I watched the documentary Unlocking Sherlock today and I decided to review my current notes on the series. What I found interesting was that the notes below didn't mention any prior viewings. However, I recall having seen the first episode of the first series at least once before, possibly twice, and I probably saw the second episode of the first series once before as well.

Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch), S1E1

[20181120 Edit]

20180610: Today I watched the first episode of Sherlock with Ada.

20190316: I watched the second episode with Ada.

20190401: Today I started watching the third episode of Sherlock with Ada. But she stopped watching about halfway and I couldn't stop.

Series 1 Episode 1: A Study in Pink [loosely botn A Study in Scarlet]
Plot Points:
A: Starts off with Watson. Introduces his backstory a bit: John Watson, military, depressed, unadjusted to civilian life
A: Then mystery
A: Then we move to Sherlock who is shown to be observant.
A: Then a common friend of Sherlock and Watson have them meet. We further see Sherlock's keen observation and skills of deduction.
A: At one point John ditches his cane. He, however, doesn't even realize it until returning to the home.

Dr. John Watson (Martin Freeman), S1E1

Instant Comments:
A: lol wrong. Seems like something House would do. [20170502: I'm not sure I knew then that HOUSE, M.D. is based on Sherlock Holmes]
A: "I was able to help out." "You stopped her husband from being executed?" "Oh, no, I ensured it."
A: "Who cares Mrs. Hudson. The game, Mrs. Hudson, is on!"
A: "Dear God! What must it be like in your funny little brains? It must be so boring!"
A: Her warning to Watson would be useful to most people, but at the same time, Watson, due to his condition, benefits from Holmes's craziness.
A: Eventually a character makes this clear: "You're not haunted by the war, Dr. Watson, you miss it. Welcome back. Time to choose a side Dr. Watson."
B: Haha. Watson's interaction with the girl in the car upon arriving at 221B.
A: Hahaha. "It's a three-patch problem.", 2: Haha. Three patch problem.
A: "Oh. Which one?"
A: Hahahaha. "Pity, we could have split the fee. Think it through next time."
A: "And I said 'dangerous' and here you are."

A Study in Pink, S1E1

A: Ha. That internal road choice deduction was ridiculously cool.
B: Wait, I'm confused, Sherlock knew the luggage was in a taxi. So why didn't he figure it was the taxi driver. Oh wait, maybe he just deduced that it was placed in a car, not in a taxi.
A: "Because Sherlock Holmes is a great man! And some day, if I'm very very lucky, he'll even be a good one." 2: "And because Sherlock Holmes is a great man. And I think one day, if we're very, very lucky, he might be a good one." [I'll need to check this quote]
A: "Oh I see. So you're a proper genius too."
A: Why wouldn't both be poison?
A: Either way to Holmes, it's not a game, because it's just a 50-50 choice.
B: Sherlock realizes the person he was describing was probably Watson. Prior to the realization, Sherlock says the shot came from a hand gun, but the distance from which the gun was fired means the shooter was a fighter with a steady hand, used to violence, and had a strong moral principle; likely someone with a history of military service and nerves of steel.
B: When Mycroft shows at the end, Ada asks, "Is that his brother?"
A=1=20130724, B=2=20180610 9:30PM PT

DI Lestrade (Rupert Graves), S1E1

Series 1 Episode 2: The Blind Banker
Plot Points:
A: A museum worker is frightened by something she sees and immediately stops coming to work.
A: Then Sherlock goes to see about some graffiti at a bank.
A: His old friend hires him to figure out how the person got in and out bypassing the security.
A: Sherlock picks up a name from the bank and follows it finding the person has been murdered.
A: Later there is another murder with a similar pattern. The deduction is the murderer is able to scale the building.
A: The pair are looking to decipher the graffiti, which at the least they figure is some sort of code. Furthermore, all the numbers come in pairs which suggests its a word cipher, using a book.
A: Eventually the investigation leads to the museum worker we saw at the beginning.
A: She explains she used to be part of a smuggling ring when she was back in China but she since fled and came to London. Hoping to have been forgotten, she was recently contacted and the ring requested information from her. She refused to help and now they're after her. The pair try to keep her safe, but fail and she is murdered.
A: Omitting how the specific mystery resolves, the episode as a whole ends with a mysterious correspondent going by the name of M, Moriarty. He kills the local Chinese woman who was in charge.


