Jackie Chan Adventures

Today I started watching this series over. I first watched it back when it was on television.

While watching the first episode, I was reminded of many things.

These two lines brought back memories of the cartoon: "Bad day bad day bad day..." and "One more thing!"

Some tidbits I didn't remember and enjoyed seeing consisted of the following:
1) Seeing Jackie Chan appear throughout the opening credits.
2) "I have a niece?"
3) "Shield not important!"

On a different note, I totally didn't remember the ending credit song. I thought maybe it was only for the pilot episode. It sounded cheesy.

Of course, knowing how most of the story plans out ruined some of the excitement. With that being said, I still enjoyed watching the action and going through the entire story. I look forward to watching the rest of this series, because I never finished it back when it aired on television (I don't remember why not). I'm pretty sure I watched the first couple seasons.

20101205 Comment:
Apparently the ending credit song is used for all of season 1. But then in other seasons the ending credit song is the same as the title song. Also, while I had remembered the bulk of season 1, I didn't remember many details, so it was fun to watch the first season over. I look forward to watching the other seasons as well.

On a different note, I just read that in terms of DVD release, only season one has been released in its entirety. But it was starting October 2010 that the entire series was made available on Netflix Instant. Awesome.

I was going through and transferring my television blog posts today. When I got to Jackie Chan Adventures, I went to check if any sites were streaming it. Apparently Sony has a streaming platform called Sparkle where Seasons 3 and 4 of Jackie Chan Adventures are available to watch (with ads).
Today I decided to resume this series. However, I couldn't figure out why the episode comments didn't seem to match the episode list on Wikipedia. Apparently the Wikipedia page has the episodes listed by air date, whereas Netflix and Amazon Prime have the episodes listed by some sort of official ordering.

Prior to determining the above, I watched all of S2E01. Afterwards, I watched snippets of certain episodes. I watched more than just snippets of the following: S2E04 (from where Tohru & Jade breaks Jackie out of solitary to the end), S2E08 (the first four or so minutes & from where Jackie calls Jade for the chi spell to the end), S2E09 (all), S2E12 (all; next day), S2E13 (all; next day), and S2E16 (all; next day).
I caught up to the last set of notes (S2E16) and started watching episodes I had not seen from season 2 (starting with S2E17).

Based on a statement on the Jackie Chan Adventures wiki, it seems as if only the first thirteen episodes of season 2 are related to the primary plot. The remaining episodes are adventures unrelated to the primary plot. On a related note, while the primary plot constitutes the first thirteen episodes under the streaming order, they were originally spread out with respect to their original air date, with filler episodes occurring in between. Using their air date, the first thirteen episodes would be aired 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th, 11th, 13th, 15th, 17th, 19th, 25th, 26th, 27th, and 28th.
20101201 ~11:55-~12:15

Rooster goes missing. They discover it's power.
20101202 ~08:15PM-~08:35PM

Ox. El Fuerte and Paco!
20101202 ~08:35PM-~08:55PM

WTF, he taps the thing and it turns off... amazing...
"Tell me where the serpent sleeps."
Lol Jade and Viper. Jade in her little detective outfit.
Haha, "There is no honor among thieves?"
Jackie rides the moose.
Lol, "Can you blame me, it's my sign."
Nice, the statue of liberty disappeared.
Asked if he's afraid when doing students.
20101202 ~08:55PM-~09:15PM

Asked if Jackie likes to watch television.
20101204 ~11:08PM-~11:28PM

Haha: "No way he's human." "Bad day bad day bad day."
"That's crazy Jade, you're crazy."
Melvin the Mouse: "Smile for the camera." Shendu as Jade says, "I will devour your soul."
Uncle uses the chant for the first time.
This is also the first episode in which the good guys don't have a talisman in their possession.
20101204, finished 20101005

"Enter the Dragon"
"Puff the Magic Dragon"
They lose another one eh...
I guess the end credits song is growing on me.
20101205 ~02:15PM-~02:35PM

