The Third Man (1949)

I like the bulk of the movie. I would recommend it, especially if you like mystery or thriller movies. Apparently there were two versions of the movie and from the descriptions, the one I just watched on Netflix streaming was the original British release.

I wasn't paying too much attention near the beginning, so I was a little lost. Around the middle of the movie, the plot started to make sense. Meanwhile, the end of the movie was exciting, and the very end of the movie was strange. It was hard to understand Anna's love for Harry. And I didn't exactly understand in the end what crime Harry had committed. Ultimately, I just read the plot summary on Wikipedia, and it cleared up my lack of understanding.

Instant Comments:
I liked the one line where the man points up and says hell, then points down and says heaven.
At 21 minutes. Title mentioned: There was a third man.
Lol, the kid caused such a stir.
At 50 minutes. Conversation using the anaology of a new book titled "The Third Man."

Watched 20101205 (Netflix, Instant) 100 min.
The Third Man (1949) Carol Reed. 104 min.

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