Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)

At the beginning of the film, a private investigator is hired by a cartoon company executive to investigate Roger Rabbit's wife, Jessica Rabbit. The investigator takes the job because he needs the money, but dislikes dealing with toons, because a toon killed his brother. Going to the club where Jessica Rabbit works, the investigator captures some pictures of her with the owner of Toon Town. When Roger Rabbit finds out, he goes nuts and in particular goes wild when he drinks some alcohol. Roger goes missing, but the investigator and Maroon don't think much of it.

Eddie Valiant and Roger Rabbit

The next morning, however, the owner of Toon Town is found dead and Roger is the prime suspect. After the investigator checks out the crime scene, he returns to his office where one of Roger's co-workers in the cartoon business says Roger must have been framed. The investigator isn't interested in protecting Roger and tells the toon off. However, as the investigator is retiring to bed, he finds Roger is already there waiting for him.

Apparently when his brother was still alive, the investigator and his brother helped many toons and for this reason, Roger had decided to come to the investigator for help. The investigator initially refuses, but one thing leads to another and the investigator helps Roger out. The investigator asks his friend to help hide Roger while he investigates further.

Jessica Rabbit

You'll have to watch the movie to find out who framed Roger Rabbit.

This is my first time seeing this film. There's so many films out there I haven't seen.

In any case, I could say I found the movie enjoyable to watch. I don't think I found anything surprisingly funny that caused me to burst out laughing, but there were some good puns and moments. I found it fun to watch the interaction between the humans and cartoons.

In particular, many famous cartoons appear in the movie, mainly Disney characters and Warner Bros. characters.

Judge Doom (Christopher Lloyd)

If you're looking for something light and funny, then check out Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Instant Comments:
Ha, he can't give them stars after getting bonked on the head.
Lol, it's Dumbo from Dumbo
Ha! "Paddycake"
Only when its funny. Ha!
"I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way."
Mentions "Harvey" at 52 minutes.
Ha. "What do you call the middle of a song?" A bridge.

Ha. Good one. "Booby trap."
References The Wizard of Oz: "I'm melting."

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Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) Robert Zemeckis. 104 min

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Some cartoon cameos:


Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny being of no help to Eddie.

"Th-th-th-that's all folks!"

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