Avatar (2009)

Actors/Actresses which I recognize: Zoe Saldana from Star Trek plays Neytiri. Michelle Rodriguez plays Trudy. Giovanni Ribisi as Parker. Sigourney Weaver as Grace.

The movie was beautiful and action packed. It had enough storyline to keep me happy, though perhaps wouldn't make everybody happy. The 3D was great, though I would absolutely consider watching this movie again without the 3D. I mentioned in my post on Coraline how I love entering a new world. This movie did that in a big way. The planet lights up, has creatures that fly, winged creatures with four eyes, and practically everything links with the main inhabitants of the planet. As the main character progresses, we learn a bit more about the connection and grow with the character. At first he is all for helping the cause of gathering information for the Colonel, but he eventually learns about the connections (similar to John Smith with Pocahontas in Disney's Pocahontas) of people and nature with each visit. This all culminates in the epic battle at the end of the movie, and all the connections sort of come together making for an emotional and action packed sequence. Josh mentioned how he couldn't think of a better sequence at the moment. Topping scenes from Star Wars, The Matrix, The Lord of the Rings... Whether or not it is the best, it is certainly high on the list. Since I want to reduce what I'm giving away, I'll just stop at that and say you should watch the movie, because it just looks great. The 3D is definitely impressive, but as Phuong mentioned, the 3D glasses makes things dark, and as such, the movie which is impressive colorfully, loses some of that beauty.

Movies that come out in both 3D and regular versions is a good form of boosting revenue, provided the movie is good enough. Like I said above, I would probably want to watch this again in non-3D.

There is much discussion on the plot, and what issues the movie hits on, but I'll leave that alone, at least for now.

[20091223 3:47 AM]

While I absolutely enjoyed the movie the first time I saw it, I understood the story much more this time around. In particular, I was focusing on Jake's attempts at confessing to the Na'vi. To be honest, the HISHE episode (below) threw me off.


Released 20091218.
Watched 20091222 Theatre. Belle Terra [AVATAR] 3D 7:45P
Watched 20110904 (Cable On Demand)
Watched 20111224 (Blu-ray) (Theatrical Release)
Avatar (2009) James Cameron. 162 min.

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This HISHE (How It Should Have Ended) episode is lacking in entertainment value. The only good bit is a reference to Aliens (1986) at the very end.


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