The Sting (1973)

This was an excellent movie. I missed part of the movie when I drifted off, but I picked back up on the plot.

The ending surprised me, but it didn't surprise one of my friends. He said it was because of the title. Thinking about what he said, I feel like the title wouldn't necessarily imply the ending. Hooker asks that he still finish the play, and thus the sting would still have taken place.

Paul Newman and Robert Redford make such a great team. They also did Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) together.

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I watched this movie today, vaguely recalling that I had only partially watched it before.

Rating: 5.4/5

Instant Comments:
2: I bet the two are working together. when he stuffed it in his pants he must have done a swap
2: is it necessary for him to win? if so... he would have to swap out his threes for like... suits like jacks queens kings. or is his goal to lose. i think his goal was to win.
2: ahha 4 Jacks... but how do you know which suit to swap to... what if it showed up.
2: huh. who kills Salino [apparently a hired body guard for Hooker]
2: huh i wonder if the long con includes conning the feds
2: or are these feds not really feds. earlier i had that thought and then something abkut the scene with snyder had me convinced they were actually feds...
2: ah nuts I spoiled these mysterious gloves
2: oh wow. Salino...
2: huh. i feel like the rigged roulette table is a bit if a foreshadow to this moment "take all of it"
2: oh shit ok. "get him out" that's basically the same con as Luther and Hooker were playing but bigger. so the "feds" were not actually the feds. or at least that should be the answer
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The Sting (1973) George Roy Hill. 129 min.

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