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I haven't entirely gone in order and I came up with a couple of different choices as far as notation. With the few times that I've actually made a second pass through a television series (e.g. Futurama and Bob's Burgers) then that's when I'll preface entries with "2:". In contrast, there have been incidences here where I may have seen an episode twice, but technically speaking it's just the first pass.

In the end, I felt like using "A", "B", and "C"; I first watched episodes marked "A", then "B", and then "C".

Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot
B: Ha. They introduced the jar from the start.
B: Time of my life.
*I mainly watched this episode while playing League of Legends. I've already seen a couple of the episodes in the middle of the season (S01E08, S01E09, S01E10) with a friend, so that put my foot in the door in terms of watching this show. The first episode did a good job of making the characters interesting and likable.

Season 1 Episode 2 Kryptonite
B: Hahaha. Punching the pillow.
B: What's happening is this is a great song.
*I was watching the first part of this episode while playing League of Legends.

Season 1 Episode 3 Wedding
B: The actress playing Gretchen is in Orange is the New Black! (Natasha Lyonne)
B: Hahahaha! "Oh, and don't break Schmidt's heart, or you'll have me to deal with."
*So after being helped with her own relationship problem, this episode revolves around Jess helping Nick with one of his relationship problems.

Season 1 Episode 4 Naked
B: Ha. "That guy's gonna blow himself up."
B: Ha. I like her reaction upon seeing him naked.
B: "I accidentally saw Nick's pee-pee and his bubbles."
B: Haha! "I have a travel size."
B: Hahahahaha. "I'm Jess. Welcome to our home."
B: Smile. "Even my gumbo pot?"

Season 1 Episode 5 Cece Crashes
B: [In a deep voice] "Like what? I'm just hanging out"
B: Haha! He herded her towards his room.
B: "Parkour!"
B: Hahahaha. "Apolo... Ohno..." as he skates away.
B: Huh. So I mean it seemed like Nick liked Jess in the first episode, but then not so much so in episodes 3 and 4. Then it's brought up by Cece in this episode.
B: Walter Matthau
*So far the episodes are solid and Zooey Deschanel is a lot of fun to watch.

Season 1 Episode 6 Thanksgiving
B: "And I don't want to hear Schmidt, Schmidt, you're using too much tarragon."
*This episode was alright. I think the conflict between Nick and Paul (Justin Long) seemed a bit overdone.

Season 1 Episode 7 Bells
*This episode wrapped up alright.

Season 1 Episode 8 Bad in Bed
A: Sooo awkward haha

Season 1 Episode 9 The 23rd
A: Lebron, haha.

Season 1 Episode 10 The Story of the 50
A: Quite a surprising end.

Season 1 Episode 11 Jess and Julia
B: Aww. "You can't monopolize the bathroom crying space."
B,C: "And my checks have baby farm animals on them, bitch!"
B: Hahahahaha. "Winston, what's happening?"
B: Aww... what a cute ending.
B: Hahahahaha. Ridiculous. Hahahaha. HAHAHA. First the realization that they've been using the same towel. Then that Nick never washes his towels. And to top it off. He wears his roommate's underpants. Well, maybe he's being sarcastic, but it didn't seem like it. C: That ending is just perfect.
B=Watched once before*, C=20160815
*Probably 20130823; Huh. Episode 6 was Nick not getting along with Jess's date. Now Jess isn't getting along with Nick's date. Though to be fair, Paul was nice and Julia seems mean.

Season 1 Episode 12 The Landlord
B: HAHAHAHA! C: "Alright. So you want me to... 'sort'... your files?"
B: That was quite a surprise.
B: Rusted Root - Send Me on My Way.
B: "Alright. I am not ready for a 4-way."
B=Watched once before*, C=20160815
*Probably 20130823

Season 1 Episode 13 Valentine's Day
C: "I was feeling twirly!"
B=Watched once before, C=20160815

Season 1 Episode 14 Bully
C: Schmidt perches out the window like a dog.
C: "I'm not a kid hater." "That's right, none of us are." [winks]

Season 1 Episode 15 Injured
C: Winston's "car"
C: Take the pills. Don't take the pills. Take the pills...
C: "Cause you're making me cry with your emotions." - Schmidt
C: Hahaha. The death symbol.
C: Hahahaha. "[...] 5 to 7 pounds?"

Season 1 Episode 16 Control
C: Suede.
C: Haha. Schmidt when he moved in was fat.
C: "Cannons" Ha.
C: Schmidt has become quite a character.
C: She messed with the ecosystem.
C: Lol. That sex talk. I'm surprised no one is onto them.

Season 1 Episode 17 Fancyman (Part 1)
C: Ha, it's the actor (Randall Park) who played President Kim in The Interview (2014). [This episode was released in 2012]
C: 250 credit score.
C: I forgot what the jar was for.
C: "When's the last time you had mono? Tomorrow you're gonna say yesterday."
C: Hahaha.
C: "Does your brown skin retain heat?"
C: "He can feel really smart sometimes." "Oh my god, I think it's coming."

Season 1 Episode 18 Fancyman (Part 2)

Season 1 Episode 19 Secrets
C: Lol. He threw his phone against the wall.
C: Raccoon hands digging through the trash

Season 1 Episode 20 Normal
C: Nick didn't even notice Jess was gone.
C: Lol. The ideas that went through their minds.
C: "I won't make you guess what the flag is."
C: Kind of dumb of her to avoid fighting.
C: HAHAHA. He drinks it instead of Kareem.

Season 1 Episode 21 Kids
C: "dry lump" "sexting" "99" "plow chops" "animal style"
C: Lol. She has a crush on Nick.
C: "It's like Gossip Girl, only everyone is old and poor.”
C: Haha. So dump. Impregnate the baby.
C: Hmm. I didn't get the conflict between Nick and the new girl he was dating. [Apparently he was trying to show he dated more mature girls now, but she turned out to be only eighteen years old...]
C: Ha. Bridge of Terabithia and Indian in the Cupboard.
C: Oh wow. ("Marry Me")

Season 1 Episode 22 Tomatoes
C: Haha. Schmidt and Winston didn't expect anything from Nick's speech.
C: Surrender by Cheap Trick
C: Ha. She ends up singing it.
C: "I like salad bar. I like Despicable Me. Tosh 2.0. I like Connect 4. Freedom of speech. David Fincher. Sidewalk. I like 1-800-SLIM. Yo' Momma jokes. Strawberry. Wilmer Valderrama. Leon Panetta. Ice skating for fun. Not to save life." — Nadia
C: Hahahaha. That conversation.
C: "What is this? Martin Scorsese's Wizard of Oz?"
C: Aw. At least she's honest to herself about it.
C: Jess and Nick get riled up. Maybe the show's setting up that tension Jess was after.
C: Ha. Last one: "freshly baked bread."

Season 1 Episode 23 Backslide
C: Huh. I don't remember this Caroline character.
C: Now I know what Bill Clinton feels like.
C: Haha. "Electoral college."
C: Lol. "Emotional intimacy."
C: "Will you merry him?"

Season 1 Episode 24 See Ya
C: Lt. Dangle! (Thomas Lennon)
C: "Breakfast at Tiffany's"
C: Ha. Cece gets the referencing, "Are you 'White Fang'ing me?"
C: I knew it. I should have called it though. (keys)
C: Interesting. I really didn't see that coming. But quick and easy.

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