All-Star Superman (2011)

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All-Star Superman (2011) Sam Liu. 76 min [botn comic book series All-Star Superman (2005-2008) by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely with Jamie Grant]

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I like the art style used in the film. I also really liked the story and one of these days I'll buy the book and give it a read. I would highly recommend it to Superman fans, and would easily recommend it to people looking for a solid animation.


Instant Comments:
Lol, "You working on an undercover story?" "No, why?"
"I'm remote controlling a weapon."
That's a good one, "Uh, working on my sun tan?"
Ha. "I picked them on Alpha Centauri IV. They sing."

Interesting. By the end of the day she doesn't believe he's Clark Kent.
Wow. So noble. Kent saves Lex from electrocution.
"In short, you're everything he's not."
Why, for a genius, would Lex Luthor not know Superman's true identity?

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