Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Honestly, I don't remember anything about the film's plot, but I do remember two of the escape sequences.

Bond seduces Paris Carver, an ex-girlfriend and wife to Elliot Carver (antagonist).

The first escape sequence involves a BMW 750i which Bond can steer with a remote control. He leaves it in a parking garage and when he returns, he finds several men around his car trying to break in. Using the remote control, Bond starts the car and drives it over to himself, hopping into the back seat and proceeds to escape, steering from the backseat with his remote control.

Bond and Wai Lin make a daring escape while handcuffed.

The second escape sequence has Bond and Wai Lin (Michelle Yeoh) escaping together while handcuffed. They first slide down a building and later get on a motorcycle. While on the motorcycle, still handcuffed, occasionally Wai Lin shifts herself from sitting behind Bond to sitting on Bond's lap in order to shoot at pursuers behind them.

Still handcuffed, they continue their escape on motorcycle.

Overall, any Bond fan would probably enjoy this movie. It begins hard for me to tell them apart, as most all the Bond movies start to feel the same, especially watching them in close succession.

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Instant Comments:
Ahahahaha. "Backseat driver."

"M, you have 48 hours to investigate." Haha. I was just reading about certain tropes and the last trope I stopped at was the "You Have 48 Hours" trope.
"You'll just have to decide how much pumping is needed."
Hehe, Q fumbles with controlling the car remotely, but it's second nature to Bond. "Grow up, 007."

"Grow up, 007"

Lol. They couldn't shoot the window open when trying to get the object they were after, but they successfully break it during the getaway scene.
Ha! The car crash lands at Avis.
References Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back: The news title reads "THE EMPIRE WILL STRIKE BACK."

I thought I saw this movie, until an hour and a half in, I realized I hadn't seen it before. [20130901: Apparently my mistake was in thinking there were three Bond movies starring Brosnan (there are four).]
I really like the escape with Brosnan and Yeoh handcuffed together.
What is it with movie villains wanting to use helicopter blades to kill? See Mission: Impossible (1996).

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Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) Roger Spottiswoode. 119 min

Bond takes an enemy hostage.

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