Superman vs. The Elite (2012)

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Don't mess with Superman.

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The movie's plot centers around a theme that reminds me of the manga Death Note. Basically, a group called The Elite look to replace Superman as the world's new heroes. While seemingly helpful at first, the group holds an extreme point of view with respect to dealing with crime. More specifically, the group propose to deal with criminals by destroying them, rather than just putting them in jail.

Superman talking to The Elite

In any case, they initially work alongside Superman, but it doesn't take long before they trick Superman and deceive the public into supporting their cause over Superman. While hope seems lost for Superman, a little pep talk from his dad, Jonathon Kent, seems to help a bit.

Will The Elite be successful in breaking Superman or will he come up with a plan to take them down off their high horse and regain his standing as everyone's favorite superhero?

While the movie wasn't terrible, I would be absolutely fine never seeing it again. I would, however, watch the final fight scene over and over again, because Superman in that scene is just beyond awesome to watch.

Up until that final scene, the movie is relatively mild and consists more of decent story-telling rather than good action. From a positive point of view, the ending packs a bigger punch (quite literally) on behalf of the lead-up.

If you like Superman, then I would recommend you watch this movie. Even if you don't like the beginning of the movie, then hopefully at least you'll like the end of it. If you're just looking for an action movie, then you might find something in this movie, but there's a chance you might be disappointed; keep your expectations low.


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Technically it's the kid's fault his father got killed. But of course the kid is blind to that.
"You might have the stones to do me." "Pam, while I'm handing out ultimatums, keep it in your pants."
Wow, that final battle was intense and fun to watch.

Clark Kent and Lois Lane


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