Gabriel Iglesias: Hot and Fluffy (2007)

Gabriel Iglesias does the greatest voices. His comedy is generally based on hilarious stories and fictional happenings, filled with a bunch of awesome sound effects. As such, if you're looking for a good, clean stand-up comedy special, then look no further, because Gabriel Iglesias delivers. For those who want a preview, there's always YouTube (for your convenience, see below).

Instant Comments:
"And for the record I'm not fat, I'm fluffy."
"Big, healthy, husky, fluffy, and DAMN!"
References Shrek (2001): "Donkey."

"I got mad so I wrote, 'George Lopez.'"
Boom chicka. Boom... And at the 28th second. Aaaah. Pepsi.
"Cause you could smell it."
References Brokeback Mountain: "Oh I was a Brokeback Mexican, yes I was."
"Nah, but that was funny huh?"

Seen bits and parts of this before, if not all.
Watched 20130718 (Netflix, Instant)
Gabriel Iglesias: Hot and Fluffy (2007) Manny Rodriguez. 60 min

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Here's a YouTube playlist titled "StandUp Comedy - Hot & Fluffy TV Special" from Gabriel Iglesias's YouTube channel:

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