Casino Royale (2006)

Overall good. Though lately I've been particular about the pacing of movies and this one didn't satisfy my preferences. I feel if a movie is gonna throw me a curve ball, it should still do so in a timely manner. Perhaps the movie was just too long.


20211222, 20211223:
Watching the movie again, I found it strange that the movie spends an extra 23 minutes or so to set up a twist leading into the next movie. I would have rather preferred the approach taken by the Austin Powers series. In other words, end it on a happy note and save the twist for the next film. Reading my entry from when I last saw the film, apparently my feelings towards the ending remain the same.

On an unrelated note, I only vaguely remembered two parts of the film, the first being the CIA agent and the second being something happens to Bond in which he goes to the car to remedy.

Instant Comments:
1: Parkour!
2: Hehe, Bond clumsily maneuvers
2: Thus far, Bond makes up for his lack of parkour with knowledge about machinery
2: Those pocket pairs.
2: Hehe. Of course. But I like the smirk Bond gives in reaction.

2: "I'm the money." "Every penny of it." A reference to Miss Moneypenny.
2: As James and Vesper were conversing, I suddenly wondered if there would ever be a female equivalent of James Bond, and apparently something like this took place in the most recent film No Time to Die
2: He put in "ELLIPSIS"?
2: His hands are still nicked when he sits down next to her in the shower. I feel like they would have been noticed at a poker table. [I went back to the scene where he returns and it is visible, but perhaps no one cares to bring it up]

2b: What position/knowledge does Vesper have to withhold the extra buy-in from James? She called him arrogant and
2b: "Shaken or stirred?" "Do I look like I give a damn?"
2b: So he's stumbling across the street and a car grazes him because bad driver?
2b: "Oh I'm sorry. That last hand. It nearly killed me."

2b: Pausing when Le Chiffre looks at the cards, I guess the only hand that would beat Aces is a flush or a straight flush (five/seven spades or two/three spades). Furthermore, everyone checked on the turn and the Ace of Spades came on the river. Someone with pocket aces would be safe against someone with a flush. Someone with a single ace would not be in a good position.

2b: Le Chiffre reveals he has a full house, 6 full of Aces. Since James went all-in, he must have the straight flush, but I'm guessing since he didn't raise on the turn, he probably has the low run. He might have also used the fact that Le Chiffre didn't go all-in himself. [I went looking for a better analysis and I found one that pointed out that the threat of someone having an Ace and an eight would be serious enough that perhaps Le Chiffre should have folded.]

2b: Lol. The password. [Oh, it wasn't what I thought it was]
2b: "I've got a little itch down there, would you mind."
2b: Smile. "To the right. To the right."
2b: Why did she still want to die?
2b: Interesting ending.
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Casino Royale (2006) Martin Campbell. 144 min.

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