Instant Comments:
A: Haha. Watson got in a fight with the register while Sherlock got in a fight with a man.
A: HAHAHAHAHA. I laughed so hard. Sherlock was spinning Watson around trying to make sure Watson's visual memory wouldn't disappear. 2: This didn't entirely make sense. Watson was so upset that it was covered up when he had already taken a picture of it. He could have just shown the picture to Sherlock straight away.
A: That's a dedicated scholar. To come in to take care of her teapots.
A, B: I don't understand why they just didn't stay with the girl. 2: On the other hand, Watson told her to lock the door behind him, but she did not. [Later it is revealed she was trying to decipher the code. She still could have locked the door.]
A: LOL. "While I'm trying to get off with Sarah."
B: Ada said Sherlock could have just knocked over the chair. I thought similarly... she herself may have been able to topple the chair over. Unless it was too heavy.
B: I found the interrogation silly. I feel there should exist a point when the interrogator knows whether or not the person being interrogated is lying. In this particular situation, they've been watching both Sherlock and John. First, why did they target Sherlock? Second, they have been following them and should know whether or not John/Sherlock have found the treasure.
A=1=20130803, B=2=20190316

Series 1 Episode 3: The Great Game

Instant Comments:
Aa: Lol. A man is begging Holmes to help him and Sherlock keeps correcting the man to the very end. "Hanged, yes."
Aa: "Bored!"
Aa: "A study in pink." References the real title of the episode.
Aa: Lol. Sherlock didn't know or possibly remember that the Earth revolves around the sun. But Sherlock takes the approach of not filling his head with frivolous details. There's some truth in Holmes philosophy.
Aa: I never thought about how Sherlock's puzzle-solving ability creates the problems.
Aa: "Gay." Aww.
Ab: Resumed the show at 28 minutes.

Mycroft Holmes (Mark Gatiss)

Ab, B: I love that, "You see, but you don't observe!"
B: Investing
B: Watson: "S-so, you scratch their backs and..." Holmes: "Yes, and then disinfect myself."
B: The women tells Sherlock the name: Moriarty
B: Oh, it's Jim.
Ab: Ah, clever portrayal of Moriarty.
B: Exciting cliffhanger. I don't remember the resolution. [Later I gave it some thought and figured the most likely resolution is that Sherlock called Inspector Lestrade, or better yet Mycroft, to provide backup.]
Aa=1a=20130804, Ab=1b=20130810, B=2=20190401

Series 2 Episode 1: A Scandal in Belgravia [loosely botn A Scandal in Bohemia]

Instant Comments:
Aa: Wow, the ending of the last episode was just too big a cliffhanger not to watch the first episode of the next series.
Aa: But after watching the first couple minutes. I happily paused it.
Ab: Ha! "I think my husbands having an affair." "Yes."
Ab: "All live end. All hearts are broken. Caring is not an advantage, Sherlock."
Ab: Meh. That's what Mycroft gets for not giving his brother all the information.
B: I didn't remember the ending (in particular, the fate of Irene Adler). As such, I read this on StackExchange: Is Irene Adler alive?. After I got the answer, I watched it on YouTube.
Aa=1a=20130810, Ab=1b=20130811, C=20181120

Irene Adler (Lara Pulver) presents herself in the nude, rendering herself unreadable to Sherlock, S2E1.

Series 2 Episode 2: The Hounds of Baskerville [botnotsn]

Instant Comments:
A: "Mr. Holmes, they were the footprints of a gigantic hound!"
A: Ha. He's observant, but unaware of his own habits.
A: A couple. Crash landed here in the '60s. We call them Abbott and Costello.
A: I didn't quite follow why John hallucinated if it wasn't the sugar. After some searching, it seems that there might have been pipes leaking the gas.

