Antz (1998)

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Antz (1998) Eric Darnell, Tim Johnson. 83 min

Z (Woody Allen) and Princess Bala (Sharon Stone).

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Partial Plot Summary:
Z is a worker ant that isn't happy with his place as a worker ant.

One day, Princess Bala, a royal ant is bored and enters a bar. She asks Z to dance and he happily complies, though he doesn't conform with the other ants in the line dance.

Z and his friend Weaver (Sylvester Stallone).

Eventually, however, Bala has to leave, and Z is left with the desire to meet her again. One day, he overhears someone talking about getting close to the Princess and he switches places with his friend Weaver, a soldier ant, in order to do so.

Unknowingly to Z, the soldier ants have grouped up to go to war with the termites and Z can't get out of it. Luckily Z survives the war and returning home as the sole survivor he gets to meet the princess.

Z speaks to what's left of Barbatus (Danny Glover)

Trying to get her to recognize him, she blows his cover and the General looks to seize him. Frightened, Z takes Bala hostage and they fall through the trash chute. Soldier ants looks to pursue him, but a human with a magnifying glass burns the soldiers dead. Fortunately, Bala and Z manage to escape.

While the Princess wants to return home, Z sees a place he recognizes as Insectopia and is adamant about going there. Meanwhile, back at the colony, rumors are spreading about Z and workers begin to realize that they don't have to be workers anymore: Z was a worker who became a soldier and Weaver was a soldier who became a worker. This rumor causes uneasiness within the colony.

Don't you just hate it when you don't notice the plastic wrap?

Back with the Princess and Z, they find a picnic, which they mistaken to be Insectopia. Hungry, they try to get at the wrapped sandwiches, but a human returns and tries to squish them. Luckily, they get stuck to a piece of gum at the bottom of the human's shoe. Eventually, the human scrapes the gum off and they are thrown straight to Insectopia (a nearby trash can). At this point Bala reciprocates Z's feelings for her, but Colonel Cutter arrives and takes her away.

Watch the movie to find out what the General is up to and if Z rises to the challenge and becomes a hero or not.

Coloner Cutter (Christopher Walken)

I didn't realize this movie had Woody Allen in it until the opening credits. Furthermore, it turns out he's the protagonist, an ant named Z, and the movie even reflects Woody Allen's characteristic. It's almost as if the role was made for Woody Allen (according to Wikipedia, he rewrote some of the dialog to fit his personal rhythm).

Both the movie Antz and A Bug's Life are 3D movies about a colony of ants, focusing specifically on an ant who is different from the rest of the colony and falls in love with a princess ant. The specific tone and themes presented in the two movies, however, are quite different, with Antz being a darker and more serious film than A Bug's Life. Respectively, Antz is better reserved for just teenagers and adults, while A Bug's Life is suitable for little children.

Weaver flexes for Azteca (Jennifer Lopez)

Note that Antz is DreamWorks's first computer-animated film and the second computer-animated film released in the United States (with first being Toy Story (1995) and third being A Bug's Life (1998)).

In the end, this is a good movie for teenagers and adults. Furthermore, it shouldn't be mistaken as a A Bug's Life rip-off.

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Instant Comments:
"You are insignificant." "I am?" Hahaha. That's so Woody Allen.
Sylvester Stallone seems to have such a much clearer voice than he does in his movies.
I wouldn't have recognized the one soldier (Barbatus) as Danny Glover without having the credits available.
Ha! They sing "The ants go marching."
Jennifer Lopez and Sylvester Stallone.
Hahahahaha. "I can't feel my legs." (Barbatus is bodyless)
Ha. The tension of the water was too much for him to break.
Oh I could tell Colonel Cutter was Christopher Walken when he arrives at Insectopia and takes Bala back to the colony.

General Mandible (Gene Hackman)

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