We see where Section 13 keeps the talismans for the first time.
20101205 ~02:35PM-~02:55PM

Lol, hay is for horses.
Let's see what's left, monkey, tiger. pig, dog.
Lol they furthered the "scout's honor joke."
Jackie is asked what his favorite color is.
20101205 ~02:55PM-~03:20PM

Uncle talks to Chan in Chan's unconsciousness for the second time. The first time was in the sheep episode I think.
"Jade's a monkey. Then I'm a monkey's uncle."
"Bad move bad move bad move."
Asked if Jackie has a pet. He basically says he's too busy to have a pet.
20101205 ~09:30PM-~09:50PM

Haha, "How much is that doggie in the windmill."
Interesting... (knowing later storyline) it's to be noted that Jackie told Tohru in this episode he should consider changing sides.
"Time to walk the dog."
Jackie tells us that Uncle's sign is the dog.
Hak Fu: The guy who calls out all his moves.
"Cat shakes off water."
Lol "Angry crow takes fly." "Thanks for sharing angry crow."
Oh okay, after that Hak Fu takes advantage of his move calling.
Pig talisman made of chocolate, haha.
Uncle talks to Uncle's unconsciousness.
Haha: The pig talisman was how he melted his chocolate.
Lol, "Time is not on his side."
Haha, the second time they run down the building.
Haha, "one cannot turn back the hands of time..."
20101205 ~09:50PM-~10:10PM

Tiger (last talisman to be obtained)
Why was the tiger talisman in a pie?
Haha, "mirror." I just watched the Marx brothers do the no mirror bit in Duck Soup.
"Got milk?"
"Laugh like circus clowns until they beg for mercy."
"Hey you didn't even let him finish."
Air guitar... haha.
Haha, "um, acka ah ah..."
Lol, "It's not nice to dropkick little girls."
Question: How was Jackie able to get pass the three security levels?
20101205 ~10:15PM-~10:35PM

The last episode continued.
Bad day bad day bad day.
"I am told Section 13 serves donuts on Thursday."
Lol, "Never question the inscriptions."
He gets sheep, then dragon.
"Who else wants a piece of Uncle?"
Monkey. But loses the monkey. That's weird. It would seem that Shendu should use the invisibility and other powers more.
Chan gets ox.
Jade gets dog. Chan gets rat.
In unison the agents say: "Magic must defeat magic."
Jade blows up Shendu with dragon.
So Uncle explains by destroying Shendu, there will be a new evil.
Tohru is on the good side.
"One more thing." Jade comes back from China.
20101205 ~10:35PM-~10:55PM

Season 2

A, B: Chow has Dragon (Combustion), Ox (Strength), and Monkey (Shapeshifting). Ratso has Snake (Invisibility), Pig (Eye Beam), and Rabbit (Speed). Finn has Sheep (Astral Projection), Rat (Animation), Tiger (SPiritual Balance). Hak Foo has Horse (Healing), Rooster (Levitation), Dog (Immortality). B: Hak Foo gives his three Finn
A: Lol, switches pig and horse. | B: Finn switches his Horse (which he figured is redundant with the Immortality) with Chow's Pig.
B: "That'll do, Pig. That'll do" (reference to Babe)
A: "Two and a half."
A: Ah, Shendu wanted to enter Jackie's body, but Valmont ruined it. Though in the next scene Valmont seems to be able to partially resist Shendu. Jackie would have certainly resisted and that would have been ridiculous for Shendu.
A: "Hey, Jackie..." Which talisman would you want? All of them.
A=20101220 ~05:20PM-~05:40PM, B=20230117

A: Captain Black says Jade's "Aww."
A: They recovered all 12 talismans.
A: "Talismans are not important!"
A: "Hey, Jackie..." Do you watch your cartoon series? Yes.
A=20101220 ~05:40PM-~06:00PM

