GoodFellas (1990)

This movie was too long. It was exciting and good at first, but I lost interest some time after the first hour or hour and a half.

I think the individual scenes were fabulous. Love the pauses. The narration. The climax however was subtle and near the end of the movie. I had a similar problem with Gosford Park (2001), where the climax was too subtle for me, but at least Gosford Park had an exciting ending.

I definitely liked The Godfather (1972) better.

I probably think all this, because I tend to prefer a decent amount of action and suspense.

I should have watched this movie as if I was watching a documentary. Instead of expecting the big picture the whole time, I should have just wondered, "What happens next?"

Watched 20110115 (Netflix, Instant)
GoodFellas (1990) Martin Scorsese. 146 min [bot non-fiction book Wiseguy (1986) by Nicholas Pileggi]

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