The Little Mermaid (1989)

20210815, 20210926:
I watched the movie with Ben.

Princess Ariel (Jodi Benson)

20211016 Comment:
I was trying to determine which was Flotsam and which was Jetsam. I know their eyes are different, but I'm not sure which source to trust on which eye should be yellow. Looking at a script and looking at a clip, I determined that for myself Flotsam's right eye is yellow and Jetsam's left eye is yellow. Note that on The Little Mermaid wiki, the physical appearance section has it one way while the trivia section has it the opposite.
20220601 Comment:
The other day I started watching Chip 'n' Dale: Rescue Rangers (2022) and some days before that I started The Little Mermaid.
Instant Comments:
1a: Just 16
1a: Why does Ursula want souls?
1a: Oh yeah, she doesn't even help Ariel to the surface...

Ursula (Pat Caroll) with Flotsam (left) and Jetsam (right) (Paddi Edwards)

1a: Hehe: "What a soft shell I've turned out to be."
1a: Hmm... come to think of it, what do the merpeople eat if not fish? (because "Under the Sea" claims the fish are off the hook, but surely fish eat other fish)
1a: Paused after "Kiss the Girl"; there was a frame in the song where Ariel looks up and looks a little evil
1a: Oh, I didn't remember that Ursula only decided to intervene as a result of Ariel's almost managing to kiss Prince Eric
1a: 23 minutes remaining

Ariel and Prince Eric (Christopher Daniel Barnes) during "Kiss the Girl"

1b: Resume (Eric throws the flute and hears Ursula)
1b: Ah, I didnt remember that Scuttle (the seagull) was the one to spot Ursula disguising herself.
2b: Resume (Scuttle discovers the bride is Ursula)
1b: Scuttle also creates a successful diversion. He's almost the real hero of the story.
1b: Interesting that Max has a sixth sense about Ursula.
2b: Hmm what if Eric kissed Ariel one second earlier
1b: I definitely didn't remember that she accidentally destroyed Flotsam and Jetsam.
2b: I guess modern version of the movie would find a way for Ariel to save the day
1b: Ah, the classic consumption of power... for she could have destroyed them without enlarging [I guess she was mainly angry from having lost Flotsam and Jetsam]

King Triton (Kenneth Mars) and Sebastian (Samuel E. Wright).
Sebastian's full name is Horatio Thelonious Ignacious Crustaceous Sebastian

1b: I didnt see any fat merpeople among the souls revived
2b: Hehe unlike modern movies, the credit song is the same as the movie song. That is modern Disney movies will have a pop version of a track from the movie.
1a=20210815, 1b=20210926, 2b=20220601

Watched at least once before.
Watched first 63 minutes 20210815, last 20 minutes 20210926 (Disney+)
Watched first 66 minutes prior to 20220601, last 17 minutes 20220601 (Disney+)
The Little Mermaid (1989)


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