The New Legend of Shaolin (1994)

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The New Legend of Shaolin* (1994) Wong Jing, Corey Yuen. 95 min
also known as Legend of the Red Dragon
also known as Hong Xi Guan: Zhi Shao Lin wu zu (original title)
*Hong Kong English title

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A martial artist Hung Hei-Kwun comes home to find his village has been attacked and all but his son is left. With the government after Hung, he gives the baby a choice between a toy horse and a his sword, symbolizing death and a life of fighting, respectively. As the child chose the sword, Hung raises his son and teaches him martial arts.

Seven years later, we see the Shaolin master tattooing portions of a treasure map onto the back of five young Shaolin students. One of the students's father is a rich man, who sees Hung Hei-Kwun fight and wishes to hire him. Having run out of money, Hung Hei-Kwun accepts the job of becoming the man's body guard.

At the same time, the rich man pays for a woman who wishes to bury her supposed dead mother. In truth, the woman and mother are a pair of thieves who look to scam rich men for their money.

Eventually the government, looking for the map pieces, attacks the Shaolin temple. Fortunately, the four kids still at the temple escape to meet their friend and hide there. Then, through a display of superior martial arts, Hung's son befriends them.

Later in the story, the government intercept a message and come looking for the children at the rich man's home. Because they're friends, the young master looks to save his brothers.

This film has some standard fight sequences and is balanced out with the occasional light humor.

Much of the humor is due Deannie Yip who plays Red Bean's mother. Apparently Yip also starred in Dragons Forever (1988) which stars Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, and Biao Yuen.

Overall, it's a decent action film.

Instant Comments:
This sort of martial arts is nostalgic. Plenty of kung-fu series on VHS when I was a kid. Also same sound effects.

Lol. She blows on it. It's thin.
Pearl Powder
Lol. The mom acting as a ghost was hilarious.
Hahahaha. They beat up the mom.
"Robbery!" "Remove your pants!"
"Will you marry me, yes or no?" "Yes"
"I can tell your wish you want to sleep with this man."
The mom is the funniest.
Some of the translation is funny. Twice Jet Li says "bullshit" and at one point a man says "bitch."

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