A: I noticed that Jade tosses the Pan'ku box in the air during opening credits.
A: "Hey, Jackie..." Have you ever refused a stunt? Yes. He talked about imagining a sequence of stunts. And that he wouldn't jump the grand canyon.
A=20101220 ~09:12PM-~09:33PM

A: Demon of the wind.
A: Tohru carries SnakeInvisibility RoosterLevitation RabbitSpeed
A: Jade uses the Dragon talisman to blast open the door, the Monkey talisman to turn Jackie into a Chinchilla, and the Snake talisman (Invisibility)
A: Fan the fan!
A: My face! Chinchilla! Chinchilla! [Chinchilla (Wikipedia.org)]
A: "Hey, Jackie..." What kind of animal would you be? Eagle.
A=20101220 ~09:34PM-~09:55PM

A: He does his own stunts.
A: "Jade, how do you do that?"
A: The man who does his own stunts.
A: Lol: Jade never does nothing. I know, but I feel I have to say it anyways.
A=20101220 ~09:55PM-~10:16PM

A: Demon Jade
A=20101220 ~10:17PM-~10:39PM

A: Moon Demon.
A=20101220 ~10:40PM-~11:00PM

A: Jade uses the sheep talisman to enter Uncle in his sleep.
A=20101220 ~11:00PM-~11:21PM

A: Sky demon.
B: "Bad magic cannot touch good"
B: Tohru says "Good and evil"
B: Jade determines flight comes from a combination of Levitation and Speed
A: Aww: Jade and Tohru. B: Smile
A=20101221 ~07:30PM-~08:00PM, B=20230118 ~01:00AM

A: Final, water demon.
A: Haha, "Don't be so sure Jade."
A: Haha, that was obviously coming: "I hate fish."
A: "Hey, Jackie..." Are you a good swimmer? No, I'm very bad.
A=20101221 ~08:00PM-~08:20PM

A: Final gate closed. Yay.
A: "Hey, Jackie..." Do you play any instruments? [Checking on 20230118, the caption read, "Do you play an instrument?"]
A=20101221 ~08:20PM-~08:40PM

B: This alternate Jackie says "That's crazy, Jade. You're crazy."
A: "Thought Yyou weren't allowed to read the forbidden books." "I do not read. I--I skim."
A: Jackie: Ox Dog
A: Jade and Uncle: Rooster Rabbit Snake Dragon
B: Probably Jackie got immortality
A: "Hey, Jackie..." How many languages do you know?
A=20101225 ~12:30PM-~12:55PM, B=20230118

B: Jackie grabbed Dog (Immortal) and Ox (Super Strength); Jade grabbed Rabbit (Speed) and Rooster (Levitation); Uncle grabbed Snake (Invisibility) and Dragon (Explosion)
A: Mountain Demon. (Drum) Tohru.
A: Wind Demon. (Fan) Paco and El Toro.
A: Sky Demon. (Flute) Viper.
A: Thunder Demon. (Castanets)
A: "No time for that now Paco." (i.e., their usual El Toro's the best vs. Jackie's the best
A: Castanets in his pockets! Haha.
A: Shendu regains Ox.
A: Four remaining demons, including Shendu, arrive.
A: "Behold my mastery of pollo."
A, B: Jackie: Fooling? I'm not immortal! Uncle: Excuses.
A: Water Demon gets back Dragon. Earth Demon gets back Rabbit. Moon Demon gets back Rooster.
B: They do their little Jackie vs. El Toro
A: "Bad day, for Demons."
A: "Hey, Jackie..." How many martial arts do you know?
A=20101225 ~12:55PM-~01:15PM

A: Haha old people kicking butt.
A: "Hey, Jackie..." What's your favorite type of music/song?
A=20101225 ~07:10PM-~07:30PM

A: "Hey, Jackie..." Jackie, do you miss your family?
A=20101225 ~07:30PM-~07:55PM

