Super (2010)

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Super (2010) James Gunn. 96 min

The Crimson Bolt (Rainn Wilson) deals out some justice.
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All else terrible, there are two great moments in Frank Darbo's life. The first being the day he married his wife Sarah (Liv Tyler) and the second being the day he directed a cop to arrest one.

Unfortunately for Frank (Rainn Wilson), his wife mysteriously leaves him and he wants her back. Hiring an investigator, Frank learns a man named Jacques (Kevin Bacon) has taken her and Frank suspects Jacques is personally responsible for her condition. In particular, there is a high likelihood she's on drug, as she was showing signs of marijuana addiction.

Frank Darbo (Rainn Wilson) and his wife (Liv Tyler) on their wedding day; Frank Darbo's first great moment.

Through a vision, Frank is inspired to go to the comic store. There he's further inspired to become a superhero. Making a suit, Frank calls himself The Crimson Bolt and sets out to the streets. He soon realizes, after his first attempted drug bust, that he needs a weapon and ends up choosing a wrench. Now with a weapon, Frank successfully beats up some simple low-life baddies.

Soon after, we learn that before Frank and Sarah started dating, Sarah had a drug addiction, was going to meetings, and was sober for two months.

Frank Darbo's second great moment.

Meanwhile, as part of his research, Frank has been going to the comic shop and talks to Libby (Ellen Page), a female employee working there. Connecting the dots, Libby eventually realizes Frank is the Crimson Bolt and persuades him to confide in her. This turns out to come in handy, as Frank gets shot one day and comes to Libby for help. Tending to his wounds and letting him rest at her place, the next day she reveals that she's made a suit similar to his and wants to be his sidekick. With some persuasion, he accepts and she comes along with him to learn a thing or two about being a super-hero. Of course, while Frank wants to save his wife, Libby shows feelings towards him and even succeeds in...

Well, you'll have to watch the movie and find out.

Libby (Ellen Page)

The cover of this movie reminds me of Kick-Ass (2010). However, unlike Kick-Ass, Super is not based on a pre-existing comic book. Furthermore, this movie contains more comedic elements than Kick-Ass. But having only watched Kick-Ass once about three years ago, I only remember enough to say that the two are probably comparable.

Regardless of how the movie compares to Kick-Ass, I most certainly enjoyed it and would likely watch it again. There are, in particular, two scenes I really enjoyed in the movie. The first is a scene between Libby and Frank and being in between the pages. The second is a scene at the end where the protagonist Fran and the antagonist Jacques exchange some words. I should note that there's a third scene which was a delight to watch, but it would not be the reason I'd watch the movie a second time.

Frank and Libby wait around for crime to happen.

If you think you'd enjoy a movie about a self-made superhero, then check this movie out. Note, however, that this film contains content not suitable for children; at the least, it has violence, sexual content, and drug use.

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Instant Comments:
"The hands are a little big don't you think sweetheart?"
Hahaha. Nathan Fillian creeping outside Frank's house.
Don't worry about it. It's not a big deal.
"Marry her." Ha.
That's disgusting.
Ellen Page. She's so cool.
"All it takes to fight evil is the choice to fight evil."

"Why are you wearing a fake beard?"
Ha. Awkward.
He's insanely fighting crime.
Hahahaha. "You just asked me to not make fun of your name and then you just made fun of my name." 40 minutes
Ha. Fear of butt rape is what probably keeps most people from doing crime.
"I don't have to tell you anything." Yeah, you tell him Libby (Ellen Page).
Hahahahahahaha. Libby shows off her cartwheels and acrobatics.
Haha. "I could be your kid sidekick." "How old are you?" "Well, I'm 22, you know. But compared to you, I'm a one, I'm a kid, right?" "I guess..."
"Ow, ow my arm. Frank it's just like when you got shot."

Jacques (Kevin Bacon) eats some eggs which Frank has prepared.

Libby is worse than Frank, in terms of insanity.
Wow, in between the panels! Is that where we are right now?
"It's all gooshy."
Ha! The vest is excessively heavy for her.
Libby laughs like a maniac as she slashes the bad guy with her claws.
"Hey, over here. I'm a little bird."
Oh wow. I didn't see that coming. Though it does make for a better ending I suppose.
That's awesome.
"Shut up, crime."
"You don't butt in line! You don't sell drugs! You don't molest little children! You don't profit on the misery of others! The rules were set a long time ago! They don't change!"
"I can't know that, for sure. Unless I try."

Frank and Libby go shopping for supplies. Libby has a little too much fun.

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