The Departed (2006)

This movie is great. It has the honor of being the first movie I watched while in CA after starting my blog. It is also the first movie that I decided to watch despite having seen it before in CA.

Billy (Leonardo DiCaprio)

The movie has great lines.

The movie has suspense. It was surprising right down to the end. Well, I actually remembered the very end, but it was still fun to watch.

After watching the movie, I have the following question: "What was in the envelope Costigan gave to Madolyn?" Wikipedia says that it was probably evidence, this makes sense.* Interestingly, this wasn't obvious to me. It was, however, obvious to me that the baby was Costigan's - despite the movie never explicitly telling us this.

Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson)

*[20180704] While this is no longer on Wikipedia, I looked around and I found various answers which require a lot of assumptions which didn't exactly make sense. In short, I am led to conclude that the very ending (starting from the rooftop) was sloppy writing. From what I read, the what and why on the contents of the envelope are as follows: Dignam shows up at the end to kill Sullivan. Dignam would have only done so if he had learned Sullivan was culpable. At that point in the movie, the only person who could have told Dignam was Madolyn, and the only way Madolyn would have known to contact him was if Costigan had explained the situation and instructed her to do so via the contents of that envelope. It should be noted that Dignam was the only one person left who knew Costigan's real identity. It should also be noted that the CD which Costigan mailed was addressed to Costello. What I don't understand is why Costigan decided to resolve the situation in such a roundabout manner?**

Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon)

**I did some more reading and a good answer on the internet explained that this was part of Costigan's character - if not at the start of the film, then certainly by the end of it. Another answer also said it was part of his character. Words used are "loose cannon" and "unhinged."

[20101215][20180703 Edit]

I started watching this movie for a screenshot viewing, but the next thing I new, it was 1 hour and 45 minutes in and I couldn't stop watching.

This time, however, I didn't remember the ending. Actually, I didn't remember most of the movie.

Netflix determined the movie for me as a 97% match. I decided to give the movie a thumbs up.

Instant Comments:
3: "Jeez, she fell funny."
3: "I'm Shipping Up to Boston" - Dropkick Murphys
3: "Cranberry juice." "It's a natural diuretic. My girlfriend drinks it when she's got her period. What, do you got your period?"
3: 25 minute mark. "What was his name? The departed?"
3: Vera Farmiga. I didn't remember her being in this movie.
3: Ouch. His cast.

3: Ouch. The shoe for interrogation.
3: Erectile dysfunction.
3: Oh. I forgot this part about the wrong address.
3: Huh. Sullivan came back with papers. And then when he realizes that he's been revealed, he deletes the profile.
3: A rat is seen on the railing.

2: Watched theatrical trailer.

2=20101215, 3=20180703 (screenshot viewing)

Watched once before (DVD)
Watched 20101215 (DVD)
Screenshot viewing 20180703 (Netflix, Instant)
The Departed (2006) Martin Scorsese. 151 min [remake of the movie Infernal Affairs (2002) Andrew Lau and Alan Mak]

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