B: Jackie takes a drunken boxing look as he stands after being knocked down
A: A story with a twist. B: I'm gonna assume I made the comment on "A" when the curator reveals he did have the Sutras of Raktjiba which he earlier denied as having
B: They reveal their plan to Jackie.
B: "Power of the mind." (to cure Jackie's toothache)
B: "There is one more thing that he desires. Though I am not quite sure I understand." (proceeds to bonk Jackie on the head with two fingers)
B: "Hey, Jackie..." Where do you get the ideas for your stunts?
A=20101225 ~07:55PM-~08:20PM, B=20230118

B: The doll's two faces are young and old
B: "What are you like, 7 or 8?" "230"
B: Lol. He phrased it as being immortal. Which they are not...
B: That's a quick turnaround. So they literally have to drink from the cup everyday to survive
B: "Hey, Jackie..." What would you wish for?

B: Smile. "Low cost temple" as opposed to "lotus temple"
B: Jackie asks, "How come you get to leave the temple
B: "Hey, Jackie..." Where did you grow up?

B: "Chupacabra"
B: Hahaha. "The movie had no plot" "I had turbulence"
B: Hahaha. "You want the children to break their backs? And my hands hold the map"
B: El Toro without his mask
B: Hmm. Kind of anticlimatic resolution. Just made an antitode and deliver it...
B: "Hey, Jackie..." Who is your role model?

B: This episode revolves around Jackie's ancestor
B: Haha. "Must be a typo" and the equivalent of Jade turns into a character that looks like Jade
B: Shendu!?!
B: "Hey, Jackie..." What's your real name?

B: Probably... Kasahara would be the thief. How can someone have more far east art than the far east itself other than by stealing it
B: Hehe. Too heavy to fly away. He should have developed different tricks with his powers
B: He just turned into a rhino. I feel like that would have been perfect to carry away the urn
B: Hehe. Viper gives Jackie a kiss on the cheek
B: "Hey, Jackie..." Where did you grow up?

B: "We hold all the cards. We have the upper hand." "We could take it down a notch on the card puns"
B: "Hey, Jackie..." Did you ever work with Bruce Lee

Ba: "Oh no! Say it ain't so."
Ba: Getting sleepy so paused at the 11 minute mark. Will probably have to resume a minute or two back. Bb: This bad guy rhymes
Bb: Simple but surprisingly funny: "My dark side has gone over to the... dark side."
Bb: "Hey, Jackie..." What kind of movies do you like?
Ba=20230119, Bb=20230120

B: Buttercup Scouts.
B: "Getting to that."
B: Smile. The sarcasm. Uncle's heart always pounds like a jackhammer.
B: "Never heard of it." (she turns the book around)
B: Fighting while bandaged. That is extremely Jackie Chan's style
B: "Back to Desolation Island"
B: "Hey, Jackie..." Do you know how to cook?

B: Lol. Why are the talismans so easy to access?
B: "Hello? What am I, invisible? Oh yeah.
B: Oh no. The tutor. I didn't see that coming.
B: Hehe. A second twist. The tutor's tattoo is that of a monkey. B: "Hey, Jackie..." Is it hard to be a celebrity?

B: A common twist would be that Ruby ends up being important. (Valmont gets away with the statue)
B: Hahaha. Valmont drinks the milk
B: "What's a Babylonian urn?" "Probably more than we do?"
B: "Hey, Jackie..." What did you study at the Chinese opera?

B: If the vault is just locked by a security card, it's not very secure?
B: Hehe. Tohru's mom.
B: I thought Jade might hide on the ceiling like I would expect out of Jackie, but I guess she's too small and likely wouldn't have the strength to do it
B: Why doesn't Jackie just escape again?
B: Did she forget the talisman?
B: Huh. Heal the boat
B: "Hey, Jackie..." What do you do on rainy days?

B: This Daolon Wong looks familiar. It's possible I've seen some episodes with this antagonist
B: What kind of monks are these? They don't even help out
B: Huh. It isn't quite explained how Tohru just slipped out of sight
B: Smile. Jade prances around chanting "Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao"
B: Cool. Jade wields the stick
B: So who is the chosen one? Especially if the monks found their way to their place while tracking the chosen one? Jade? [It is suspected in the next scene]
B: "Hey, Jackie..." Are the characters in the show based on people you know?