Series 2 Episode 3: The Reichenbach Fall [inspired by tn The Final Problem]

Instant Comments:
D: Huh. I don't remember this. "Sherlock... he's dead." Unless it's just the opening to an episode that will be told as a flashback.
D: "Three months earlier..."
D: Hehe. The classic Sherlock look
D: Wow. So cold. "You repel me."
D: "Two minutes would have made me an expert. Five was ample."
D: Lol. Put in jail for contempt
D: WTF. It's only obvious to Sherlock that Moriarty is in jail on purpose?
D: Watson's worry doesn't make sense. Prior to committing the crimes, Moriarty was a free man and could have already gone after Sherlock. Part of the whole situation should in part be putting Sherlock into the news in a bad light
D: "IOU"
D: What exactly is it that has her stay and help Sherlock?
D: Interesting. Lol. Molly pulls a little bit of Sherlock. Identifying that Sherlock stops pretending to look happy when John isn't looking
D: Homeless people network.
D: Sherlock smiles at the clever use of mercury
D: "No charge"
D: "Watch out" (dies)
D: Wow. Very clever of Moriarty. And I would say I was right in that his aim was ruining Sherlock from a media point of view - but I'm sure most viewers would have guessed the same because that was the direction of the plot
D: Huh. Didn't see that as being part of the story. Mycroft was responsible for divulging secrets about Sherlock to Moriarty.
D: I'm not sure this part of the game makes sense. At this point he's just blackmailing Sherlock into commiting suicide, and there's nothign clever about that.
D: Um... wow. That was something... Moriarty shoots himself. Does it make sense? Sherlock has a strong reaction so... I feel that unlikely it is fake. Though I suppose even Sherlock is susceptible to being tricked.
D: Based on the beginning of the episode, John says Sherlock is dead. He could have meant it figuratively, but let's assume he meant it literally. Sherlock couldn't really be dead. So if Sherlock can fake his death (especially because he asked Molly for help), I don't see why Moriarty also couldn't fake his death.
D: I'm wondering if it's possible for Sherlock to survive that fall and for Molly to assist in helping him afterwards.
D: "Say it now." "No."
D: Hehe. "Don't be dead." While for a normal person that'd be wishful thinking, perhaps there's a part of him that suspects it would be the case.
D: The camera pans to Sherlock! (I thought he would have showed up behind John or something. That would have a much different effect.) D=1=20230120

A visualization of how Sherlock thinks. S2E2

Season 3 Episode 1: The Empty Hearse

Instant Comments:
D: Huh. That wouldn't make sense that Sherlock only needed to fool John. I thought he had to kill himself for the assassins who were watching.
D: Smile. Oh okay. It appears we just watched a theory of how Sherlock must have pulled it off
D: "Took me a couple of hours." "You're slipping."
D: Hahaha. Mrs. Hudson and Watson conversation ending with "Sherlock was not my boyfriend."
D: Hehe. "Well surprise me." "I'm certainly endeavoring to, Sir."
D: Somewhat out of range for Sherlock, but perhaps a fitting change: "Are you really going to keep that?" (even Watson's significant other breaks a smile)
D: Smile. Twenty-five at most.
D: I had to go back. Words I really saw: "only child," "shortsighted," "nurse," and "secret tattoo". Words that I didn't see: "clever," "part time," "linguist," "liar", "lover," "guardian," "own," "Dem," "12", "disillusioned," "Lib," "bakes," and "romantic."
D: How could Sherlock get a name wrong? (he said "Graham" instead of "Greg")
D: Hehe. This theory was funny
D: Hmm. I get the outcome Sherlock was going for with the game of deduction, but the conversation went so fast I didn't fully follow it logically. Perhaps it was less logical anyhow
D: Haha. "Have dinner" vs "Solve crimes."
D: Hahaha. He whispers to himself something John would have said. Poor Molly.
D: Molly says, "Why would someone go through all that trouble?" and Sherlock replies "Why indeed, John."
D: Sherlock sifting through his photographic memory is a neat visual
D: "After all, not all the men you fall for can turn out to be sociopaths."
D: Oh he ended up proposing after all ("I'm his fiancee")
D: His parents? [Yes]
D: Is this finally it? The reveal?
D: I don't quite get it. Who was monitoring to see if Sherlock died (to inform the people who would be shooting John and Mrs. Hudson) and wouldn't that person have been the one Sherlock would need to convince? [Smile. It seems Anderson is going crazy][So I looked up if the show would ever reveal what happened and it seems the answer is no.]

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