BoJack Horseman Season 4

[Part of TV Series: BoJack Horseman]

Season 3 Recap:
The recap was okay.

Katrina (Lake Bell), Diane Nguyen (Alison Brie), and Mr. Peanutbutter (Paul F. Tompkins)

"Untitled Horsin' Around knockoff."
The writers make it clear that Todd's eight million dollar tip was legit.
Lol the cow is still working there.
Hahaha. Drone Throne.
His drought-relief plan is shortened as "DROUGHT." [He realizes this later]
"It's days like this I wish I knew how to ski."
Hahaha. Cries. "Who's Ben?" (in response to the teacher saying "Keep your legs ben..."
Ha. I thought Todd would ruin the race.

BoJack Horseman (Will Arnett) looks at a picture of the Sugarmans.

Huh. He breaks the door.
He fixes it again. "Why did you fix it so good."
"We stole that fair and square."
"What is a series wrap?" (meta reference); a bit tragic to see it done

"Ever since I was little..." "That's a terrible thing to say to a baby."
Todd misses his role to play the triangle. "Good for him."

Todd Chavez (Aaron Paul) and BoJack

How do babies of interspecies couples work in this universe? 50/50?
Smile. They're so similar. Well, that was displayed in the last episode but it continues.
Hahahaha. More than Harry Potter movies and less than James Bond movies.
Hahaha. His diversion.

This touches on the important gender issue in a humorous way; as Diane reacts, preferring to get rid of guns over conceding equal rights to women
Huh. His daughter really gets him. (has an earnest conversation with him regarding him being upset about not being able to tell off his mom)

Hollyhock Manheim-Mannheim-Guerrero-Robinson-Zilberschlag-Hsung-Fonzarelli-McQuack (Aparna Nancherla)

"I'm like a really good friend." (ignores Roxie)
BoJack imagines a Holly falling into the pool and he looks into the pool (a reference to the pool section of the intro)
BoJack takes the fatherly/adult response by telling Holly "Yes" (where for him the exact thing she described is still a problem)

Smile. Diane's exclamation to top it off, "I regret everything."
"Is this one of our sexy fights?"
Ha. Mr. Peanutbutter goes for a fourth cheer.
Hahaha. "He called us a mob! Let's kill him!"
Haha. Why did Mr. Peanutbutter release the food rations?
On the wall. "wish I wasn't here Z.B. '17"

BoJack and Diane get drunk

Haha. He thought he was in a drama.
Smile. "Now I understand why so many people like being homeless."
Smile. Every single thing possibly targeted at pregnant women is thrown at her.
Hahaha. His mother on 47 push-ups and says she can do them all day. (Meanwhile BoJack couldn't even do one)

Well if her descendant is talking about her then something works out in the long run, right?
Oh that surprise ending.
Different song plays at the end.

Ruthie (Kristen Bell)

Huh. Wonder what happened. (What was causing Hollyhock to get all wheezy.)
Hahaha. Avocado.
Interesting... not quite clear how much his mother knows. But she was aware enough to taint the coffee with methamphetamine.

Oh wow. Quite the revelation about Hollyhock.
Aww. Good to see BoJack didn't rip into his mom.

Hahaha. Funny little VR scene.
Ha. DNA episode.
What? 5000 fake books?
Cries. "But... I'm so tired of squinting."
Aww. A big smile out of BoJack. ("But... I never had a brother.")

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