B: It almost looked like they were sumo wrestling.
B: "Hey, Jackie..." Have you ever been bullied?

B: "The Dark Hand" (name of the band)
B: Smile. Valmont on cowbell
B: Smile. "You were off-key"
B: Just a dream
B: "Or else." "Or else what?" "The rabbit will get hungry!"
B: "Hey, Jackie..." What's the hardest thing you've ever had to do?

B: Not sure I understand the problem with moving the talismans out of the vault.
B: Jade also thinks they could just hold onto them, but Uncle disagrees
B: Whoa. Jade acquired all the abilities of the talismans
B: Hahaha. The monks immediately grab Jade
B: Two unaccounted for. One via the forehead. Unknown twelfth
B: Hahaha. Her rasberries from earlier in the episode (which honestly were becoming annoying) are put to good use (and it becomes apparent why they had her do it earlier in the episode)
B: The moose chant sounds funny.
B: Hehe. Talisman powers mixed up
B: "Hey, Jackie..." How many hours do you work out?
B=20230121 11:40 PM

B: "Being handcuffed together is so cool. Sometimes."
B: They have a robe sized for Jade
B: LOL. Of course. We just saw the beam shoot no B: "Hey, Jackie..."
B=20230122 12:20 AM

B: "Bad dream, bad dream, bad dream."
B: Hmm. If the phone shrunk, would it really still work?
B: Hehe. Poor Jackie (Hak Foo deleted the typed message)
B: Close one. (Tohru sneezes in time)
B: "Hey, Jackie..." What's your favorite sport? (Haha, love the smile on his face at the end)

B: References Planet of the Apes.
B: Possibly a reference to I Love Lucy. Congo and Babalu
B: "Did I do that?"
B: Titanic
B: I feel like the Monkey King would be more mischievous and less evil (this portrayal seems more evil)
B: Hmm. This is cheating, right?
B: Hehe. The spinnign eyebrows
B: $200! What a scam haha
B: Well, I could have suggested that as a solution...
B: "Hey, Jackie..." What's your favorite fruit?

B: I almost thought Jackie would go the entire episode without realizing the vampire was real
B: Hehe. Tohru with Jade's chi
B: "Where are you getting these rules from?"
B: Hehe. I thought Jackie's chi would be transfused into Jade, but instead it was Uncle's chi
B: HA! "Jade has Uncle's chi, not his brains!"
B: Why can't Mr. Lam just expose the vampire to sun and destroy it (as opposed to having to getting rid of it to an unsuspecting buyer
B: "Hey, Jackie..." Why is so important to be defensive rather than offensive?

B: I thought these bad guys can't enter the temple.
B: Hmm. I feel like the first thing Jade would realize is that she can't hear herself.
B: But what does Daolong hope to achieve from spreading darkness?
B: Repetition of "handi-capable"
B: "One more thing, Chi Master Fong says 'hello'"
B: "Hey, Jackie..." How high can you jump?

B: [Wikipedia has this note: "This was one of three episodes, whose plot was written after the first season's conclusion, despite being set during that season's over-arching story. The events are set after the episode 'The Rock'."]
B: Maybe use the Horse talisman?
B: Umbrella versus swords. Very Jackie Chan.
B: Huh. While this status is motion to the motionless... I feel like the animated statue shouldn't have the power of the original person... Unless that person somehow froze himself to begin with
B: Oh. They haven't collected all the talismans yet
B: Smile. "Cunning"
B: Tohru is still a bad guy.
B: "Hey, Jackie..." Do you collect anything?

