Owl and the Sparrow (2007)

The story follows a little girl named Thuy (Pham Thi Han), a flight attendant named Lan (Cat Ly), and a zookeeper named Hai (Le The Lu). Living unhappily with her uncle, Thuy runs away from home and finds work in the city selling flowers. After meeting both Lan and Hai, Thuy tries to bring the two together.

Thuy (Pham Thi Han)

While some of the acting and story execution bugged me, I enjoyed the film's overall story and individual characters.

Instant Comments:
As of the first ten minutes, the acting in many places seems forced and perhaps out of place.
Or maybe its because the audio doesn't seem like it matches the video.
That seems nice of that little girl to give the protagonist some food.

Lan (Cat Ly)

At first I thought this film would be more in the vein of August Rush, but instead it's just all over the place.
Hmm... what's his motivation to find her?
Oh man, her uncle is mean.
Haha. The little girl's quite straightforward.
Haha. The date was already going terribly and then to top it off he fails his magic trick.

So much awkwardness everywhere.
Title referred to at the 41 minute 43 second mark. The title is similar to Eagle vs Shark (2007).
Haha. He gives her the mask to help against pollution while he wears the helmet.
Oh my. The movie's story is interesting, but I think it was either poorly executed or perhaps listening to the use of the Vietnamese language in a movie is quite strange.

Ha. He had proof, but when asked, he first cites his personal reputation.

Watched 20131219 (Netflix, Instant) (Streaming until 20131120) (Vietnamese audio, [automatic] English subtitles)
Owl and the Sparrow (2007) Stephane Gauger. 97 min
also known as Cú và chim se sẻ (original title)

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