The Sorcerer and the White Snake (2011)

Partial Plot Summary:
The movie begins with a demon hunter Master Fahai (Jet Li) and his apprentice Neng Ren who are searching for a demon. The demon shows herself and freezes Neng Ren, powerless to do a thing about it. Fahai, however, begins battling the demon and captures her in a relic of some sort.

Fahai (Jet Li) confronts Susu.

Afterwards, we meet two snakes, a green snake and a white snake, named Qingqing and Susu, respectively. They, too, are demons. Despite being a demon, Susu saves an herbmaker named Xu Xian from drowning, kissing him while underwater and instilling vital essense back into his body. As a consequence, however, she is smitten and desires to see him. With a festival in town, she decides to go, and convinces her friend Qingqing to go with her. Also in town are Fahai and Ren, who have come to hunt a bat demon. While there, Ren speaks to the Qingqing, but she is in her human form and he isn't skilled enough to realize that she is a demon.

Susu, the white snake.

In any case, Qingqing befriends Ren and she points out where the bat demon is located. Thinking he can handle the situation, he goes to fight. While he handles the bat minions just fine, he is helpless against the actual bat demon. The bat demon bites him before his master comes to save him and the next morning Ren begins turning into a demon. He runs away and wants to kill himself, but runs into Qingqing and she tells him to own up to the fact that he is now a demon.

Fahai's apprentice Ren and the green snake named Qingqing. Upon told he's drinking blood, he spits it out in her face and whines.

At the other end of things, Susu and Xu Xian marry. Life is great, but one day Xu Xian is working on brewing a cure for a disease that is afflicting the village people. The problem, however, is demonic in source, which no human-brewed medicine can cure. Loving Xu Xian, Susu sacrifices a part of her vital essence to add to the cure he's trying to devise. This indeed cures the village people, but also sends a red flag to Fahai.

Susu and Xu Xian

After learning the people have been cured, Fahai confronts Susu and acknowledges her act was kind, but ultimately her intentions are wrong. He advises her that its better to have Xu Xian die before her than for her to die and have Xu Xian cry over it.

How will the feud between Fahai and Susu end? Will Xu Xian and Susu's love endure? You'll have to look elsewhere to find out.

While the fight sequences were cool, I disliked the overall story of the movie. At best, I can recommend this movie to fans of martial art movies or tragic romances with no guarantee whether or not the viewer will enjoy the film.


Instant Comments:
"Do you want me to die?"
"What was your dream again?" Hahaha

A group of demons who attempt to defeat Fahai with a spell.

It can't possibly be that enjoying to kiss someone underwater. Lol.
On the one hand, the master (Jet Li) is a little biased. But definitely on the other hand, the white snake is being selfish and crazy. Thus, she is in fact living up to his bias. Or is he creating the situation? It's unclear.
Lol. When is it ever a great idea to swallow something alive and whole that can tear at you from the inside out?

Ren and Qingqing.

Watched 20130719 (Netflix, Instant, HD) (Chinese audio, English subtitles)
The Sorcerer and the White Snake (2011) Siu-Tung Ching. 100 min
also known as Bai she chuan shuo (original title)

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