Ba: [Wikipedia has this note: "This was one of three episodes, whose plot was written after the first season's conclusion, despite being set during that season's over-arching story. The events are set before the episode 'Enter The Viper'."]
Ba: Smile. "Jackie Chan Can." I would have thought she was gonna say "Jackie Chan Adventures."
Ba: Smile. Tohru comes out of the cave covered in bats, looking like Batman
Ba: "Bad snake, bad snake, bad snake"
Ba: [Falling asleep]
Bb: "Hey, Jackie..." Have you worked with dangerous animals?
Ba=20230125, Bb=20230126

B: [Wikipedia has this note: "This was one of three episodes, whose plot was written after the first season's conclusion, despite being set during that season's over-arching story. The events are set after the episode 'Shell Game'."] B: Literally 1976 and Jade says "Bellbottoms, that's so 90s"
B: Interesting that Jackie becomes aware of the scar disappearing. I feel like that's not how time really changes. I suppose it'd be more like she's entered a copy of the past that affects the present.
B: "Bad day" (not repeated)
B: "What do you baffoons want?"
B: "That's crazy, Jade. You're crazy."
B: Adult Jackie says "Bad day" just once as well
B: Oh. Haha. I didn't see that. (young) Jackie took it
B: Hehe. Spoken: "Everybody is kung fu fighting"
B: HA! "We took the long way home."
B: "Hey, Jackie..." Were you cool when you were a kid?

Season 3

B: Matrix effect
B: "Hepcat. Slippery McGee. Fearless Hyena. The Big Bopper."
A: "Watch the hands. Please, not the hands."
A: Hahaha. "Always brush after soup?"; B: Smile.
B: "Hey, Jackie..." What is rushu?
A=20190504, B=20230126

B: Ha! "What, I didn't eat."
B: Smile. He's not lying. Security there does stink.
B: Silly Jackie. Now they got to go hunting for talismans again [that is, as Uncle says soon enough, the powers they contain][Ha! and then Jade says, "You mean, Jackie just started the talisman hunt all over again? Cool."]
B: Lol. They became his new Dark Warriors
B: "Hey, Jackie..." What do you do to stay in shape?

B: Oh no. Not this Monkey King again.
B: Why doesn't the Monkey King just destroy this new puppet?
B: I wonder how the monkey is abile to use the power.
B: Monkeys can't. But sharks can... if the little monkey somehow knows about sharks. Or any number of aquatic animals.
B: "Bad wave, bad wave, bad wave, bad wave!"
B: Whoa. Daolon Wong was able to turn the Monkey King back into a puppet!
B: Hehe. "Lava"
B: "Hey, Jackie..." Was it hard to learn English?

B: Quetzalcoatl speaks English?
B: Huh. Not sure how Quetzalcoatl logically puts all those together. He says, "Dark magic. So, you are truly Xolotl. But then, you..." Which seems to suggest he figures Jade is not the princess. But then as Jade run off, he calls, "Princess!"
B: There was never any conversations regarding it, but now he firmly figures Jade is not the princess: "And I do not care if she is not a goddess. I will not let you harm her." Well, I suppose logically, this statement does not imply that Quetzalcoatl concludes Jade is not who he thinks she is.
B: It is clear that eventually they talked it out, but not shown on screen.
B: "Hey, Jackie..." Have you done any extreme sports?

B: I bet the tiger is part of a Vegas show.
B: The pair (who are clearly based on Siegfried & Roy) are named Helmut & Ulf.
B: Hehe. A funny variation of Yin-Yang power.
B: Hehe. Yang Jackie implies Uncle is an eel.
B: "Substituting eel saliva with mayonnaise"
B: "Hey, Jackie..." Do you play any video games?
B=20230129 AM

B: Huh. What's a reknowned nuclear physicist doing back on his father's farm?
B: "Magic? Why didn't you just say so in the first place?"
B: I thought Rooster was just levitation, and yet they are so high up? Is that still count as levitation? [the Wiki says that it "gives the user the power to fly" and when combined with the Rabbit Talisman gives "supersonic flight." This prompted me to look up the meaning of "levitation." Various search results suggest that while there is some overlap in the two, flight has a tendency to be associated with direction under some explained mechanism while levitation is supernatural.
B: "Hey, Jackie..." What do you do with your free time?
B=20230129 AM

