The Aviator (2004)

The Aviator was a great movie and Leonardo DiCaprio gave a great performance.

With that being said, the plot is complex and might leave some viewers confused by the end.

Howard Hughes (Leonardo DiCaprio)

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Instant Comments:*
1: It's interesting to watch a movie knowing you've seen it before, but not remember various portions of it.
1, 2: I didn't remember the very first scene with the quarantine.
1: I remembered the seen where he asks about what gives the waitress pleasure.

Katharine Hepburn (Cate Blanchett)

2: He says the following:
Howard Hughes: Boy, you are just hitting on all six cylinders, aren't you? My God. Would you do me a favor and just? Would you just smile for me one time? Just once? [cigarette girl smiles] Yeah. Yeah. You see, you got a short upper lip. Makes for a much nicer smile.

Hughes smooth talks the cigarette girl (Josie Maran)

See, I wonder what gives a beautiful woman like you pleasure. I mean, say you're just standing there, right? And I just touch you. Just... Just like this. With my fingertips. Do you...? Do you like that? Do you? You see, I wanna learn what pleases you. I wanna learn everything about you. Would you let me do that? Would you give me that job?

Hughes hires Noah Dietrich (John C. Reilly)

1, 2: Hughes and Hepburn are playing golf and have the following exchange:
Howard Hughes: [doesn't hear what Kate says] Excuse me?
Katharine Hepburn: Well, if you're deaf, you must own up to it. Get a hearing aid, or see my father. He's an urologist, but it's all tied up inside the body, don't you find?
Howard Hughes: Mmm.

Katharine Hepburn: Me, I keep healthy. I take seven showers a day to keep clean, also because I'm so vulgarly referred to as "outdoors-y." Well, I'm not "outdoors-y," I'm athletic. I sweat! There it is, now we both know the sordid truth: I sweat, and you're deaf. Aren't we a fine pair of misfits?
Katharine Hepburn: So I suppose you're wooing me now?

Ava Gardner (Kate Beckinsale)

2: I love that entire conversation between Hepburn and Hughes.
2: Hepburn notices his discomfort (but I guess she doesn't entirely know why yet)
2: Hehe, the cellophane.
1: I love his facial expressions on the crash landing.
1: Oh man, the scene where his OCD causes him to wait for someone to open the door, that might be me, but bathrooms usually don't run out of paper.

1: I thought the scene where Howard runs his hands down Ava's dress was a scene in Catch Me If You Can.
2: "I this the dark. I have a place I can sleep. I have a chair. That's just beautiful. Oh, yeah. I like the desert. It's hot there in the desert, but it's clean. It's clean. I need to sleep. I should drink something first. I should have some... some milk. Wait a minute... what if that milk is sour? That milk is bad I shouldn't pick up the bottle with my right hand. And I shouldn't take the top off with my left...put it in my pocket. My left pocket."

1: The scene with all the bottles of piss is awesome.
2: "Does that look clean to you?" "Nothing's clean Howard, but we do our best, right?"

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Senator Ralph Owen Brewster (center, Alan Alda)

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The Aviator (2004) Martin Scorsese. 170 min.

Glenn Odekirk (Matt Ross)

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