Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow (2008)

Partial Plot Summary:
During the introduction, we learn that The Avengers have been defeated by a villain named Ultron. Fortunately, Tony Stark (Iron Man) lives and manages to hide their children away from Ultron and raise them.

Left to right: Barton, Torunn, Rogers, T'Challa, and Pym

Years into the future, we see the children playing around with their powers: James Rogers (Black Widow and Captain America's son), Henry Pym Jr. (Giant-Man and Wasp's son), Azari T'Challa (Black Panther and Storm's son), and Torunn (Thor and Sif's daughter). For them, everything is fun and games, until one day an android named Vision comes flying in through a wall looking for Stark. Injured, Vision is taken by Stark to a secret lair, which the children discover upon following them. Entering without Stark's knowledge, the children find robotic versions of The Avengers inside the cave: Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Panther, Black Widow, and Giant Man.

Iron Man.

Unfortunately, James accidentally turns them online and the robots immediately set out to find Ultron. In response, Ultron senses their energy and successfully locates Iron Man.

Along the way, with the power to control machines, Ultron compromises the Iron Avengers (Stark's robotic Avengers) and continues looking to eliminate the children. Luckily for them, Iron Man shows up and the kids learn he is Tony.

Ultron and Stark's Iron Avengers stand towering over a defeated Stark.

While Stark holds Ultron long enough for the kids to escape, it should be noted that Ultron and Iron Man have similar capabilities. Ultron, however, has the upper hand and captures Stark. This prompts the children, who have escaped, to go and rescue Tony.

Failing to come up with a solid plan, their first attempt fails and they are rescued by Francis Barton (son of Hawkeye and Mockingbird) and an underground group of fighters. With Barton's help, the team successfully find Star, and he reveals...

The art style is childish and reminds me of the Teen Titans. Of course, I suppose a film based on The Avenger's children would be made with kids as the target audience. Paired with a simple plot and PG film rating, this Marvel Animation direct-to-video is for the kids.

With that being said, I watched the movie and enjoyed it.

The Hulk.

Instant Comments:
Somehow, despite growing up in a group, Thor's daughter speaks in the tongue of her native language. I suppose they were sent away to live with Stark after acquiring their home language.
Hahahaha. "Did you guys know that the fountain was a secret door? Because I didn't and I'm way much smarter than all of you."

The Vision.

Ha! Pym making fun of Torunn's father Thor: "Wait, maybe that's her mom. Look at all that hair!"
"Help!" "Pym!" "Just kidding." Lol (Pym can fly, but pretends to be distressed when the tile falls beneath him)
"Ha, we showed him. We ARE dumb enough."
"I think that's the most words you ever said in a row." Ha, Pym serves as the comic relief in the movie.

Bruce Banner.

Jame's idea, from my point of view, was predictable. At least... that's what I would have done.
When the Iron Avengers come, the kids each fight their counter-parts. They were, however, advised to mix it up.
James @Hulk: "Incredible."
Lol. Why didn't they just destroy the pieces? Ridiculous.

The Avengers
Left to right: Vision, Black Panther, Black Widow, Captain America,
Giant-Man, Thor, Iron Man, Wasp, and Hawkeye.

In the background are various sketches, sometimes of concept designs.

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Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow (2008) Gary Hartle, Jay Oliva. 78 min

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