correct "E. T. phone home."
I never realized the Amblin logo was from E. T. until seeing the original scene today. Apparently Amblin was founded by Steven Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy, and Frank Marshall; they were Director, Producer, and Production Supervisor for this film, respectively.

Is that the same guy with the jingling keys as from the beginning of the movie?
"Elliott thinks its thoughts." "No, Elliot... Elliot feels his feelings."
It glowed!
The flowers!
"E. T. phone home!"

Michael's friends, left to right: Greg (K.C. Martel), Steve (Sean Frye), and Tyler (Tom Howell)

"I've never driven forward before!"
Hehe, noticeable stunt doubles for the bike scene (when they're in a group of five)
"Come." "Stay." "Ouch." "Ouch." Aww...
"I'll... be... right... here."
How did his mom arrive without being followed?

After starting a riot and before being taken away, Elliot gives Pretty Girl (Erika Eleniak) a big wet kiss.

Ha. A rainbow. ('cause Skittles)

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) Steven Spielberg. 115 min

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