Seven Years in Tibet (1997)

This movie was good. I'm unable to pinpoint why it wasn't great, but I would guess it wasn't fully interesting. I convinced myself to watch it again because I didn't remember much of it and I certainly didn't remember David Thewlis's part in the movie. Surprisingly, he plays a big role in the movie, it's just I didn't know who he was back then. As a matter of fact, perhaps the only thing I remembered about the movie prior to watching it again just now was the building of the cinema relating to the worms and reincarnation.

Watched 19971018 Edwards Metro Pointe [TIBET] 4:00P $4
Watched 20101210 (Netflix, Instant)
Seven Years in Tibet (1997) Jean-Jacques Annaud. 136 min [bot book otsn (1952) by Heinrich Harrer]

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