Kick-Ass (2010)

The movie had some great action sequences. I wasn't too fond of how the costumes looked. Well, Big Daddy's costume looked the best.

Favorite scene: Hit Girl rescues Kick Ass and Big Daddy.
Second favorite: Hit Girl takes down a slew of bad guys in Frank D'Amico's place.
Third favorite: Kick-Ass defends a guy from three other guys.
Fourth favorite: McCready shoots Mindy.

In the realm of fiction, there are two types of fictitious events: those that are realistically possible, and those that are realistically impossible. I judge good fiction by plot which keeps the possible ones seem possible, and makes the impossible ones seem possible. However, if the plot makes a possible event seem impossible or doesn't make an impossible event seem possible then it has failed. Part of the ending for me failed.

I don't know, I have mixed feelings for the movie. Overall I liked it a lot. Might benefit from a second viewing.

Off Topic Note: There was a discussion about the size of DVD's and Blu-rays. Wikipedia says a single-sided single-layered DVD is 4.7 GB, a single-sided double-layered DVD is 8.5-8.7 GB, a double-sided single-layered DVD is 9.4 GB, and a double-sided double-layered DVD is 17.08 GB. The article says the last is rare. Meanwhile, a single-layered Blu-ray disc is 25 GB, a double-layered Blu-ray disc is 50 GB.

20110110 Comment:
Today (20110110) I came across a concept called "suspension of disbelief." Skimming through the article, I found the following: "Tolkien argues that suspension of disbelief is only necessary when the work has failed to create secondary belief."

Watched 20101223 (Blu-ray)
Kick-Ass (2010) Matthew Vaughn. 117 min [bot comic book otsn (2008-2010) by Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr.]

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