Twins (1988)

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Twins (1988) Ivan Reitman. 107 min

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Julius Benedict (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a result of a genetic experiment (the genetic combination of six men selectively chosen for their ideal genes) and has been living on an island for thirty years assisting a researcher. Believing his mother to have died giving birth to him and thus without family, Julius is surprised to learn he has a twin brother named Vincent.

The brothers find themselves unknowingly within feet of each other. It is not until later that they meet.

Contrary to the researcher's expectation, Julius sets out to find his twin brother. The researcher, however, fully supports Julius's decision.

Following clues to his brother's whereabouts, Julius eventually finds his brother Vincent, first bailing him out of prison. Vincent, however, is quite ungrateful and quick to blow Julius off.

Fortunately, Julius is persistent and after saving his brother Vincent, Vincent lets Julius stay with him. The two get along and their conversations eventually lead to Vincent telling Julius that their mom isn't dead, revealing a letter he found referring to their mom five years after their birth.

To the right is Vincent and his girlfriend Linda. To the left is Julius and Linda's sister Marnie.

Doing some investigative work, Julius finds one of his fathers and the man tells Julius that the experimenters told Julius's mother that Julius died at birth.

Meanwhile, Vincent learns that a car he swiped has some important merchandise and that he can drop it off in Sante Fe, Texas for 5 million dollars. Initially desiring to go alone, he's interrupted and the two head off towards Texas with a detour to New Mexico where they hope to find a man that knows where their mother is.

Having left out many details and events, you'll have to watch the movie to find out what happens next as well as what happens in between the these lines.

Early on, Vincent tricks Julius into helping him pull off some dirty business.

This is a movie I've seen parts of several times on television as a kid and so it was certainly a delight to watch it in its entirety.

Going beyond sentimental value, the movie is inherently good, with actors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito being a fun team to watch.


Instant Comments:
Haha! "He's probably just like me."
Smile. Arnold sings "Yakety Yak."

The Benedict brothers look and hope to find their mom.

Ha. Julius and Vincent scratching in the same location is precious.
Ha. The pair tried to rob Julius.
"How can bullshit walk? That's slang, huh?"
Ha. If you tilt the car at an angle greater than 45 degrees.
"Did you see me with the two wheels?"
Ha, Vincent was talking in the thousands and the guy was talking in the millions. 20,000 versus 5,000,000. Ha!
Ha. Julius just kicks down the door.
"What'd you do, escape from prison?"

Julius stops at this Rambo III movie poster featuring Stallone, feels his own bicep, and then shakes his head and laughs as he moves on, playfully suggesting that Arnold has the bigger biceps. Apparently the two have made several comedic references to each other.

"If you're lying to me... I'll be back." (
"The third rule."
Ha! That's a ridiculous amount of chain.
"Now there's a man with a lot on his mind."

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