Bean (1997)

Today I was able to watch the movie in full. Unfortunately, a lot of the humor felt out of place, such as when Mr. Bean pretends to have a gun in the airport. As such, the movie feels more like a series of smaller skits held weakly together with a larger story.

It's possible the movie makes some references to the television series, but I wouldn't know.

Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson)

Overall, I began to accustom myself to the humor by the time the movie ended, but I still finished the movie unsatisfied with the humor.

Instant Comments:
1: Gross. The tongue.
2: Lol, he's shaving his tongue.
2: Sandra Oh
1: The security guard says, "Everyone on the floor, now!" The woman tells Mr. Bean, "Not you sweetie." He responds, "Oh, right."

David Langley (Peter MacNicol)

1: "Mr. Bean, are you currently on any medication." "Not that I know of."
1: "Hey can you do this?" "Ohhh. But I can do this." [...] "Ohhh. Magic."
1: "I sit in the corner and look at the paintings." [around 20 minute mark]
2: Parades around with his now dry pants.
2: No way a lid could propel that crystal. I'd say it should even struggle to lift it.
2: Hahaha. Mr. Bean changes the 3D roller coaster settings

2: Ha. With respect to the turkey. "It would take five hours right?" "Not necessarily."
2: Oh, I thought he smeared the painting but it was just ink from his pen.
2: Lol. I wonder if the situation will be rectified.
2: Lol, he's making the squeaking noise of the wheels.
2: Lol. The face he drew.
2: Line of reasoning involves his daughter being a prostitute.

Jennifer Langley (Tricia Vessey) and Kevin Langley (Andrew Lawrence)

2: Singing Yesterday. Bean contributes with "Suddenly."
2: He sings all of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"
2: Hahaha. "I can't stop thinking about naking women."
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Bean* (1997) Mel Smith. 89 min [bot television series Mr. Bean]
*Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie
*Bean: The Movie

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