Dumbo (1941)

Started this movie today with Ada.



Today Ada and I finished this movie.

Timothy Q. Mouse (Edward Brophy)

Instant Comments:
1a: Black workers.
1a: Pause watching the movie some time during Scene 13 ("Pink Elephants On Parade").
1b: Resumed the movie at Scene 12 ("Dumbo Gets The Hiccups")
1b: Dumbo gets drunk. I suppose it's subtle enough that kids wouldn't get the wrong idea.

Dumbo and his mother Mrs. Jumbo (Verna Felton)

1b: I really like "When I See an Elephant Fly." Puns for days.
1b: The head crow smokes.
1b: Ears insured for $1,000,000.

1b: There are none

Jim Crow (Cliff Edwards) and Crows (Hall Johnson Choir)

Special Features:
1b: "Baby Mine" Music Video performed by Jim Brickman and Kassie DePaiva
1b: Sing-A-Long "Look Out for Mr. Stork"
1b: "Elmer Elephant"
1b: "The Flying Mouse" - When he got his wings he reminded of a bat, and so I thought he'd become the first bat; but then later he meets some actual bats; a weird short

Dumbo visits his mother.

1a=20190427, 1b=20191013

Watched as a kid.
Watched first two-thirds on 20190427, remaining third on 20191013 (DVD)
Dumbo (1941) Sam Armstrong, Norman Ferguson. 64 min [bot children's story Dumbo, the Flying Elephant by Helen Aberson-Mayer and Harold Parl

Dumbo flies!!!

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