B: We get some actual drunken boxing (as opposed to last time when he only took stance after getting bonked)
B: Huh. I thought that would be a compliment "She is more fearsome..."
B: "Hey, Jackie..." Did you do well in school?
B=20230129 AM

B: Wait. I just realized that it must be a huge coincidence for Uncle and Daolon Wong to always be chasing the same talisman powers.
B: Jade has great control over her dream. She is able to be a sheep, then communicate with Baab, and then come up with the Loch Ness monster.
B: Haha. Uncle correctly interprets the situation
B: It's funny that their voices are switched. I suppose a gender switch joke was not within the scope of the show's target age group.
B: "Hey, Jackie..."

B: Hehe. Does no one notice that Chip is running too fast?
B: Smile. Why would these cheerleaders take orders from a little girl?
B: This plot seems vaguely familiar. Perhaps I've seen this episode.
B: "Hey, Jackie..." How many push-ups do you do a day?

B: Hehe. The elves have magic.
B: "You brought an elf to a Hannukah party?
B: Hehe. "Fake Santa"
B: Smile. A small variation to the usual chant: "Fa la la la la la la la la"
B: It almost sounds like he said "Bah humbug."
B: Mistletoe for Jackie and Viper. "Pucker up" - Viper to Jackie.
B: Ultramoose II: Antler Gear Solid Yellow Version
B: In the group photo, Viper and Jackie still have their arms around each other.
B: "Hey, Jackie..." What's your favorite food?

B: Hehe. They activate their stone magic at the same time. Though technically Daolong Wong cast his spell a while after Uncle did, so Daolong Wong was actually faster (and in this case the better wizard)
B: "Hey, Jackie..." Do you like to ride horses?

B: To be fair, Daolong Wong has failed whenever he's directly involved... so it's not like he's any better
B: Haha. "I... do not poof."
B: Jackie asks Hak Foo if he wants to be a freak and Hak Foo says yes.
B: "What do you know. He does poof."
B: Hehe. I love how they tease Hak Foo.
B: "Hey, Jackie..." How do you control your anger?

B: Oh, I didn't remember that Daolong Wong acquired Rooster and Pig.
B: Hehe. Ox + Rabbit = Ram.
B: Hehe. Shendu placed so close to the talismans. How tortoruous.
B: "Hey, Jackie..." Where'd you like to go in Hong Kong?

Bb: Resumed at the 10 minute mark.
Bb: "Whoa. I wonder what else Jade has been saying is true."
Bb: "Hey, Jackie..." Have you evever worked with any dangerous animals?

B: If these people can go through walls, why didn't they do it sooner?
B: Peking Opera (reference to Jackie Chan's training)
B: "Chuckles"
B: "A cheap trick called magic makeup"
B: Hehe. "Don't they pay you at the opera?"
B: Hahaha. "Jade, stop, they are thieves!" "Don't they pay them at the opera?"
B: If she removed some of his make-up, why was he still able to pass through the wall?
B: "Hey, Jackie..." Where did you live when you were little?

B: Uneaten cookie
B: Jade says Tohru would never leave a cooke uneaten
B: Tohru notices the rundown room and questions the "prime syndicate" detail
B: Hahaha. "Jackie, don't hurt, Tohru!" "What about me?"
B: I suppose for the sake of the story. But shouldn't people pass a test to get such information?
B: I had to listen to it two more times, but I think the answer could be "the letter E"
B: Jade doesn't figure it out, but Uncle does! As a side note, I feel like Valmont would have just been trapped on the other side if he couldn't answer the riddle
B: "Hey, Jackie..." What's your favorite food?

B: Smile. "Paco has a clone, and I don't. How unfair.
B: Hehe. Jade has a clone after all.
B: Huh. THe Paco clone was beating all of them, and yet here they're doing not so bad against their clones.
B: "Hey, Jackie..." Are you afraid of the dark?

Jackie Chan Adventures (2000-2005)

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